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Starrboard1Time flies

I can’t believe I’ve been a member on this site for the last 6 years. I still had wisdom teeth and waist-length hair. That’s as old as my last terrible job. Older than our current president who’s up for re-election. Longer than living in my house. That’s 2 cars, 2 bikes, 3 computes and 4 phones later. That’s 3 partners ago and a longer relationship than with my fiance. It’s 7 roommates ago old. And just as many friends.

Truthfully I needed this goal as a way to change my outlook, and in effect my actions, to get me to a place where I could be comfortable both where I was and with my self. Being young is amazing. You spend so much time trying to be responsible, trying to look beyond your self and end up making a mess of things while rushing and becoming this incredibly judgmental person. The road to hell… All the while you didn’t realize just how judged and uncomfortable you were based on the decisions you made and people you surrounded yourself with. That’s where this goal came from.

So life now, 6 years later, I could say is successful in many ways. I’ve moved into my current home and it’s made a world’s difference being away from the traffic, youth & distractions of the campus area. I decided that I was never living with more than one roommate at a time and it’s proved to be the most rewarding situation. I took my breaks from school, regrouped & got through it. I’ve traveled more and seen more than previously, both with family & with friends. There are new favorite haunts, & people that go with them.

This goal isn’t complete yet though. It’s life and there’s always room for improvement. The things that make me feel guilty these days are primarily financial and definitely familial. I need to get to a place where I’m not worrying about bills or affording the groceries. I need to help my relationships improve. As always, the change must come from within. A good outlook is wonderful, but solid actions are always what make the difference. And more importantly, I have more than myself to consider, I have someone I need to look out for too.

So here’s to striving for a guilt-free life. Here’s to another 6 years of growing and improving. Here’s to everyone who’s been there, come along and have yet to meet. Cheers. 20 months ago

Merrian Webster 2 years ago

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