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Cade Peterson 5 years ago

SanjeyaN 4 weeks ago

pauliemyers 4 weeks ago

bkwriter4lifeTake Two

Four years later I’m going to apply one more time. I was a little too presumptuous last time and yet I knew the end result as well. This time, I’m going to be a little more modest and realistic with my expectations. I have work that I’ve workshopped and will workshop and also some folks I will hit up for recs. As for right now, it’s about writing and working on my personal statements! 1 month ago


For Natural Resource Management. I need to look into the USU program, think about GREs, and figure out how to pay for it. 2 months ago

Uncia 2 months ago

me10dee 2 months ago

ntoritos 4 years ago

misscello 4 months ago

anime_robot_girl 5 months ago

nickvalera 6 months ago

snowpeas 4 years ago


My top choices are a PhD program in sociology at Stanford, a Security Studies masters program at Georgetown, and also the National Defense University, which deals in intelligence and national security. 7 months ago

Panda_PulseAF opportunities?

Hopefully, by becoming an AF officer, I’ll be able to receive a graduate degree through unique, career field opportunities 8 months ago

Panda_Pulse 8 months ago

Kimberly McCleary 8 months ago

janellebunyi 9 months ago

jellybean46 10 months ago

SamSamanthaMantha 10 months ago

Lune Fromage: Born of Stardust 11 months ago

Cade PetersonIt's happening!

This was a dream I put down a few years back, but lately things have just made sense.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but I checked out some schools, applied, got my transcripts, etc in and the went through a phone interview. All went very smoothly and the admissions board has given me their recommendation for acceptance pending my GMAT scores. Well, I took the GMAT yesterday and the unofficial scores they gave me afterwards appear to be high enough to get in, so I just have to wait for the school’s final decision!

Today, I showed my apartment to a nice young couple that is looking to sublet too. This is a new one for me, but otherwise I’m working on completing all the necessary final tasks. Next thing to get going on is the finances, but I already won 2 scholarships which will cover almost 50% of the tuition.

ACK! It’s just all happening so fast, but I’m extremely excited!

The bonus thing is that this school is in an other country—China! I don’t speak Chinese, much less have never been there. It’ll be a new adventure in almost every way possible. The classes are all in English, but they require learning the local main language (Mandarin), and I’m looking forward to diving into the local culture.

WHEW! I’ll update when I have more to share. 11 months ago

javabeanboy 17 months ago

stephelyse 11 months ago


I’m doing undergrad now.. 11 months ago

butter 11 months ago

zsailorPlan and Resources

I need to do well in my undergraduate years in order to attend a good graduate school for my degree in psychology. In order to do well I need to study and make sure I am doing my homework as it is assigned so I can put forth my best effort on assignments and studying. I need a planner to schedule things accordingly so that I know when things are due. I need to also be aware of upcoming deadlines. I will also need to make sure that I am looking into graduate schools ahead of time to know what it takes to get into the ones I want. 11 months ago

knox107 11 months ago

zsailor 11 months ago

LaaDeeDah 6 years ago

andimonmyway 15 months ago

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