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be a better girlfriend


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How To Be A Good Girlfriend

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nataliexyoung 2 months ago

Sikey02 5 months ago

meganchurch 7 months ago

cameoelizabeth 7 months ago

pelkito be a better gf

I’ve realised that its high time i change myself and the way i think and act…i need to change what is bad about me…accept that i can also go wrong..
i want to understand him better and never start an argument or never walk out of a situation..or never force him to do sth that he is not comfortable doing or never abuse him with curses or never insult him when i’m angry…for that i need to completely delete ‘anger’ out of my life.
it does me no good…just harm..and i cant think straight when m angry so i end up saying all the wrong things and do all the wrong things which later i regret very much but i change that…
also if i don;t remember most things we did together, i’ll try and pretend i do cux telling the truth only hurts him more..but its not that i forget bcoz he hasnt touched my heart. No. its cux i cant remember.literally cant.
i only want to feel love, laughter and happiness. nothing more. and m gonna achieve this through a bunch of gratitude and appreciation and no anger.
please me, help me become a better person-a better girlfriend! 8 months ago

pelki 8 months ago

moolie 9 months ago

The Marvo & Klo bucketlist 12 months ago

FebruaryMiss 12 months ago

sharyalick 14 months ago

maythild 15 months ago

brnygabon 15 months ago

laurapennington 15 months ago

liiivxo 15 months ago

gabstagabsta 15 months ago

ElsieKeaton 16 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love. 4 years ago

anomalyink 18 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I cleaned some of the house and made delicious peanut butter cookies today. My boyfriend came home and commented on the lovely smell of the peanut butter cookies. He ate one of them and said it’s good, then helped me put clothes away. He jokingly said that I cleaned some today and baked – “What happened to my girlfriend?” I laughed and told him that I’m feeling better. I want to keep up with this goal. :) 19 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

Boyfriend’s hours have been cut at work from originally 40 to now 20. They just can’t afford him as manager. We’re going to probably be struggling for a bit, trying to save our money as much as possible. Luckily he can get a job with his friend who works at a grocery store. He might end up working in the deli (whereas he’s currently working in a restaurant) and make approximately two dollars less than he’s currently making, but it’s something. I want to be there for him With more affection than before. He did say he’s not that afraid because of the job he’s going to get with his friend. He’s excited for it. 19 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I cooked Salisbury steak tonight for supper. M enjoyed it. I need to cook more. M is the primary cook in our household. I definitely need to make more of an effort with it. 19 months ago

stella2012 20 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I haven’t been treating M right lately. I need to change that. The stresses of moving into an apartment and starting a new job are just excuses, anyway. 20 months ago

anjxox21 22 months ago

meganrae23 22 months ago

kruegeremily 22 months ago

sabrynPocky is no replacement for sex

Maybe this is a problem all new parents face. Especially new moms who spend every waking moment taking care of a baby or scrambling to find work. Or maybe it’s just me…I don’t know. But I’m not remotely interested in sex these days.

I feel horribly guilty about it, though R has not complained (much). I try to look after him in other ways – I make sure he gets plenty of time to do the things he wants, I buy him little gifts when I’m at the store, I try to find activities the three of us can do together, I tell him often that I love him. But none of that takes the place of physical closeness, and I know that.

I don’t know what is wrong with me. Sure, I’m tired, I’m stressed, and I’ve got a zillion things to do, but none of that used to interfere with my sex drive. I hope it’s a resolvable issue, though, because I don’t want this to ruin our relationship. 1 year ago

skittledragonCounting this 'done'

I can now admit when I’m wrong in an argument, enough said. 2 years ago

skittledragon 3 years ago

skittledragonLesson 482: keep my germs to myself

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday and I gave him a cold!! Also some awesome presents. But, I made him ill! I know it’s hardly deliberate when you pass a virus on, but I feel guilty haha! 2 years ago

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