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be less envious of others

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I got to know those who I envied, and realized there was nothing to envy. 3 years ago

greendreamerI have battles in my head

over how I should feel. I hate the sides of me that are envious and angry at people for unnecessary reasons. I feel like one of those people I dont like. For those of you who have ‘done it’, how do you let go? 7 years ago


I’m sure that I haven’t lost my jealousy. BUt I am less jealous of people than i was. I seem to be appreciating how good I have it. 8 years ago

KnotsIt's not their fault

that I’m a failure…I helped my non tech friend Donnie write a story for the AFP about the missing Philip K Dick robot, for about 5 days, I was really proud of it. But over the last few days, as the story has picked up steem in the blogosphere(what a shitty word). Donnie has been contacted by a variety of cool internet news sources (no names, but we ALL read ‘em) asking him for follow up work, etc. Donnie, who I really like, doesn’t know dick about the story. In fact he didn’t even realise it was news worthy untill I told him. So I am WAY envious of him as I sit at my evil slave wage job, helping morons understand HDTV, when I could be…oh damnit 8 years ago

spicytakoyumi wanna trust him...

i love my boyfriend so much- he means everything to me. we fight so much nowadays, and its all because of stupid jealousy and me not trusting him. we cry everynight together, saying were sorry for fighting, and i just dont want to do that anymore- eventually we will both just get tired of it, and leave. i dont want our relationship to end- how can i be less jealous, and trust him? i hate being so cheesy, and the excessive crying is really bothering me. i wanna be happy!!! with myself, and be much more confident, and have a higher self-esteem. i dont want to hurt my boyfriend anymore. 8 years ago

JerseyGirlrelating to being less envious

As difficult as it may seem, it’s easier to let go of the envy/jealousy and be happy for others than to let the anger/jealousy/envy fester. Wish people well and be truly happy for their good fortune, opens up the path for good fortune to come to our own door step! :-)

I went through this years ago and wasted precious time and energy upset about others good fortune instead of appreciating my own and working towards my own goals… :-) 8 years ago

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