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become a top 500 reviewer on Amazon


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Lark1Top 1000 reviewer

I made the top 1000 a couple days ago, was very pleased but I still have a ways to go yet before I reach my goal, just keeping on reviewing. 5 years ago

Lark1Reviewing all my reviews

You know I find it pretty strange looking at my reviews to see how many times people have left feedback that reviews are unhelpful without stating why or what could be different about the review.

Other people seem to be reacting personally or politically, you left me feedback on a splurg of opinion therefore I will go through all your reviews hitting unhelpful on them all, or keywords will set them off instead. The product itself doesnt seem to enter into it much which doesnt seem right. 5 years ago

Lark1Present rank 1,296

I presently rank 1,296 and so desperately would like to move further up the ranking, although I appreciate that its likely to be difficult given that I dont generally review games, movies or music which are the most popularly viewed items on Amazon.

On the other hand I try to be as precise and concise as I can reviewing the fiction and non-fiction that I do, generally I think about what is most helpful to me when considering buying books, DVDs, music, other goods and work from there.

Anyone reading this I’d really appreciate if you had the time and took a look, feedback is ALWAYS appreciated, provided its relevent.

There’s been crazy stalkerish posts I’ve asked Amazon to delete because they add nothing to the review and are just destructive or ones which are just silly but I always read them. 5 years ago


This is a long term goal, and I’ve still been slowly progressing forward. I started seriously working at posting more reviews about 2.5 years ago and am now in the 2100s. I started in the 13000s.

I now have 162 reviews posted. I will definitely move forward on this if I post more reviews. So I will work on this goal in 2008 by setting concrete goals to hit a certain number of reviews posted by particular dates, and make a general aspiration to post at least a very brief review of any book I finish and as many DVDs as I can. 6 years ago

KatchooAnother lull, another burst

I posted about 6 reviews today—I really should do that more often! 7 years ago

KatchooPosting Lull

I’ve had a lull in posting reviews but have added about 4 or 5 more this month. Trying to get back to it…of course it would help if I were actually reading books and watching movies as much as I’d like…

On the plus side, I did pass the 150 review milestone this week! 7 years ago

vallainI Made It !!!

It took two years, but I’ve broken into the Top 500 Reviewer status. Now I just have to work to stay at that level.
Good luck to the rest of you with this goal. 7 years ago

EmilyFour months later...

Rank: 12,208
Reviews: 37
Helpful Votes: 193 7 years ago

KatchooInching Upwards

After a one-day bump into the 2400s (okay 2499 is barely there…) I fell back into the 2500s and languished for quite some time. For the last few days I’ve been in the 2400s again, after posting 3 reviews in the last two weeks. Gotta put the stuff out there to move up, I know it! Now I just have to keep doing it… 7 years ago

Katchoo2007 Goal

Keep moving up the ranks, maybe make it to the top 1000 reviewers by this time next year! 7 years ago


I’m up to 100 helpful votes. :]

My goal is to have 50 reviews written by November 1st. Right now, I have 31. 8 years ago

EmilyA question

Should I worry about "not helpful" votes? 8 years ago

EmilyA long way to go...

I currently have 29 reviews, 93 helpful votes, and I’m ranked at 19,099.

I figured this was a good goal to add to my list because I’m always looking for ways to make money from writing. Not that I expect to make any money from this, obviously. But I really want a career writing something, and reviewing books and/or movies doesn’t seem like a complete sellout.

I doubt I’ll be able to break into the top 500, but it’s worth a shot. At least I’ll get plenty of practice in the process.

You can see my reviews here. 8 years ago

vallainTop 1000 Reviewer

Well, it’s not the top 500 ranking yet, but I’m really excited that I’ve made it to the top 1000. You can check out my progress at
One advantage of being in the top 1000 is your reviews get posted towards the top when there’s a large batch of reviews. Thus more people are likely to see it and vote on it.
I have a lot of reviews with no votes at all. Guess that’s the risk of reviewing obscure or older titles that not too many people search for. 8 years ago


Just posted my 100th review! Yay! 8 years ago

Katchoo100 Reviews by June 30th

I posted my 90th review this week and I think I can get to 100 by the end of the month, just have to get reading and writing! 8 years ago

Katchoo3 more reviews

Added reviews of “Yentl the Yeshiva Boy” by Isaac Bashevis Singer, “Got the Look” by James Grippando, and “Brush with the Law” by Jaime Marquart and Robert Byrnes.

I’ve also been excited for and inspired by fellow 43T-er Glen Engel Cox, who made it into the top 500 this month. Of course he is several hundred reviews up on me, so I have to keep on reading and writing! 8 years ago

Katchoo80 Reviews

Put two more up this week (Yentl the Yeshiva Boy and Brush With the Law: The True Story of Law School Today at Harvard and Stanford) for a total of 80.

I’ve been bouncing around the 3300s in ranking but it looks like soon I’ll be up to 3200.

For the record, when I started keeping track and consciously attempting to put more reviews on line and raise my rank, in July of 2005, I was at 16345. It would be cool to make it into the top 1000 by the end of this year. 8 years ago


Four more reviews on line this week. I’ve slipped down a few notches, into the 3540s, but hopefully the new reviews will get some votes and help me get back up. Meanwhile the main point for me is to enjoy what I read and watch, and let others know about the good or bad stuff out there (and also keep track of what I read and see for myself). In that sense it doesn’t matter what my ranking is. 8 years ago

KatchooPosted 3 new reviews

Got back from vacation to find that I’m bopping around the 3520’s. Woo!

Three new reviews just went up, for a total of 71 now. Got a few more to write in the next few days, too. Pluggin’ away! 8 years ago

vallain2660 Ranking (616 helpful votes)

I’ve posted twelve lists on Amazon and hope that leads more people to my reviews. When readers browse my lists and check out the titles, they may add votes.
Actually it’s interesting to group my reading into categories for the lists. It’s almost as much fun as book reviewing. 8 years ago


All time high level, I’m up to 3671. Woo!

Amazon seems to have eaten one of my recent reviews, it’s been over a week and it hasn’t shown up. Phooey. I have to remember to save these so I can re-submit if this happens.

At least two more to post this week when I get a chance… 8 years ago

KatchooAdding reviews

I’ve posted 5 reviews in the last week or so:

—DVD of A Life Apart: Hasidism in America (this was written on 1/11 but took nearly a week to appear)

—DVD of Sky High

—Audio book of Call of the Wild

—Book-The Solomon Sisters Wise Up by Melissa Senate (this was posted several days ago but hasn’t shown up yet, not sure why but I’m keeping a lookout)

—Book-Come Together by Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Reese (wrote and posted this morning and HAS already appeared, there is no rhyme or reason to this that I can make out).

If you want to check out all my reviews go to:

If you read a review and feel motivated to vote it “helpful” or “not helpful” just click on the link for the book title and scroll down through the reviews for that book til you find mine. It’s easier with the more recent reviews because the reviews appear chronologically, more recent ones first.

And either way, thanks for looking! 8 years ago

vallainSlowly Moving Up (3227 ranking)

I’m glad to see Katchoo1 and Glen progressing towards their goals.
I’ve added quite a few more reviews (now have 383) and my votes total 487. I’m rummaging books from my shelves plus pulling up old columns of mine and extracting the book reviews to post on Amazon. The public library is a good source for me for newer books and I’m getting good response to my reviews on home decorating books. 8 years ago


Thanks to people from 43T voting for my reviews, I am now at 4806 in the rankings, with 492 votes.

While I appreciate the effort, I want to ask again that everyone please actually read the reviews and only vote that it is helpful if you actually find it to be so (and if you don’t find it helpful feel free to vote against it!)

Thanks again! 8 years ago

KatchooCreeping upwards...

As of January 1 I was at 6003 with 341 votes. Woo! 8 years ago

KatchooMy Reviews

It was suggested that I add a URL for my reviews. I have to confess that my ranking took a quantum leap after I added reviews of sudoku books (one of my current obsessions). Almost all my helpful votes in the last few months came from these.

Anyway here is the URL for my reviews. If anyone feels compelled to vote for any of my reviews, just click on the title.

URL: 9 years ago

KatchooI don't know if I'll hit 500...

But I’d like to at least get into the top 1000. My goal is to write reviews for every book I read or listen to this year, and other products as I think of them as well. I started adding more reviews in July, and when I started my rank was 16345 with 86 helpful votes. As of yesterday it was 6806 with 304 votes so I’m making progress! 9 years ago

vallainRank 5174 (320 helpful votes)

I’ve upped my number of reviews to 213, and am trying to add some every couple of days. May have to rummage through my bookshelves for old favorites to review and post.
You can check out my progress at
I’ve gained 46 votes in the past month. Some reviews don’t garner any votes, so maybe I’m reviewing items that are too obscure. Sure won’t get any votes if no one ever looks up that book on Amazon. 9 years ago

vallainMore Reviews Needed

I keep checking to see if you are adding any new reviews. The other reviewers in the top 500 must be adding more (and then getting more votes). That leaves our ranking stagnant.
I hope to get more reviews posted this weekend. Maybe I can move up. 9 years ago

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