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candeshouse 1 week ago

edithMJesus Christ Will Enable Us

To do this (Grow in Christ) I will spend time each day reading His Word & meditating on what I have read. I will spend more time praying His Word instead of praying selfish prayers. 2 weeks ago

edithM 2 weeks ago

GingerJesus 1 month ago

marcelduplessis 1 month ago

Vessal of the Sacred Firehi ther.

well, long story short, I’ve decided my heart hasn’t been where it should be. I’ve been in dark corners, I’ve been in things I shouldn’t have and just need to get back on track. Consider this, my turning point. Hopefully you all can help lend some support. In the meantime I should get to bed. God bless ya all 1 month ago

Vessal of the Sacred Fire 1 month ago

Jonathan Kamalata 1 month ago

Juanita Padron 1 month ago

gummigirl03 3 months ago

Mimilin_yayaRE: Christian Relationships

=Hey guys. I made a post on my blog that talks about christian relationships. I wrote it on here first to vent but realized that it turned out to be an amazing blog entry to reveal things that people go through and to uplift the body of Christ.I thought it was necessary to share. Please read, your feedback on there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

http://curiousaboutgod.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/a-so-called-christian-relationship/ 3 months ago

randemilyyyx 4 months ago

Alison Linew church?

disclaimer: people AREN’T perfect

Really drenching this into prayer….i shared my heart to my pastor’s wife abt how i dislike the church and reason’s justifying it to her and she was very empathetic and telling me do what is what’s best for me…don’t worry about guilt trip, out of obligation.(like hmmmph i have to be here my whole life..that I am really fired for this church and really what it offers and how I can be a part of that..

she is happy (pastor’s wife) that I want to mingle with people that aren’t like me…she says the people who I think are most different are actually similar to me…going thru the same trials and etc.

who knows? maybe ill be uncomFORTable because lol maybe the new group i can identify as problematic because they are like always talking about their problems when sometimes I have a “reserved” side, part of me 4 months ago

Dpk786 4 months ago

jusme326 5 months ago

Dag m 6 months ago

EBA IMIRU 6 months ago

JJVN2001 6 months ago

Alison LiUntitled

I hereby give myself permission to forgive myself #mooddisorder 6 months ago

Alison LiWell

It’s ending the two discipleships I have been starting. It’s my last day. Man this past month has been shitty 6 months ago

alamin456 7 months ago

movingforward34 7 months ago

KingsOfKangeroo 7 months ago

dyluna2 7 months ago

itsasecretI'm going to get back into reading the book Eric gave me

It’s all about his life. 8 months ago

itsasecretI'll look to see if the library has any books about him that would interest me

If they’re not too long I might take it out though I’m going to stop taking out books soon. 9 months ago

MarjorieXX 10 months ago

Alison Limusic in my ipod

I kno some of the process of sanctification includes deleting music from my ipod….but imam kinda cringing as I do this…but oh I love God oh soooooo much (: 10 months ago

rafa1968 10 months ago

apprenticer 10 months ago

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