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Get electrocuted


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so a few hours ago i wasnt thinking and i put food in the microwave wrapped inside a material not made for the microwave. it caught fire so i hit the button to open the microwave and it sent jolts threw my body and made my mouth water. i kinda watched the flames for a second then blew them out. about 1.5 months ago i was unplugging a speaker and connnecting it to another. i was deep in thought and didnt realize the radio was turned on.. it sparked and electricuted the shit outta me. i couldnt even drop it for a second. then i did and had to catch my breath and i ran out of my room in a hurried panic. i have 2 lip piercings and m mouth tasted of metal for a long while. it scared me. i have accidently electricuted myself several times in my life. i think ive fried alotta brain cells and i hope today will be the last time. 4 years ago

NebaskaJohnDon't repair electronics with the battery in them

I was trying to fix my girlfriend’s camera. I often take apart and fix things without problem, but I must have gotten over confident because this time I forgot to take the battery out. It was quite a shock, literally.

My arm was tingly for several hours, and I had a serious burn mark on my finger for over a week.

I don’t think I learned anything, or that it was especially enlightening. If you want to feel electric current, just lick the end of a 9v battery. Just as edifying, and less painful. 6 years ago


I don’t know if it’s actually worth doing. . . but it is a novel and unique feeling.

I was cleaning a fishtank, and brushed the light cord with my elbow. The salt from the aquarium makes a bridge for the current straight through the insulation on the wire, as it turns out. Got thrown back, smashed my head on the rack holding the upper row of tanks, saw stars, and the soles of my feet itched like a sonofabitch afterwards. 7 years ago

joie de vivreHorrible experience

The toaster oven cord fell in the dishwater while I was doing dishes. I was knocked back several feet and put into paralysis. At first I was taken to a private hospital by ambulance. There, the paralysis wore off, and they were able to get it out of me that I had no medical insurance—I had just graduated from college. So, they stuck me back on a stretcher, and I was taken to LA County General, where they take everyone in the greater LA area who has no medical insurance.

I was in a huge room among a vast sea of beds. Next to me was a man with his arm in a make-shift sling and covered in blood. He periodically screamed in Spanish, alternating with passing out. On the other side was an elderly black woman who never moved. Maybe she was dead, who knows.

I lay there for several hours. I never saw a medical person of any sort. Finally, I ripped out my IV myself, called a friend, and asked him to take me home. I was tired, but apparently OK.

All of this was bad enough. But then, later, the medical bills came in. From the ambulance company, for the private hospital, and for LA County General. I had just graduated from college, and was only working two cruddy part-time minimum wage jobs trying to just pay the rent and for groceries.

You don’t know how fucked up the American medical system is until you experience this sort of thing for yourself. 8 years ago

Alejandra Villahaha

i got desperate while trying to plug in a hairdryer into the wall, and when trying to get it in, i felt like a slight jolt on my finger, and a little zzz noise. i got freaked out, and my finger started hurting. this happened like 10 minutes ago. 8 years ago

DesI believe I came very, very close to losing my life

I was young and stupid. I’m very lucky. 8 years ago

nspgreenI got elctrocuted on a 440 line, suckers!

All you pussy’s should stop complaining about getting electrocuted by wall sockets. A couple days ago i accidentally grabbed a 440(volt) cable used to power a heavy duty built in crane. I almost died! when i grabbed it everything went into a blur and i was stuck because every muscle was froze, but thanks to gravity i fell onto something hard. it was the only time i was ever thankfull for gravity. i said my prayers to God that night cuz he spared my life. He was watchin over me, thats for sure. when you get electrocuted like that, the after-shock is terrible. i was twitching and stuttering like crazy. this is one thing u never want to experience, ever! 9 years ago

torJolly Fun?

Did this testing Christmas lights out, and was dumb enough to get my finger caught. Yow, did it hurt. 9 years ago

SummerRain80Happened several times to me...

..and every time it hurts very badly! It always happens when I use hairdryers in foreign once in Italy and once in Tunesia it was very bad. I had to lay on the bed for 2 hours afterwards and my whole body ached after hours still. It was very bad.
I wonder if it does anything in your body? Like does it do something permanent? 9 years ago

akeDodgey power sockets are so not cool

Setting up a new PC at work. Have noticed the power sockets in the cubical walls can sometimes come a bit loose. But the one I was trying to plug a power cable into was just being plain uncooperative! Totally assured that it should fit the socket I persisted…. until I leapt back in surprise from a sudden throbbing sensation I felt in my hand. A little bewildered I didn’t realise what had happened straight away… OMG I got an electric shock!

Mental shock then replaced the physical shock. I was relieved and shocked that it hadn’t been worse (I suspect I received it from the prongs arcing rather than direct contact). What a shocker I was to be absent-mindedly putting myself at risk. Even more shocking was the others at work advising it happened all the time with those kind of sockets… they jump out at you like they’ve tasted human blood and developed a thirst for it (if you ask me they’re just going for the shock value like a tart on the red carpet at the Emmy’s). Very shocking really… I’m just shocked and amazed… and undoubtly destined to use the more subdued floor sockets from now on. Albeit still with the wariness of someone patting a dog having just being bitten.

So, moral of the story: Never get too assertive with a power socket, they have the power to shock and its so not cool 9 years ago

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