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just didnt work out. ended up living with the guy and the girl..turned me into a jealous freak. me and dude ended up just us together. and then had a terrible relationship that lasted years. 12 months ago

arbitraryassailant 22 months ago

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Maybe in the future, just maybe, I ‘d like to try it out. To see my boundaries. To question society. 17 months ago

cho2499 17 months ago

Aya-chan 18 months ago

Camillamt 19 months ago

MissMarak 20 months ago

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Poly is a challenge, you need to make sure you have the right people and the right terms and the right boundaries with total honesty, it is not for the faint of heart but in the right situation can make life wonderful. 2 years ago

user14985 2 years ago

user12957 2 years ago

user9757 2 years ago

Danielle Skodak

Danielle Skodak 2 years ago

user7568 2 years ago

TheOnyxx 2 years ago

JezebelGrimoireThe difference between love and swinging...

I began looking for a relationship outside of my marriage at my husband’s suggestion.
Long story short- after two years of deep, meaningful relationships that ended because others wanted me and me alone, my husband began cheating on me.
This was a deeply layered, highly emotionally volatile situation.
It ended in me being choked and beaten up, moving into a women’s shelter with my daughter and (so far) nine months of seemingly endless divorce proceedings.

My advice- do it while you’re young- before you have children. experience what love is before you have committed yourself wholly to someone else.
It can be liberating and fulfilling knowing more than one person on sucj an intimate level. I feel like I’m all screwed upside inside now, unfortunately. 2 years ago

JezebelGrimoire 2 years ago

Dreamers_Awakening 2 years ago

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