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become a mermaid


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siennamara 1 day ago

verschDon't be the one with blood on your hands

Personally I believe physical shifting is complete bollocks, but I’m not going to stop you from trying…..necessarily.

If you’re going to try any spells or any techniques that seem even REMOTELY dangerous, DON’T FUCKING DO THEM!!!

If you see a spell or a technique that advocates engaging in dangerous activities, TELL THE OWNER OF THE POST TO TAKE IT DOWN!!!

If YOU’RE making a spell or a technique that will put the lives of others at stake, knowing FULL WELL that what you’re writing is hazardous, DELETE IT, GET OFF THE FUCKING COMPUTER, AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WERE ABOUT TO DO.

If you think it is okay to tell gullible youth to drink eight bottles of water in a small amount of time, or to inhale underwater, or to run away from home, THEN YOU ARE A TERRIBLE PERSON AND DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET.

How would you feel if people followed your advice and willing killed themselves, thinking they were going to become mermaids? How would you live knowing that, because of you, young girls (or boys, not gonna exclude them), killed themselves?

I hope you would never do such a thing, because if you do, then you’re one sick fuck. 2 days ago

versch 2 days ago


I just….I want to be a mermaid. I have no one to confide in, to talk to about this. I just want to have a tail and swim to my hearts content. 2 days ago

SirenSong813 2 days ago

Matara123 3 days ago


I’m baaaaack. I haven’t been on here in forever. I’ve been shifting off and on for a year and a half with some results. 5 days ago


If you’re into it, Target currently has three (that I noticed) ‘The Little Mermaid’ shirts. One long sleeved, and two short sleeved. Couldn’t believed they were so picked through that I had to go to two stores just to find a medium. 6 days ago

AngelDaemen"New" and improved F-Shift c:

I decided to touch up my F-Shift using Neptune’s Daughter. I think it turned out really well! ^^ I’ll probably draw my own soon, but I like this one c: 1 week ago


Heyy! So Sorry I wrote that entry (i deleted it :P) well I didn’t know how to become a mermaid and I didn’t know potions and spells and stuff didn’t work, I also didn’t know about this site (very similar to KissingMidnight’s) and it’s called goldenpurity.com or thesirenscove.com It is SO HELPFUL in every way, i’m already on my M-Shift! And seahorsy I have a costume tail (pretty good one too) And not to be rude but you were kinda complaining about complainers. jk srry I had to say tht it was funny srry lol. Well thanks for all the help! I’m on my way to start my P-Shift! I don’t know when you should start your P-Shift, is it when like where you can’t slow down the process of your M-Shift? Thanks! 1 week ago

♡ Cordis ♡ 1 week ago


i’m not changed or angered it’s just like A little fly bugging you a lot and it just gets annoying I just don’t want those people giving me that crap. 1 week ago

Tatsunootoshigono one cares

“This is real.”
“This is fake and you’re all idiots.”

Well you know what, this is the FRIGGING INTERNET and if someone wants to come on here and say something else, WHO CARES. If you’re weak enough to be angered by someone else’s words, or even be CHANGED by those words, you obviously weren’t strong enough to become a mermaid, or whatever, in the first place. It’s your dream, and if you really believe in it, then people who don’t agree with you shouldn’t bother you. But some people on here ARE bothered by it. If your faith is shaken that easily, and you can’t stand someone else belittling your beliefs, then you aren’t strong in your hopes and dreams at all, and you’re never going to get what you want. If you can ignore those who bother you, you’re that much better cuz you’re strong and focused on your goal that much more cuz someone isn’t bothering you, and you aren’t wasting time fighting with someone over trivial bs.

You whine and complain and argue on the net to other people, or you can step away from the computer and get on with your life.

While we’re on the subject of stupid, let me remind you, especially you teenage folks, that hey that’s great if you wanna be a mermaid, that doesn’t mean you need to go out and be a total freaking retard. For example, all the stuff LBC talks about. Potentially drowning yourself and such in your spells, well guess what, I’m sure some on here are dumb and desperate enough to do it. More importantly, don’t let your so-called superiority over others cuz you think you’re a mermaid or going to become one get to your. You are not a princess. You are either delusional, having a teenage identity crisis, or a total idiot. Maybe all of them. IOW, don’t do this: http://www.43things.com/entries/view/5951797

It’s not being harsh. It’s hoping you won’t go and kill yourself.

I doubt many of the people on here right now would do any of those things.

If you’re so desperate for a mermaid tail that you’re doing ridiculous stuff and running away, then why don’t you buy a costume tail? Go take a look at some of the websites that sell mermaid tails. Now look at all the pics and reviews of people who have a tail. A lot of them are children (depending on the site you’re on, anyway). Think about it. Those children have tails, while you’re sitting here fighting with an old man on the internet, trying a potentially fatal spell, or thinking about running away. That’s right. Thousands of children with parents, families and friends who love them; and productive adults with their own money, have mermaid tails. Sure, they aren’t ‘real’, but they have a tail. And you don’t. Problem?

tl;dr deal with it and quit whining, children. 1 week ago

Sandy_Mystery 1 week ago

kara2222 2 weeks ago

DiamondPegasus41 2 weeks ago

cursed insanityhe's back!

Wow, I must say I think lbc helps this goal cause he gets a lot of people active at the same time. Also, dang I’ve been gone for two days off this site and all this happens. Woah. 2 weeks ago


Others crush your dreams only if you let them. So everyone stop complaining and let everyone else have their thoughts. It’s just the internet!!! Ignore what upsets you! 2 weeks ago

user1396213510 2 weeks ago

Lord BearclawSpells and "magic(k)"

Spells do not work. Magick, regardless of spelling, is not real. You are not “wizards” or “witches”. There are no sea goddesses a’la The Little Mermaid that are granting your wishes.

No amount of mumbo jumbo, wand-waving, rhyme making, circle casting, incense burning, candle lighting, athame wielding, hocus pocus can so much as alter one single thing in objective reality.

Don’t believe me? Want to prove me wrong? Ok. Set a analog and a digital clock on a table with a yellow #2 pencil. Set both clocks to the exact same second. Now turn on a video recording device and synchronize it with the clocks, setting it to display the timestamp in the video. Mark the pencil with a knife in a unique manner that cannot be easily duplicated.

Now, use your “magic” to change the pencil from yellow to green. Make it bend double. Transmute it into a green bird made from a pencil. Give it two feet and make it hop. On video, without removing any of the items from the table, and no pauses, lookaways, or anything blocking the pencil and clocks from sight for even a second.

Go ahead. Let’s see it. 2 weeks ago

cursed insanityhey :)

wow, I have not been on in a while! ( been super busy)
what’s up?
How is the progress going?
Will try to post more
bye bye
good luck with your shifting/spells 2 weeks ago


I went swimming with my monofin on Thursday (would have used my tail if I knew the pool would allow it). I got a couple funny comments, and the lifeguard was intrigued by it. He asked me if I was practicing for a mermaid show. Oh, if only he knew. Another swimmer said it looked like I had a fish in my bag when I passed him with the monofin in my bag. lololol

Welll I think this is gonna be really interesting when I finally go swimming with that tail…and look like an actual mermaid. Still thinking anyone doing the fantasy shift should look into getting or making a tail. Having that physical, tangible tail should be a huge help. 2 weeks ago

OceanicMermaid 2 weeks ago


my pretty, wonderful tail down there came from http://www.finfunmermaid.com/. Note I never said it was my ‘real’ tail. (but it is a ‘real’ tail cuz I can wear and swim in it) Just an example of how easy it is to take a tail picture, and how to do it right.

hoping swimming in that tail and wearing it will help me with shifting (since I’ll know what swimming in a tail is like, and having a visual is AWESOME!!!)

I love it! It’s so shiny and wonderful. :D Finfun is one of the cheaper places to get a tail if you’re interested in a wearable, swimmable tail. 3 weeks ago

XxemiliaxX 3 weeks ago


I’ve been working on this on my own for a bit, but hoping to meet some people who can help me or who I can work with. Always better with a pod:)

I’d love to hear how things are going for y’all and if anyone wants to talk more please email me at airystheblue@gmail.com!!

Happy swimming. 3 weeks ago

airystheblue 3 weeks ago

TatsunootoshigoMY TAIL PIC!!!

an example of how easy it is to take a tail pic, folks.
Step one) take the frigging picture which is SO EASY!!!! All you people with a tail need to do this.
step two) verify it’s you, like I do with zee computer.
step three) for added saftey in case your pic is crop-able like mine, add a watermark.
step four) if people request more pix, do it. makes you more believable! 3 weeks ago


Just thought I’d post here…
Yeah I’ve been lurking on this goal lately. .-. Not doing it, because I’m trying to grow wings but there’s a nagging part of me that keeps coming back here..
Honestly idk.
But hi. 4 weeks ago

Zуαlv 5 months ago

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