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trapped_mermaid14 1 day ago

cleo2255 1 day ago

Lord Bearclaw"Magic" and "spells"

Here’s an example of what believing in “magic” can result in.

Belief in a nebulous, heretofore unknown and undocumented energy source capable of rewriting and altering Reality inevitably leads to a breakdown of logic, reason, and common sense.

The only cure for this ridiculousness is education and intelligence.

Without that, this is what happens: 2 days ago

Lord BearclawSpells and shifting.

No human has or has ever grown wings, tails, fins, gills, fangs, fur, etc. No one. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

The genetic “instructions” needed to grow wings simply are not part of our DNA inheritance, and never were. Birds are the descendants of the raptor dinosaurs and early feathered creatures like Archeopteryx. Humans are primates and share no genetic inheritance from the dinosaurs. None.

Neither do we share DNA with fish, wolves, bats, any other creature at all except that our closest genetic relative is the ape.

There is no magic. Wishing, praying, trying to cast “spells”, meditating, trying to “shift” – a complete fantasy in any of its concepts – anything at all you do, nothing will cause your body to change in any way. That may not be what you want to hear but it is the truth, no matter how cold and harsh that may be. It may “destroy your dreams”, but such a “dream” isn’t realistic or achievable in any way at all. Such things are complete fantasies, like becoming Superman, or Popeye.

There is no anatomical, biological, or physiological way for the body to change in such ways. “P-shifting” is a fantasy. Some people can become so deeply involved in this fantasy that they delude themselves that they have “shifted”, when the shift exists only in their minds. The “M-shift” IS the delusion. No human can become an animal, even mentally.

People who report therianistic episodes, and report “shifting” into animals behaviorally, do not exhibit authentic animal behavior – they can only exhibit learned or mimicked behavior of how they think such animals act and behave. Their behavior is an egotistical affectation, driven by their psychological need to “be” an animal, either mentally or physically because they feel their life would be “better”, or more fulfilling, or because they want to escape their current existence.

Humans are humans, from birth to death. Nothing else, no more, no less. 2 days ago


Go to it will really y help they have a ton of mermaid spells 2 days ago

kekegirl72 2 days ago


Believe in this maybe mermaids have adapted to hide deep below and lordd bearclaw you cant prove me wrong on this 2 days ago


OK before the site shuts Down I have to say this look up a user on YouTube in the bar where you would find search for videos look up a user by the name Realmermaidstuff that’s the username and there’s two amazing 100% guaranteed to work mermaid spells well there not exactly spells my favorite one by them you an watch only on a computer or Wii or Wii u just not a phone or tablet no mobile devices just find the person on YouTube called Realmermaidstuff and watch there two amazing videos I’m gonna miss this site hope you guys enjoyed it too! Bye: ) 2 days ago

daniellej98 1 week ago

nahomi10 1 week ago

Lord BearclawScience.

No dragons. No werewolves. No moon vampires. No lunar gods. No air.

This is what makes the photo possible – Science. Space travel, medicine, cellphones, computers, air conditioners, cars, escalators, plastics, hot and cold running water, refrigeration, convection/conduction stoves, microwaves, synthetic fabrics, electricity, CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, prepackaged food, food delivery, air travel, vision enhancements, prosthetics, beauty and hygiene products, flushable toilets, television, Doppler radar, solar panels, hybrid engines, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on and on and on and on interminably almost of all the products, services, and advancements that humanity has devised, implemented, or achieved all because of Science.

If you think that Science is “just another” concept that “really doesn’t do anything”, and that “magic” is real, then get rid of every single thing in your life that Science has brought you. No more clothes that you didn’t make yourself from cotton or wool produced on your farm. No more pasteurized milk from the store – milk it yourself from your cow. No more eyeglasses or contacts. No more wristwatches, cellphones, laptops, computers. Throw them out. No more toilet – you’ll have to go dig an outdoor outhouse, and when the hole eventually fills up you’ll have to cover it over with dirt and dig a new one. Have fun using the privy in Winter. Throw out everything in your house made of plastic – CDs, DVDs, combs, brushes, buttons, shoes, etc. etc. etc. No more medicines – not even aspirin – sorry, but you’ll have to brew your own willowbark tea for that. Having pain? Too bad. No more inoculations against chicken pox, measles, pertussis, etc.

Now replace any one item or service that Science has brought you with “magic”. Go ahead. Let’s see it.

The best thing that I can hope for all of you as this site shuts down is LEARN. Keep looking for the answers – find out what is real and what is fantasy. Keep an open mind but don’t become gullible. Question everything – especially anything that asks you to trust in unproven or undocumented hypotheses. Remember what P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And lastly, remember that you are a Human Being, a member of the only sentient, self-aware species this planet has ever produced. You are the product of 4.5 billion year of evolution. Act like it. 1 week ago

MermaidMinecraft 1 week ago

ishahybrid98 1 week ago

Wanttobeah2omermaid 2 weeks ago

Lord BearclawImpossibilities.

P-shifting is impossible. It is not physically, genetically, or physiologically possible.

If you don’t want to believe in verified, proven, exhaustively documented facts of Science and medicine, that’s your affair. I sincerely hope that you don’t eventually teach these delusions to your children one day.

Every single person on this planet is human. Upright, bipedal, land-dwelling human. There are no such things as mermaids, vampires, werewolves, faeries, ghosts, aliens, kaiju, Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men or anything else. There is no such thing as “magic”, or “powers”, or “special abilities”. There are no wizards or witches. People cannot cast “spells”.

Telling people that they can turn their bodies into half of another species is a lie and/or a delusion. People do not turn or shift into anything. If we could it would be far, far, easier to change ourselves first from male to female or vice versa or to change into a wereape, because that would be the closest genetic change possible.

It is delusional fantasies like this that can lead to true mental illness, such as paranoid schizophrenia, in which sufferers lose the ability to correctly distinguish between reality and fantasy, and trust me, most of the believers in this hogwash are well on their way down that path if they continue to eschew intelligence, reason, and critical thinking skills. 2 weeks ago

AMermaidSunriseI've Decided

Hello. I’ve decided I’m staying. I’m going to shift my tail and take pics and post them on here (if possible). I worked too hard to let this dream go now.
I love you guys. Thank you, Nellethiel, for helping me to see where I belong.
I’m a mermaid.
And I’m going to get my tail. 2 weeks ago

nigeriangirlAda Moonbeam post #1

Hiya, I want to become a mermaid. I tried before with spells and of that but, it never worked. Until I found out about shrifting and kissingmidnight.Because of this I am going to finally what I wanted to do which becoming a mermaid. So, now I am starting over and trying this dream again. Sooo, in theis case, my mermaid name is Ada Moonbeam, which IS my mermaid post.
bye and good luck 2 weeks ago

nigeriangirl 2 weeks ago


Hey. I don’t think I want to be a mermaid guys. I think I was just lying to myself. And although I like swimming, I still don’t think having a fish tail and sitting in my bathtub for the next few years is worth it. I don’t think I even M-shifted, to be honest. I’m not giving hate, I’m just realizing that I’m only human. And that’s all I want to be. That’s why I’m terminating this account (if I can, if not I’m going to never get on it) and I won’t ever try to be a mermaid again. I’d like to think of this as a phase I went through (not necessarily for you). And now it’s over. Please don’t be angry, I’ve thought long and hard about this. I never really believed mermaids truly existed. A part of me, a very tiny small part once did, but that part is gone.
Please don’t let this make you give up, but I’m realizing for the first time what I am and realizing that this road is not one I was meant to travel.
Thanky you and never give up on your dreams. 2 weeks ago


hi, I never really posted here but I just figured out recently 43 things is shutting down which is a shock since ive been on this site for so many years I actually cant believe its going I will miss all the friends I made on this ill even miss lord bearclaw it was funny fighting with him haha but yeah I hope all your dreams come true and use all get your tails like im trying to:’) bye <3 2 weeks ago


Hello everyone. I was busy so I wasn’t on for the past two days, but I am now. Anyway, just wanted to check up on how you are all doing with your shifting. :) 2 weeks ago

Lord BearclawNo mermaids. No powers. No shifts.

There is only one sentient humanoid species on this planet, and that is us – Homo Sapiens. Every human on this planet is born of two human parents, as were they, and their parents before them, and theirs before them, and so on and so forth back to the point where we differentiated from other primates.

There are no offshoots of the human species that have “went back to the water” – environmentally based evolutionary changes take millions of years to occur. Humans as a general rule, do not adapt to the environment so much as we alter our environment to suit us. This has taken the form of building fire, creating clothing, building shelters, making tools, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Magic does not exist, in any way, shape, or form. There is no nebulous energy field that allows humans to change, alter, or otherwise affect reality in any way. Energy reacts in scientifically recognizable ways, such as electricity, thermal heat, and electromagnetism. It reacts in the same way over and over and over again, producing consistent, verifiable, testable, and documentable results.

Claims of “abilities” to consciously affect or direct fire, water, air, etc. are fantasies born out of the old myth that there were four “elements” that made up the whole world. Humans cannot cause the movement of anything with their minds via the fantasy of telekinesis. Fire “moves” as a matter of natural course, because of eddies and currents in the air, differences in air pressure, differing rates of fuel consumption according to material density, movements of people in the vicinity, even differing densities of gases in the air among a myriad of other variables. Similar variables affect water.

Shifting is not real. It is at best a simple imaginative fantasy and at worst a dangerous delusional thinking pattern that can lead to true mental illness such as paranoid schizophrenia, which is marked by a loss of the ability to differentiate reality from fantasy. Such thinking patterns have been shown to be nothing more than fantasy over and over again, from the delusions of Alzheimer’s patients to people suffering traumatic brain injuries to drug-induced delusions to people who induce in-depth fantasies such as “therianthropy”. Self identified “therianthropes” claim to be able to “m-shift”, which they claim is a change from a human mode of behavior to the behavior of their self-chosen animal “type”. They seem to exhibit a mental change, affecting at first glance the behavior of the target animal, but no such change is genuine. They are adopting the perceived behavior of an animal, from an entirely human standpoint of observation, and they are usually very, very, wrong about how the animal actually behaves. In most cases if that person were to try to use their “therian” behavior to actually interact with real animals of that type, they’d probably get severely mauled or injured.

The electrical patterns and waveforms of the human brain do not change in such episodes to that of an “animal”, but they do reflect the patterns associated with delusional thinking or deep fantasies.

Continued participation in these fantasies of “shifting”, of whatever type someone invents, will not turn you into a mythological creature – but it will mentally predispose you to deeper delusions and aberrant thinking patterns that can lead you into mental illness. 3 weeks ago

Nellethiel SireniaPowers + M-shift

Does anyone know any techniques to get into a mermaid mindset to m-shift? Or to m-shift itself. Do you wait for a vision or do you make a vision and control it.

And about powers, I know it should just come to you but I need a stronger connection to my merside! I’ve almost lost it completely! All I know is, I need help…. I can’t m-shift, have visions or have a care about sea life after I meditate. Please please please help me 3 weeks ago

Nellethiel SireniaComment for last post

I half believe you, half don’t. Either you two have a VERY strong connection to your powers, (I wish I could find mine soon :( ) Or idk.

The full moon has nothing to do with us mermaids, except if you wanna cast a spell to help with shifting or something. So if you want make a little hideout and don’t look at the moon, it’s pretty fun actually >..<)

(Continued below) 3 weeks ago


Yesterday I let something slip, when I was talking to my sis about mermaids, and we got into sirens. I said,”We’re not——I mean, they’re not like that.” Then we found the full song of Jolly Sailor Bold.
Today… Something weird happened. My sis grabbed a lighter and lit it, moving the fire. The FIRE. Then she tried again. Still moved it. Then I tried moving water from a faucet. I made it smaller. We tried it five more times, still the same results. Then she made the water heat up from the kitchen faucet.
The full moon is July 12th. My sis thinks we’re mers, she doesn’t know I’m shifting. I don’t want to tell her. I hope she drops it and doesn’t tell anyone. I’m freaking out. I tried moving water yesterday, too, although it didn’t move till today.
I’m freaked. 3 weeks ago


Yesterday I experienced a M-flare. How do I know this?
I kept asking myself: Where’s the sea? Why do I not have my tail? Why am I still here?
I also got sick every time human food was given to me, except for fruity cereal. The bad thing? We ate a LOT of fast food yesterday, since I was on a road trip. I kept wanting to run off, run away to the ocean. My heart ached more than before to swim. I was playful as usual, yes, but I also was suffering in a way.
I think I’m ready to begin P-shifting. Not only did my first M-Flare happen yesterday, the day before I was trying to maintain a constant M-shift… I’m not for sure, but I think I M-flared for two days.
I don’t know how long P-shifting is going to take, but I’m getting started as soon as I can.
Happy swimming and good shifting. 3 weeks ago

AMermaidSunriseMermaid Name

So I M-shifted for about 12 or so minutes.
I closed my eyes and listened to mermaid instrumental music.
When I opened them (mentally), it was daytime and I was at a beautiful beach, sitting on a red, orange, white, and black towel. I took my glasses off and ran to the water, thinking: I am a mermaid! I wanted to dive in right then and there, but stopped myself. I prayed to the ruler/maker that I believed in (not listing it here because I don’t want to cause a big religious fight),”[Maker’s name], please give me the power.” And I put my feet in the water and my human legs changed into a beautiful scaled green mermaid tail. I smiled and went in the ocean. I saw amazing corals and fish, and even spotted a ship sail by (they didn’t spot me!) Then I went underwater again, holding my breath, and saw a tunnel opening. I swam in there and entered a cave (not a volcano like in h2O), and sat on a rock. In some sand I wrote my mermaid (?) name: Nereid. Straight after I did research in it: Apparently Nereid originated from the Greeks, meaning sea nymph.
Is that cool or what!? 4 weeks ago


So today I’m going to update you mers on how my M-shift is going:
For my diet, it’s been a little shakey because I cannot just go up to my parents and say,’Hey, Mom and Dad! I’m a mermaid, so could please buy me fish and fruits and maybe some dried seaweed from the store? Thanks!’ Therefore, I’ll need to work on that. However, I have been trying: I’ve been eating cereal that tastes like fruits, I even ate (the week before last week), a bowl of chocolate ice cream with banana slices, and have been drinking more kool aid.
I know, I can do better, but it’s just that I don’t have the food at my disposal right now.
My behavior has changed a lot. I’m still reluctant to do chores, of course, but I feel more happy and playful. July will be a BIG challenge and will put everything I’ve achieved so far to the test: my stepsisters are coming over. They drive me nuts, even though I love them. But I find it’s an experience, rather than a nightmare. I only hope they don’t guess, what with my mermaid decorations and new attitude, what I am.
My connection to my mermaid self grows more and more. Everytime I see water on TV or somewhere else, I just stare at it, wishing I could be there. My bond to the sea has strengthen more, too.
I don’t wear make-up, I have no need to, but I do fix my hair up. I’ve been leaving it down more often and (this is gonna sound weird), been letting my mer self take over whenever I do it. I actually managed to do a fishtail braid!!! :D
M-shift Mediation
I haven’t had some time really to set aside everything and do M-shift Meditations, but I’m working on it.
So you see, I think I’m getting more mermaidish every day. :) 4 weeks ago


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go swimming yesterday but I did think a lot about being a mermaid. I went over why and tried to guess how far I was in my M-shift, I’d say almost halfway. I think this is the last day 43 things is gonna be here, since they’re shutting down in July.
Thus I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress.
Happy swimming and good shifting. 4 weeks ago

MysticalDreamer 4 weeks ago

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