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blackcoltsStop gambling

Sat jan18
Lost $200
I need to quit as I take a job for less money. 11 months ago

blackcolts 11 months ago

maniquin007 16 months ago

ozlemjones jones 19 months ago


Think of how shit you feel when gambling money you can’t afford to lose. Think of your family and how it affects them. Your mood swings and the fact you work so hard to throw it all away on shit bets. 23 months ago

Brett488 23 months ago

Tchoup51Gambling is a lie in which we believe

I kept a diary that charted the progression of my journey through the chasms of moral doubt, the quicksand of emotional instability and the labyrinth of rationalizations. And yet whatever insights I gleaned there is no guarantee that I will ever be “cured” from my compulsion. In truth, abstaining from gambling for someone who is compulsive has nothing to do with insights, it has to do with something more spiritual. A compulsive gambler can connect all the dots, have the “whys” and reasons made blindingly clear, and still want nothing more than to gamble. This realization yields the profoundly wise advice found in the serenity prayer, “Accept what we cannot control.” Accepting one’s disempowerment or surrendering to that which one cannot control is a thought that runs counter to this culture’s celebration of empowerment. Yet, that is the first step in coming to terms with any compulsion, no less one as vexing as gambling. Admitting that you are not in control takes the ego out of play and brings in the spiritual; the willingness to accept that we are limited, we are incomplete, but that much closer to our divinity.

From Diary of A Compulsive Gambler – Anonymous, (Amazon) 2 years ago

Tchoup51 2 years ago

Schahan5 years of gambling...I want to quit

5 years of gambling has wiped out my savings, my retirement and my integrity. Now at 57, I am lucky to have a job with no benefits and living from paycheck to paycheck. I have become a recluse from my family and friends.

I want to quit and pay my bills, get a car and maybe one day have a home again.

A holiday with no food and money sure makes for poor existence. 2 years ago

Schahan 2 years ago

user38649 2 years ago

trader99 7 years ago


So tomorrow will be my day 1 on quitting gambling! quitting my 22 year addiction which I love but hate at the same time but it has to end and tomorrow will be the start of a new life 2 years ago

Have2quit 2 years ago

ThomasAndrews2 years on.

Don’t sure anyone reads these but it feels good to write anyway, I didn’t give up gambling what so ever these past two years. I have had my up’s and downs! I have actually banned myself from gala casinos!! I was very surprised at the fact that I needed to! But it helps very much!! I haven’t been in roulette for a week now which doesn’t sound a lot but the fact I haven’t had the urge to go in helps!!!

Good luck to anyone who is fighting this addiction, you’ll do it! X 2 years ago

cashman1976 2 years ago

lauriegerm 6 years ago


It’s been 18 days gamble free for me;) 2 years ago

alienemanother bad habit stopped

when chinese new year was nearing and the invites to gamble started coming in, it actually didn’t take me long to decide that i didn’t want to gamble anymore. i thought about how gambling, like the other addictions, were so devastating to my life. i have begged, borrowed, stolen, sold and lied because of my addictions. my life is so different now, i don’t ever want to put myself in that situation ever again. also, now that i have a better understanding of money, there are other ways i would like to use it. i use the money, the money doesn’t use me. 2 years ago

alienem 2 years ago

Ihatemyself01Here I am again...

I can’t believe it’s been 3 yrs since my 1st post and Im still doing the same ole stuff! I have a horrible addiction,I’m not getting any younger, I’m just so burned out! I want to do things, I want to travel want to drive a new car, but how can I? I have this horrible addiction! I asked God to give me a sign and the strength to overcome this. I recently got a raise at my job, I’m now making almost $4000 a month and do u think I see any of it? NOPE! Why? Because I’m a loser! I could be at the Casino and be up $600 and I have to leave with nothing! It’s like this crazy feeling that I I’m not happy until I’m broke! It’s day 1 for me, I’m hoping I could be strong for myself and my family. 2 years ago

sneekeee 2 years ago

user1067 3 years ago

Ihatemyself01Why me....

I’m still gambling…. The last time I posted anything was almost 2 yrs ago. I was 32 yrs old, now Im 34 and still gambling. I hate that it’s so hard to stop. I’m not gambling as much anymore, I was trying to fix my credit. Before I was gambling $2000 a month now it’s about $800, that’s still a lot of money, I could buy so much, I could pay bills off or most importantly I could pay back my family that I borrowed money to gamble. The most time I went without gambling was 3 months. I’m hoping when I get paid next week I could just stay home with my family. I’m so sAd:( 3 years ago


As of now, 13.37 on the 28th October, I am no longer gambling. This means, no bingo, slot machines, online betting etc etc…. The only thing I will do is the odd go of the euromillion’s when it’s a 34838 rollover lol Gotta have some faith! 3 years ago

LiveAMagnificentLifeAbstaining from poker for good this time!!

Life is worth it and so are those around me. This time I banned myself and I am not going back to playing poker!! 3 years ago


anon0188 3 years ago

chained_toyou 3 years ago


Gambling is a dirty habit and probably illegal. I really need to stop its a waste of money. 3 years ago

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