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get thin

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rossjmack 4 months ago

vegetariangirl 7 months ago

mag_nels 12 months ago

roberto2501 14 months ago

meimeithu 14 months ago

meimeithugetting thin

starting today on my weight loss journey the day after having a nice valentines day i realize I want to look better and be the best i can be. lets get to it 14 months ago

mkhmw 15 months ago

and_she_left 16 months ago

user33379 20 months ago

NaJa88 22 months ago

Nil Böke 1 year ago

user14325 2 years ago

sinthin 2 years ago

yihayeah right

i’m still exactly 59.let’s see how i do this year then 2 years ago

1RLThin is overrated.

I’ve spent the better part of my life struggling with a majority of lethal food allergies.

Weight has been a difficult influence that has gracefully defined my tolerance, pitted patience to my core and dried my overindulgence to desiccation.

I savor everything with a broiling fury that is visibly radiant.
It cost me my health, afflicting me with brittle hair, scaly skin which has permanently scarred, including my lips and hands.

The worst is permanent Lanugo, downy pale hair growth on the face, neck, back, and torso. It is not a lifestyle that anyone misses and fools find out too late.

Never trade vitality for beauty, as vitality creates beauty and beauty alone is doomed to fade.

Strive to nourish your body and soul.

I will teach you if you ask. I’m currently studying Nutritional Science and can customize a diet plan suggestion to has proven HEALTHY results. 2 years ago

1RL 2 years ago


Getting thin is about liking the food that you eat. Like, eat salsa and chips insted of potato chips. Water insted of that can of soda. Play a sport that you like. No one likes to go to the gym, so why not play a fun sport like horseback riding! Instedof looking at your self and saying “i dont like my hips or my stomach.” focus on the things you like about your self. You are you. You cant change it. If you want to become slimer, focus on a long term goal, and not just a goal that is reached on a few weeks, but a life time goal.

Love yourself You are You <3 2 years ago

Wing1350 2 years ago

Sonal Riva 2 years ago

krundle1 2 years ago

jipqu 2 years ago


59.i can’t really describe how happy that makes me.finally under 60.i really hope i’ll make it to 55 until we go camping in june. 2 years ago

louisey92 2 years ago

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