post 7 photos to flickr group 07/07/07

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Matt Maldre07/07/07 photos

Ha! It only took me five months to realize that this was still on my list. Time to close this one out. Here’s the seven photos from 07/07/07

Three-of-a-kind on 07/07/07

Seven apples sitting on a bench

Bent nails spell 777

Seven apples sitting on a fence

Seven peppers sitting in a silver box

777 on Chicago's Giddings Plaza

7 on a pair of dice6 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeper7

I had a hard time choosing, but finally settled on 7 and threw them in the pool. And I’m not even sure if they can swim. 6 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperwipe out

I’ve uploaded the lot of them as a set: 07/07/07 which seems a bit mediocre as I look over it, but so am I – I’m still feeling pretty wiped from yesterday. Perhaps I should go lie down. 6 years ago

Ru ~ dig deepera clicker for flickr

I haven’t posted yesterday’s photos or picked my 7 yet, but I sure have a big pile to choose from (nearly 200, but I’ll be deleting a bunch). I’ll probably upload the lot to my account, run them by a few people and wait several days (for my own objectiveness to set in), look at them again & then choose.

I really do wish I was more comfortable taking pictures of strangers (and that I had a hifalutin camera), I’d like to work on that.

I had a great time with this. And a lot of exercise. 6 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperAway we go...

And so it begins…
I went out for a walk at 7AM. 6 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeper07/07/07 - almost here...

This should be fun.

fun. 6 years ago

lazloWell how about them apples.

I went to finally join the flickr group today and apparently I’m a day too late.

There was this message waiting for me:

“If you have joined this group since June 4, 2007, expect to be banned, if space becomes available you will be invited to reapply to join the group.”

Whoops for the slow boy. 6 years ago

Matt MaldreWhat a neat idea!

Originally, I had the post a photo to flickr group 07/07/07 on my to do list. But this to do of “post 7 photos to flickr group 07/07/07” seems more accurate, so I’m sticking with this one. I do have to thank lazlozian, because that’s where I discovered this 07/07/07 flickr group.

The flickr group says, “We are going to attempt to get a publisher to produce a book of the best shots from 07/07/07 and the profits will be donated to UNICEF.” oochie momma! Now I gotta take some good shots that day! (I got into the Illinois book for America 24/7, and that was a lot of fun). 7 years ago

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