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Lose 20 pounds

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43t243 2 hours ago

Carol Rendon 4 days ago

user1397430355 6 days ago

purplechameleonFeel Good

It is more important to feel healthy and strong in my body than to lose 20 pounds. I started going to yoga again so I am going to work hard at that and be result oriented instead of focused on what the scale says. Yoga and jogging naturally regulates my appetite and sleep. 1 week ago

amb 10 months ago

JackEverymanSeemed to have stalled here the last two weeks

No progress on the scales, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I am adding muscle weight. Regardless, I am sticking with the program. 2 weeks ago

Eliza Marieinjured

I got injured. Well not from working out but just in general. So, I am out of the gym for awhile. So, I really need to work on this only through working on my diet. Which, has not gone very well… Grr…

I am starting over! Again! 2 weeks ago

JackEveryman202.2 lbs.

13.2 to go. Funny how 1 cup of coffee adds .5 lbs. 2 cups adds a pound. Have to weight first thing in the morning if I don’t want to be disappointed. 3 weeks ago

77RN 4 weeks ago

JadynSpalsbury 4 weeks ago

Aldana Collosimo 4 weeks ago

KAREN FRASER2014-03-16.Sun : a diet that focus on macronutrient intake

found this interesting site: http://iifym.com/iifym-calculator/

3 meals / day:
CARBS PROTEIN FAT FIBER CALORIESGRAMS per day 15.9 159 63.6 32 – 40 1272
GRAMS per meal 5.3 53 21.2 11 – 13 424 1 month ago

Luluvan 1 month ago

JackEveryman10 lbs. down 10 to go.

203.9 1 month ago


Tracking nicely. I’m adding 2x weight training to the mix. My bike was broke for 3 days and this put a crimp in my commute. Repaired and back on track. 1 month ago

purplechameleon 1 month ago


This goal has been here forever. I really want to make progress on it now. My heart just hasn’t been into it in the past, even though it’s something I really want so I can feel more comfortable. I KNOW I can do it.

I have signed up on dietbetter.com for four different diet bet games. If you haven’t seen that website, check it out. I think I’ll be more apt to lose weight because money is on the line.

I’m also going to pay myself $1 for each workout I do. I can spend the $ as I please. Can you tell I’m motivated by money? 1 month ago

Pacifica27 1 month ago

true_blueExercise more

Stuck on 9.9 stones. Need to exercise more. 1 month ago

TinaPhage 1 month ago

arip23 1 month ago

iwanttodothisnow 1 month ago


Lalulala 1 month ago

Eliza MarieGym

I went to the gym today. It had been a while since I went, and I had to relive the whole “not in a great shape kinda thing” that being said, my legs are a bit sore from the bike. Anyway, I will be going on Wednesday and Thursday as well. I need to re-implement this into my daily (day off) routine again. 1 month ago

JackEveryman207 Seven pounds down.

Things are going right on schedule. Nearing the end of the month and the loss is almost exactly tracking the calories. Upped my game this weekend with running and swimming in addition to biking. All coming together. 1 month ago

zomickskosherbakery 1 month ago

frogmasher 2 years ago

animaaa 1 month ago

MikeAlmost there...

So I got back from my vacation, and wound up a couple of pounds lighter than I left… Did a lot of walking around, which must have accounted for the loss, because I ate crap all weekend! I did try to keep portion sized under control, and apparently succeeded. Dropped down to 236.6, 1.6 pounds from my goal… hopefully I’ll finish this one up this week. 1 month ago

Eliza MarieOkay, So...

I went to the dietitian on Tuesday. Of course I hate going to see her. It’s hard to see someone who never had a weight problem, tell you what you do wrong. Like seriously. Instead of being encouraging over all the good I have done, she focuses on my caffeine intake and tells me to quit the crackers (I have 4 crackers a day!) Anyway, who cares!

Anyway, I am 16 pounds shy of my goal weight. So, yeah I teeter one or two pounds on any given day. But, yeah, I am getting there. I am proud of myself, even though others aren’t quite supportive! 1 month ago

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