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Make an entry on 43 things every day with progress on more than one of my goals


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I like 43T, and will continue to use it, but I’ve added another goal which is more important – creating a life plan so that I can focus on the actual achievement and completion of goals by making it SMART, and 43T isn’t for life planning per se – more like ‘yay, I’ve finished the little stuff’. 3 years ago

rmmHousekeeping stuff on 43 folders...

Also get entires and comments attached to all of my goals, and periodically update the goals (and entries!) with my progress 8 years ago

torNot the original, but good enough in spirit.

I set out to do this every day for a month. I realize now that it’s just unrealistic for me, given my schedule. I can confidently say that the purpose for this Thing has been fulfilled. 43things is now a big part of my life when it comes to identifying and achieving what I want. I check it every day I can, and not everyday has enough news worth reporting, but I do make progress and I am tracking it. 8 years ago


Days spent away from home and the Intertron do not count against this goal. 8 years ago

torTime Out

Last three days don’t count since I was without Internet access. 8 years ago


Saw this goal and really liked it. I want to set a timeframe of around a month of doing this solidly. I think that’s about the average time it takes for people to form habits. After that, it should take care of itself.

First things first… this goal should be much easier to achieve if I max out my 43 things…. 8 years ago

FlashThis is the carrot

It seems like it works better if I know I have to do one thing before I go online. 8 years ago

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