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I want this marriage to last, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to rush into it. We were originally going to get married in October, but we only met for the first time in November of 2012… Maybe it’s too soon. We’ve been dating for a year and a half (rounding up!) that would be even a little soon to be getting engaged, let alone to be getting married.

to get engaged after 2 months…. is very extreme. and then to get married only a year later is even more extreme. so it’s better to slow down and wait at least 3 years before getting married.

i don’t know… i guess when we are ready we will be ready. it’s good i am working on getting a job.

maybe a year from now we can start planning a wedding, if we are in a strong enough financial place. 1 day ago

WiredN 4 days ago


I turn 30 in December this year and I am starting to feel the pressure of getting married and having a baby. The truth is I don’t really know where this pressure comes from.

I guess its natural at my age to feel broody especially when others around me have children, and I have always felt that I would like to get married before having children.

Its not like it can’t happen as I have been engaged for over a year and we are just in the midst of buying our first home together, but financially its very difficult as it all seems to have come at once.

I probably just need to try and relax and know that it will happen, and it will happen when its meant to. 5 days ago


this is more of a long term thing and we just have to get to know each other before it happens. part of me just wants to rush into it and have kids while i still can. i will be 33 in may… so part of me is like, let’s get married NOW and pop out a baby. but that might not be the best plan. we need to have financial security. I mean, i think you can have a baby pretty much in your 30’s okay… but it’s easier in your 20’s for sure. once you hit your 40’s you’re over.

so i’m 33 now… it’s tempting to get married right away but maybe it’s better to spend a year getting to know each other… that’s what he wants anyways… and i could get pregnant at age 35? I don’t know. we’ll see where i am at that age, where we are in our lives, if we have any money, if i have any independence from my mom. 6 days ago

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