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learn to trust God completely, knowing He is in control and all things work together for His glory


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Why do bad things happen?

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Shula Rajaonah 3 years ago

flutter is full of wonderI had a friend ask me today

If I was obsessing over school and getting a high GPA

My immediate answer was No
I went on to explain that it wasn’t so much the 4.0 that I was worried about, but that the higher my GPA the better internship I will get when my classes are finished. The best internships go to the best students.

While all this is true, it leaves out one crucial fact.
I’m not in control.. God is
It’s so easy for me to get wrapped up in what is happening.. in what I want and forget this fact.
I know He is in control, but I somehow think that I have to help Him along

I’m not saying that I should sit back.. goof off and hope that God make me get good grades or do well in things just because I trust in Him. But I don’t need to stress and think that if I don’t do better then everyone else that God can’t and/or wont take care of my needs. I may not get the “best” internship in other peoples eyes, but if I believe God is in control, then I have to believe that He is in complete control of even what I might think is a second rate internship… it may be the best for me, the place where I fit in and enjoy the most.. or where I am needed the most.

I still need to do the best I can, but I need to also realize it’s not in my hands.. even if I fuss and stress.. it’s still out of my hands
It’s in God’s hands
He is in control 15 months ago

Yolanda Terrell 2 years ago

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