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move away from my family

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BookWoman 7 years ago

☠ dustball jin ☠I swear I can't breathe around my parents

They’re both so unable to relax that it’s contagious. 2 years ago

Yours Truly, CateDon't judge

I moved away from my family when I was 19 years old. I moved out of state, but I still went back to see them occasionally. Then 2 years ago I moved across the country and haven’t been back to see them since. I do miss them, and I do talk to them (very irregularly), but they are very toxic, neglectful, and full of drama. Don’t judge me for being the black sheep…meaning I actually graduated high school, went on to college, didn’t become a drug addict or alcoholic, have multiple children by multiple people (married or not), end up in jail and/or welfare. I chose to better myself. I know that you can’t run away from your problems, and I am not a cold hearted b*itch. My priorities in life is creating my own family and doing right by them. I did not get to choose my family that I was born into. 2 years ago

Yours Truly, Cate 2 years ago

☠ dustball jin ☠Drama ahead

My parents are back from their holiday. They want to see me tonight. I was on the phone with my mother but my dad took the phone and asked that I have dinner with them. It’s unlike him to take the phone like that. I have a bad feeling about this. It’s obvious he’s going to admonish me. I wish once in my life I could share a moment with my father without having to be on my guard. My relationship with him is pretty crappy at this time. 2 years ago

☠ dustball jin ☠Untitled

Not properly done yet, I’ll write an entry on this when I have time. This is all a bit unexpected and I’ve been feeling quite down because I don’t feel like I’ve done anything to deserve this but on the other hand, neither have I done anything to deserve much of the $#!+ I’ve been through these last two years, so I guess it evens out. I’m finally done with my exams and my depression seems less extreme than a few months ago so I believe I would have gotten there little by little anyway, let’s just see this temporary support as a little help kick. And a welcome one, I can’t deny that. 2 years ago

☠ dustball jin ☠ 3 years ago

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