knit my small people a special blanket each

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Taz 7 years ago

TazAt last!

Today I finally finished Big One’s blanket. :D 3 months ago


through the decreasing now but I’m having to take an enforced break while I mad panic revise for my exams. 3 months ago

TazThe never ending blanket

I’ve given up giving finished by dates now but it will be finished one day. :( if only I could revise/read and knit at the same time. 3 months ago

Taz15 months after I started and

3 months after Big one came home and it’s still not finished. But I’m determined for it to be ready when she comes home for Christmas as her dorm room is sooo cold she needs it. 4 months ago


I really need to get working on this. Big one comes home in 27 days! Yes that’s 27 days. :D 9 months ago

TazMore knitting done

this evening and a quick measure with the help of Wee one and it looks like i’m just about to hit the halfway mark. Yay! 13 months ago

TazToday I picked up my knitting for the first time

in weeks. I really need to get going on this goal or there is no chance this blanket is going to be ready for Big one going off to Uni in September :/ 13 months ago

TazI've not done anything on the

blanket for weeks :/ I really need to make up for lost time. Setting myself a mini challenge of having completed 10 sections of different wools by Feb 1st to get me going again. 15 months ago

TazHere's where it's up to

right now. 16 months ago

TazTwo and a half weeks

later 18 months ago

TazAnd so

it begins 19 months ago

TazStarted on

big one’s blanket tonight. I’m on row 66 so only another 1000 rows or so to go :D 19 months ago

TazWee one's blanket

That was a lot of knitting! 19 months ago

TazWee one's blanket is

Photos will be uploaded soon.

Now to make a start on Big one’s blanket so I have the whole year to work on it :/ 19 months ago

TazThe end is most definately

in sight! 20 months ago

TazDid a load of knitting tonight

and we are definately in sight of the end now. Just another 19649854985734 rows to go :/ 20 months ago

TazFeel like I'm getting somewhere with Wee one's

blanket but man it’s soooooo big! She’ll be able to wrap up her whole family in it when she’s grown up.
Think I need to get Big one to a wool shop pretty soon to chose what colours she wants in her blanket so I can get to work on it while she’s away for the year. Got to have that one finished for when she gets back and then leaves for Uni. 21 months ago

TazWas tidying up and found the bag with

wee one’s blanket that I started cough cough mutter mumble some time ago. I’m on the decrease now so I’m going to set aside a chunk of time each week to try and get this blanket finished – this year!

Then I can start on big one’s, as she is off to India for a year in August I will have a year to work on her’s until she gets back and then leaves for university (don’t cry Taz – stiff upper lip) I WILL have her blanket ready for her to take off to her Uni room! 2 years ago

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