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accept the things I cannot change, have courage to change the things I can and have the wisdom to know the difference

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shelagh_cmy car broke down

and the repair cost is approx. 2 month salary
it isn’t nice
the good thing is that it broke down when used by my dad and not me while driving with my daughter – no stress
the bad thing is that I have neither a new car budget nor any repair budget
what came to my mind was I must be able to change the situation
the interim solution must be my parents help
the ultimate solution is an increased income so I can both afford regular savings and a new car
this probably means looking up a new opportunity – extra or a different one on the market
this is how God tells you it’s time to change
God has been shouting at me lately
thank you God 7 months ago

shelagh_cit seems to me

my daughter has chosen to end the breastfeeding relationship we’ve had for over 21 months. It’s such an emotional breakup. I think it may be similar to the moment your child is getting married, that’s why often parents cry. Nothing seems to have changed at first glance but still, things are not the same… I was ready and open and left it for her to decide, though I wasn’t not really anticipating this moment. But it means she’s (we’ve) now started a new era – new exciting time in our life. Time to wash the tears and start enjoying the new.

Gah! Haven’t I said I wanted to battle the fear of CHANGE? I can tell you in secret in even tapped on it… I had a different change in mind but the universe is wiser… My daughter, she’s such an amazing teacher of mine.8 months ago

shelagh_cKnowing the facts and the trends...

I can either wait for my superiors to take a decision based on their very own thinking or I can suggest opportunities and take part in this decision making. I am convinced I will get heard by my direct manager. Why not try? Let’s give it a try. I have nothing to lose. Let it go. 9 months ago

Jing_Yuan 13 months ago

TheArlieCat 15 months ago


are so much braver than we adults are. Therefore we must not pass our fears onto them, just ensure a sound level of safety for their fearless minds to unfold. 18 months ago

shelagh_cNote to self

Lesson of the week.

Different people behave differently in meetings.

People like to feel smart. If their perception of their own smartness is under threat, some of them will apply a range of different behaviors so as to feel smart again. They will not make efforts to get an understanding of what’s really going on though.

I cannot change anybody’s behavior in meetings (or behavior in general.).

Only I can react.

PS. I have never identified this need of feeling smart in my own behavior, and never really understood why some would wear these masks… 19 months ago

user31236 20 months ago

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