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learn to love myself

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Loving Yourself

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How To Love Myself

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How To Love Myself

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How I Love Myself

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abigail2010My Integrity


If I don’t respect myself, then I’ll never be able to love myself. 4 months ago

bfever 4 months ago


Got broken up with a few days ago… then had a chat yesterday that showed that things were not clear and he possibly wanted to get back together….

Mixed feelings right now. Still feel kind of shit and had a small bout of crying this morning.

But ended up the morning in an op shop buying dresses for summer, feeling better about the future and happy to be me. It’s funny how buying different kinds of clothes can reaffirm your sense of identity. Guilt-free retail therapy is the best! :) 4 months ago


Feeling really shit right now.

It’s okay. No expectations. 5 months ago


I need to get back to this :)

It’s funny how you have periods of being quite wise and with it and periods of being totally clueless. I’m sure it’s not for no reason though.

((Hugs self)) 5 months ago


ladybirdy 2 years ago

giselle0nwheels 5 months ago

KingNicklesI want to love myself and stop comparing myself to others

You know, throughout all of my life, i’ve been a person who continually thought that others were better than me, whether they were funnier, were more good looking, were more popular and whatever they had going for themselves. I always compared myself to them and now, i want to stop. I honestly dont even want to go through convincing myself that they’re not, i just want to learn how to love myself and value my worth because although many times i question it and i feel it disappearing, there is always that little voice in my heart that tells me that i am special and that i deserve to love myself. I know it’s true, i am special, no matter what anyone thinks and i want to engrave this in my soul. I cant keep thinking of others all of the time, i cant keep thinking about their opinions of me because if i do, where will i be years from now ? Will i still be broken, not living my life the way i want ? Not able to enjoy things that honestly bring me pleasure ? That doesn’t sound good to me and i want to love myself with all of my heart and learn to accept me for who i am, no matter what anyone says to me. I want to be proud to be Nickles Saintil ! I will get there and the journey will be worth it and i can hear it now in my heart the little saying “I love you and you are special” . I feel better already :) 6 months ago

KingNickles 6 months ago

Ivyzmom 7 months ago

nids85 3 years ago

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FintanB 9 months ago

Michelle Holcomb10 Steps to Loving Myself

1.Stop all criticism:Criticism never changes a thing.Refuse to criti-
cize myself.Accept myself exactly as I am.When I criticize myself
my changes are negative.When I approve of myself,my changes are pos

2.Don’t scare myself:Stop terrorizing myself with my thoughts.Find a
mental image that gives me pleasure and immediately switch my nega
tive thoughts to positive thoughts.

3.Be gentle and kind and patient:Be gentle with myself.Be kind to my
self.Be patient with myself as I learn new ways of thinking.Treat
myself as I would someone I really love.

4.Be kind to my mind:Self hatred is only hating my own thoughts.Don’t
hate myself for having the thoughts.Change my thoughts.

5.Praise myself:Criticism breaks down the inner spirit.Praise builds
it up.Praise myself as much as I can.Tell myself how well I am do
ing with every little thing.Remember that recovery is a process.
Sometimes I will falter,slip into old,unhealthy behaviors,or fall
back into self-destructive patterns.Don’t give up and don’t beat my
self up!

6.Support myself:Find ways to support myself.Reach out to:27 people.
And allow them to help me.It’s ok to ask for help when I need it.

7.Be loving to my negatives:Acknowledge that I created them to ful
fill a need.Now I am finding new positive ways to fulfill those nee
ds.So,lovingly release the old negative patterns.

8.Take care of my body:Learn about nutrition.What kind of fuel does
my body need to have optimum energy and vitality?To have a healthy
diet and drink water.Learn about exercise.What kind of exercise do
I enjoy?Walking.

9.Mirror work:Forgive myself while looking into the mirror.At least
once a day say,”I love you,I really love you Michelle!”If I really
want to get well I will do this…In front of a mirror for five to
ten minutes everyday,say these words.I am whole,loving and happy.
I’m worth it!!!If I want to heal,I have to do the work.

10.DO IT NOW!!!Don’t wait until I get well or lose weight. 9 months ago

tmercer 9 months ago

PrincessPocahontas 10 months ago


a6emomma 11 months ago

NDure 8 years ago


What do you do when you’re so shallow to the point you hate yourself? your appearance, your personality, the way you are, every little trait about you. When you find yourself constantly looking at other people and wishing you could trade places. “be happy and grateful for what you have” – i wish i could! this is what makes me such a cunt – I should be grateful for what I’ve got. I am in good health & have a whole life ahead of me. I’m selfish & insecure.. faking life since 2010 11 months ago

stephanieanastacia 11 months ago

Kimberly 11 months ago

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