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write a letter to my future self

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A Letter To Your Future Self

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LunaLizzard 4 months ago


A week or so ago I suddenly remembered the letter I mentioned in my other entry related to this goal would be arriving soon. I’m kind of excited to see it after a couple years.

Also, I used FutureMe.org (at someone’s suggestion, if I remember right) to write to myself as well, a year ago on December 11th, 2012, and I just received that in my email, today. I’d completely forgotten about it.

And apparently, I know myself very well. This is what I wrote in it:

“Dear FutureMe,

I thought I’d give you a heads up.

Knowing you, you probably haven’t started on final projects or studying yet for the semester. Why? I don’t know, but that’s what happened this year, and now you’re in deep shit.

I’m reminding you at LEAST two weeks in advance so you don’t feel as dumb as you do while writing this, sitting on the floor at work.

Anything else…? Quit being so commitment-shy. Jesus. You’re almost 21 years old; grow up you ninny.

Your equally stupid past self.”

It’s funny, because I just finally convinced myself to get to work on some homework (I know myself so very well, indeed), and I also just recently had something related to the commitment issue come up, as well.

I’m more clairvoyant than I realized. ;P 4 months ago

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MoragMackenzieSee how life can change

I have been unhappy since I was 13. I feel that my life has been one bad thing happening after another. I really hate being alive right now, but I am holding on because somewhere inside of me still believes that life can be happy and peaceful. So I want to write a letter to my future self,because, if by some miracle my life does improve,and my dreams do come true, I don’t ever want to forget how bad thing were and how blessed I will be to have moved on. I have hated my life, but I have learned alot,quite alot and for that I am grateful. 10 months ago

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I am going to Paris next week for a week with my boyfriend :) 18 months ago

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