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I have been in a relationship for 6-7 months and I believe that because of my unhappiness I have been pushing her away by being pesamistic about our relationship. I am going to find ways to make me happy so I am able to create a healthy relationship. 5 years ago


? 5 years ago


well wen i fell inlove then got screwed over a million times my happyness and cheerfulness dropped. i didnt feel good about my self i need this happpy back. 6 years ago

StayingPositiveWhat is happy?

I honestly don’t know what makes me happy anymore. I think happiness makes me uncomfortable. Why is that? My best friend in high school put it most appropriately, i think… he said one day that i have this strange aversion to happiness. He was right. I never really changed that about myself. Now happiness seems like something i had a dream about once. It doesn’t seem real. I think the last time i was truly happy – with no doubts – was back in high school. This ties in with some other goals. I know i’ll have more self worth when i eat right, and exercise more. And when i learn to love and be loved. sigh i have a LOT to work on!!! 6 years ago

BiaaiBI think its all about what you are doing with yourself...

Since I left my old job and started my new job at the Art Museum, riding public transportation, no traffic, my life is alot better!!

With a quickness; I cut out negativity! I love it!! 7 years ago

ixykIts happening!

A few months ago I started to pay attention to what really and truly makes me happy. When my focus shifted, so did my mood.
Do what you love. It works! 7 years ago

sugarbabybabyI am very optimistic about my future..

in all aspects of my life. I have finally found the that the glass is half full again! JOY! 7 years ago

sugarbabybabyI am very optimistic about my future..

in all aspects of my life. I have finally found the that the glass is half full again! JOY! 7 years ago


My job is going great now, got a raise and a fat bonus! Met a lot of nice , decent people recently, the weather has been great, everything seems to be going well! 7 years ago


I was totally depressed. For months. One morning I just felt like redecorating my livingroom. I did. The result was so stunning, I actually gained some self-esteem from it. My hub came home and celebrated the livingroom , he bought me flowers and wine…He always thinks Im a genius.
Now, being a depressed person is such a safe thing. Knowing I can do things, howerver small, scares the shit out of me. Basically everything I touch becomes fantastic eventually. I shun it, I hide and I pity myself. I know some people fear failure, but what I really fear is the succes that I always bring. I wish I where stupid and totally average at things, but my problem is Im actually quite good at most things. I dig a whole where I can live, and go unoticed. But now at least I know for sure. 7 years ago


Oddly I have googled “depression” and “lethargic” several times before but never googled “how to be happy”. When this site popped up it intrigued me. Other people looking to find that lost bit of light, something that can make them smile. For me it’s not really depression it’s just the lack of happiness that is slowly driving me nuts. I have the lovely habit of sabotaging anything that could potentially bring a smile to my face. After reading through some posts I became mildly optimistic about the power of posting ones progress on such a site. And reading others progress as well. I liked what others were saying about their journey to finding happiness again. I think I will follow Charlie’s advice and start with finding out what it is that is making me unhappy first. I haven’t really looked at it from that angle before. I hope it offers up a revelation. 7 years ago


It certainly helps my optimism that within 2 days of creating an account here and adding this goal someone from Brazil noticed my entry and invited me to join him/her in obtaining that goal. How can you not be more optimistic in a world in which such communications can happen?

So, thank you, Recife! One step closer to goal.

And - heh - a new goal - learn how 43things works. I didn’t expect this entry to show up with all the others - I thought it would only show on my account! So—a little editing to make this more clear and voila! 8 years ago

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