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Recent activity

asilviu 4 years ago

oldfatguyPretty good day

Lectured on building simple optimization models today, and that went well. Still feeling fatigue and still suspect seasonal allergies as the culprit. Did not complete as much today as I would have liked, but overall it was a good day. 3 weeks ago

oldfatguyA bit of a difficult day...

...though Monday was much worse. I think some of it has been seasonal allergies (today). (Monday had a variety of weirdness including but not limited to internet insanity.) 3 weeks ago

oldfatguyFinishing Fall, 2013....

...was a major milestone. This spring I am taking a few more courses, but they are not required. So I am inching forward with my progress on this huge multi-year project. Although sometimes I am a bit tired and weary, I can say “so far, so good.” 2 months ago

roberterzen 3 months ago

ExtremophileMe 7 years ago

diosa 2 years ago

diosaThesis submitted

and convocation is in the spring!

So relieved and happy to be free :) 4 months ago

jadesong11 4 months ago

diosaPaperwork palooza & a power play

So now I’ve started the paperwork to do the electronic submission of the thesis and wrap this thing! but unfortunately my supervisor informed me that a committee member has suddenly come to her and wants changes. She is withholding her signature on paperwork until she sees proof of changes. Its a last power play on her part, Im not surprised, but Im disappointed b/c I would have wanted our relationship to end on a higher note. I will keep going and the goal is to have it truly done by Christmas.

update: paperwork submitted. Now waiting for permission to do electronic submission. Go go go!

Update 2: Tried electronic submission but it was sent back due to date error. Second attempt failed due to old computer brower. Attempt 3 coming tommorow. Please please!! 4 months ago

GillyD 4 years ago

diosaPassed the Finish Line!!

Thesis was successfully defended yesterday. It was smooth and I was nervous but it went off without a hitch and it was accepted without changes. I am so happy, relieved, and free of my thesis for the first Christmas in many years. I will count this goal as finished when I complete the electronic submission and forms.

I think I still may be in shock… 4 months ago


Date set for Dec 2nd.
Finished the defense presentation slides. Now I’m re-reading back ground articles from the intro.

To Do:
-Get copy of thesis printed
-Practice presentation
-Make notes on questions supervisor thinks will be asked.


Update: Double ugh. Amount of information is ridiculous. Supervisor is sending overwhelming amounts of information to look over. Going to do my best. 4 months ago

m1rjam 5 months ago

oldfatguyMajor progress

Looks like I might be close to completing a major project. Not sure yet. I am waiting on feedback. But, once this is done, then I can begin to catch up some other things. It is a tough semester, to be sure. 6 months ago

oldfatguyMid-terms continue

This is a work-at-home day. So, I will sleep a little more after my short morning session then start the big push. Still have much to do. 6 months ago

oldfatguyAlmost every waking hour

Almost every waking hour devoted to PhD tasks at this point. Whew! 6 months ago

oldfatguyGrading papers & reading articles during Media Fast #7

So, Media Fast #7 begins. I have found this is a very good time to grade papers and read articles. And, with another mid-term next week, I will be spending time preparing for that as well. 6 months ago

oldfatguyMore on Mid-Terms

Fact of the matter is that I find it hard to get things done on a “day off.” But, I did prep for an upcoming mid-term. A little after 8 pm now, I will work til midnight then be up at 6 am to restart. Long days…. 6 months ago

oldfatguyMid-terms are here...

...and barely enough time to breath! 6 months ago

oldfatguyMid-terms are here...

...and barely enough time to breath! 6 months ago

diosaChatting with grad office

and it looks like my external is chosen and my defense is likely to happen in November. Ok! date set! 7 months ago

oldfatguyOne more semester of classes then comps

The process is slow, but I am making progress. One more semester of classes. 7 months ago

diosaThesis deposited!

Relief and some discomfort. Almost like I’m afraid it will come back. Trying to get my head around the fact that its almost over. 7 months ago

aramae 1 year ago

weepwah 3 years ago


-Thesis sent out to all the committee members for a pre-read
(fingers crossed that revisions are minimal/none)
-Need to update thesis with latest references from potential external examiners
-Generated list of 3 potential externals that meet criteria
-Called Uni – 3 copies of thesis to office/2 copies to grad office, external examiner form, thesis approval form 9 months ago

diosaSo hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel is bigger than a speck

-Submitted both article 2, 3 to journals and they are under review
-Working on revisions for the whole thesis which I hope to finish tomm.
-Preparing to call the Uni to get infor on thesis deposit (e.g. how many copies, paper or electronic)
-Sending supervisor info. on external examiners and may research a few myself. ...

fingers crossed this ends soon 9 months ago

UnckUnck 9 months ago

DanSA 9 months ago

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