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user8019Journal 6 PART 1(falloutNV)

Day 1
I have just made it out of vault 13. Thinking. Hurting. Blamed. I will be blamed for all of this. All of the hell that will soon break loose. Probably even worse then the apocalypse itself. My name is Ulysses. And i am courier six. But life isn’t that easy living in the Mojave wasteland. Its hard, terrible, and disgusting. But i’m not the only courier romping around the wasteland like we own the place. There is another one. witch i kinda gave him the key to the world. The platinum chip.
Day 2
well I’ve decided to make my way to Megaton. I heard that they had it good there. Good stores with food and allot of people to talk to and help out. But the main reason why im going is to find the courier and get that chip back. with that chip you could. Well rule the entire Wasteland. and Mojave.
Day 4
So i finally found Megaton. But it wasn’t as i thought. it was terrible. There was no one there. well there were some people but most of them were dead. Gone. there was a bomb in the center of the town. But i’m pretty sure i saw a man in a vault 101 jumpsuit disarm it. I had a long conversation with Lucas Simms. the owner and leader of the town.
Day 5
It was terrible. the entire town of Megaton was wiped out. The only one who made it out was Lucas and me. Megaton seemed to be taken over by Super Mutants. Not even the greeting robot survived.
Day 6
Well after that I’ve decided to go to Good springs. Maybe there it wont be completely run by super mutants and will have much better defenses.

TO BE CONTINUED2 years ago

user8019 2 years ago


that night a dark shadow struck my sight I saw a black figur in the disdents,As it got closer I shut my eyes hoping it wouldent see me he was right next to me squeseing my hand so hard that my blood stop and my heart got faster (beet beet)I could feel the figur breeving on me,then i heard my heart skip a beat I spoke ‘why are you doing this I am a young girl’it spoke back you are not a young girl you see and you have something I want, shouting terrifingly LEAVE MY ALONG, as i pulled my hand away from his/hers i bust my vines with pulling that hard (there was blood everywhere)I lounged my self into a bush and hoped for pretection I was no where to be found i climed a lot of fences and walked a lot of filds hoping to see a house but no sign of home i was lost. 2 years ago

moomoocool 2 years ago

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