Post pictures of my fridge and encourage others to do the same!

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DinkMy fridge :)

here ya go… Pud pics, magnets un stuff :) 7 years ago

mooniebutt#4 Other Side

And this picture I actually took for this goal. We usually have a bunch more magnets (the word kind) but I think I took a ton down right after the new year. Exciting or what? 7 years ago

mooniebutt#3 Front of Fridge

I originally took this one because Taz made me the cute banana and Dawn magnets! The photo on the bottom is a picture from our wedding. There is also a picture of Hokey and Hello Kitty (and Moonie is cut out cause she didn’t like how she looked.) I’ll leave the rest for your viewing pleasure. 7 years ago

mooniebutt#2 Fun with Mirrors

I took this picture earlier this month. It was right before I left for an interview. I’ve had this little mirror on my fridge for over ten years, I bet. 7 years ago

mooniebutt#1 One Side

These first two picture I took before Dana asked me to join this goal. (It was around Valentines day, see the heart in the background?) I was actually taking a picture of Nookie, but you still can see the one side of my fridge in this picture. Nookie says, “What’s up!?” 7 years ago


I say it because it is true! 7 years ago

naughtyminx78Here's my fridge!

I’m with Dana on the magnet and photo front! 7 years ago

Dana is...bringing her own sunshineSoo..

Call me insane, but I think what a person puts on the fridge says a bit about them…I know some people think that magnets are cheesy, but I love mine, embrace them even. SO here is a pic of my fridge. (I’m going insane aren’t I?!). I hope others adopt this goal and share pictures too! :-)

Edit – The picture is of myself and Sophie B. Hawkins, after a concert she put on about 3 years ago. 7 years ago

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