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Chris CampbellWhere the Photos Are

I think that it’s safe to cross this one off my list. While I don’t have all of my photos geotagged, I’ve done it with a lot of them and most of the new pictures that I upload, I’ll place on a map.
It is so very interesting to see where pictures were taken and as more and more people add their photos to a map you see different views of the same place over time.
I will definitely keep doing this. 6 years ago

molly mcdotshiny new toy

I’ve bought myself a GPS, a Magellen Explorist 400. I’m in the process of uploading photos of a recent holiday in Japan and I’ve coordinates recorded for many of them. But I found matching times up and converting the coordinates very slow going, so while I have day one and most of day two geotagged, I’m currently uploading day three and I’ll go back and tag them later.
Still doing it the old way. I think it’s the only way to do it when you have numerical coordinates. And the flickr map resolution is very bad in Japan anyway. 6 years ago

Chris CampbellGeotagging on Flickr

When the Geobloggers site went down after the Flickr takeover I kind of lost interest in geotagging as it was very complicated. Now the built-in mapping on Flickr makes it a bit easier with the Yahoo maps. The resolution of the satellite photos is quite high and I’ve been able to position a lot of photos with a lot of accuracy because I can see building, roads and landmarks.
I spent a bit of time over the last few days updating a lot of my photos so they show up on the map, but there are still a lot that aren’t placed yet.
But now I have a map of photos from the region where I live, which is interesting to look at to see some of what I see around me. It’s encouraging to see that a bunch of other people are updating their photos as well. 6 years ago

molly mcdotstill old school

I still haven’t tried the new way of geotagging.
I’ve done the old way on a handful, and re-queued them for conversion. But I just don’t seem to be that bothered these days. 7 years ago

molly mcdotUntitled

Seems flickr has a way of turning geotagged photos into mapped photos. I’ve queued mine up.

And it’s done!

I still have loads more to tag by hand. But it’s great that I don’t have to redo the old ones. 7 years ago

molly mcdotUntitled

I did have a bunch of photos geotagged with geobloggers. Now I need to redo those with flickrs map thingy, and geotag some others. The privacy is nice, as there’s a few I’ll want to keep friends only. 7 years ago

Eric HodelAutomatic geotagging

I have a GPS that records waypoints with timestamps.

I have a camera that timestamps the pictures it takes.

So I thought, why not put the two together? I can match the picture’s date taken with the time I passed a point. I then built trackmap. I still need to add the ability to tag back into flickr. 8 years ago

WillRead4SushiNeat addon

I just discovered geotagging, and it’s really cool. You just add the latitute and longitude coordinates into your Flickr tags, and you can integrate this into Google Maps or Google Earth using the Greasemonkey extension to Firefox. Here is a good description. Also, check out this site. 8 years ago

Chris CampbellGeotagging

I’ve started to Geotag my Flickr photos and I think that it’s something very interesting and exciting. Thanks to the Geobloggers site it combines a latitude and longitude tag associated with a Flickr photo with Google Maps to show where photos were taken. I’m about take a trip today about 300 kms West of where I am and I’m going to take some photos along the way and geotag them. 8 years ago

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