Find a cure for Man Flu, that horribly disabling illness that impacts so many lives

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Recent activity

dancingmomOur cure

turns out to be having someone else do the work or having friends over whether the work is done or not. It’s amazing what happens when I don’t depend on him to get it done. He gets up to do it when it’s not his job. My lesson, focus on the goal and not the worker. I am marking this goal as done. 6 years ago

AmyBB25I think

we have presented many reasonable solutions to this problem including Minxy’s latest of supplying said man with a new gadget or even a DIY project.
The bottom line as I see it, is that just the right amount of cure has to be on the man’s own terms. It’s a delicate issue and one that is probably best solved case by case. :) 6 years ago

EmelleMaybe someday

there’ll be a cure. But I need to move on and put my efforts toward more achievable goals. 6 years ago

TazTo be fair

my him indoors hasn’t had a case of the man flu for a while and this is partly due to the fact that he works away for a month at a time so I’m marking this goal as complete for two reasons.
1. That I think Minx’s cure of a new gadget would work wonders
2. Having your man working away for long periods of time means that he can have his man flu thousands of miles away. 6 years ago

naughtyminx78I've found the cure!!!

Once again this week I took a weary sigh as hubby began with his huffing and puffing and winging and whining.

Unfortunately on this occasion it turned out he really did have a very nasty throat infection and so I felt bad for dismissing his complaining of various ailments.

At the peak of his illness I decided that we really could afford the long coveted Playstation 3 – I’ve never seen a sick man fly out of bed so quickly. Before I knew it he was dressed and ready to go into town and purchase the dream item. Even though he is still really not well he has not complained as he knows then I will suggest he rest in bed….where he cannot play on his PS3.

So there you go. The cure to man flu in this instance is the desired gadget of the day! 6 years ago


symptoms that coincide with my monthy cycle also be considered MFlu? 6 years ago

EmelleWe had a bout

of man flu this week. Symptoms presented as usual: M and I had colds, bad ones actually with some stomach upset and body aches.

Subject presented with symptoms almost immediately upon learning of our symptoms. Subject complained of headaches, stomach upset, and a possible sinus infection.

However, subject’s energy level fluctuated wildly, allowing subject to intersperse convalescence with activities such as bike rides, “playing in the garage” (sic) and displaying a surprisingly frequent interest in intimacy. Also, my prescription of a good flushing out of the sinuses with the neti pot seemed to coincide with a remarkable improvement of the sinus infection so that said flushing was unnecessary.

Subject appears hale now after a few days. However, relapses are so common that I cannot yet pronounce him out of the woods. 6 years ago

naughtyminx78Intrigued... to how long this ‘cure’ will work?

Hubby cam home from work this afternoon ‘not feeling quite right’. This developed into a dramatic display of nearly passing out, shutting his eyes, clutching at his head and his back.

Normally I would just tell him to stop being ridiculous and take a paracetamol. Instead I tried a different approach – I adopted a suitably worried and concerned pose and started frantically trying to find the number of the doctors surgery. Within five minutes hubby admitted he was exaggerating!!!

I don’t know how long this ‘cure’ will last but it will be interesting to see how long it alleviates his symptoms for! 6 years ago


Minxy says her hubby started a DIY project after his drawn-out illness and I realized that Todd did, too. He actually made a list to go to Lowe’s last week (4 days after his man flu originally set in) and then went hog-wild buying up gadgets, asking employees for advice and thinking up other things to buy. Weird. Then he came home and within a day had installed a new sink fixture and doorknob set. Of course, the remains of all those projects weren’t cleaned up until yesterday, but…
Anyway, it really got me thinking that the DIY projects might really be related to the cure. Perhaps we wives should think up a DIY project as soon as symptoms of man flu rear their ugly heads! 7 years ago

naughtyminx78There must be...

...some of kind of vaccination?! Perhaps some more experienced wives better nurses could recommend something! 7 years ago


1. Find out what causes Man Flu.

2. Find out why some men get Man Flu more than other men. Prevention?

3. Find out how to treat Man Flu, at least treat the symptoms.

4. Find out how to totally eradicate Man Flu so that no wo man need ever suffer from it again. 7 years ago


Please, find a cure before any more wives men have to suffer! 7 years ago

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