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lose 40 pounds

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tenspot23Dirty Eating

So it is safe to say I have been eating a lot Of junk food! I recently came back from Vegas and I know I have gained a whole person. :( 2 days ago

rockwilder 6 days ago

swyller7 2 years ago

Kristahlyn 3 months ago


Hit 40 lbs 3 days ago! 3 weeks ago

77RN 4 weeks ago

aw1387 1 month ago

jstoelThe Last 40

So far I’ve lost a whopping 120 pounds. Huge transformation. But the last and final 40 have been painful to get off. I want to spend some time and figure out where I get hung up on my diet and exercise and rearrange my life around this goal. For those who are just starting, you’ll have ups and down. Don’t give up and try different things until something sticks. 1 month ago

jstoel 1 month ago

msclairvoyant 1 month ago

babygurl1430 1 month ago

Jo BUntitled

To this point I have lost 30lbs since October 2012. Almost there! 1 month ago

iwanttodothisnow 1 month ago

Faith Bulger 2 months ago

phillyh 2 months ago

Genozo 3 months ago

popfizzclink 3 months ago

xMistyEvex 3 months ago

bmyslinski11 3 months ago

Jenalovesrocco 3 months ago

dt91 3 months ago

omgninjaz 21 months ago

k6000 4 months ago

VelouriaSpud2nd Post - Six Years Later

Since my first and only entry six years ago, I’ve gotten amicably divorced, begun and continue to be in a new loving, nurturing relationship, and moved to a new city.

I’ve been through two rounds of significant weight-loss and gain in my traditional style: Fast, unhealthy, and inconsistent.

I’m currently in the longest, healthiest period of weight-loss I’ve ever sustained, one which has required the two characteristics least natural to me: Patience and moderation. But I knew this time around I had to do this correctly and healthily. I’m in my mid-forties, so a slowing metabolism has been an added challenge, causing a couple lengthy, bewitching stalls that, surprisingly, has not defeated me.

I discovered that my diligent, robust cardio workouts would not counteract my over-fueling eating style, healthy as it is. After so much denial and resistance, I finally realized that I needed to reduce my calorie-intake, plain and simple. I realized that too many calories would still flummox weight-loss, or cause weight-gain, even if the food I was eating was organic, non-GMO, and grass-fed. I tried intermittent fasting to jump-start my middle-aged metabolism, and it seems to have worked. I focused my workouts more on body-weight exercises and light resistance training – squats, lunges, and planks. I do need to get back to doing cardio, but not for weight-loss.

For purely moral reasons, I have also switched to a vegan diet, which has had a positive side-effect on my already healthy weight-loss process. 4 months ago

Cady4217 4 months ago

Allison5 pounds to go!

It’s only taken about 6 years, but at least I can say I’m 35 pounds lighter than I was 6 years ago. :) 6 months ago

FadedFrost 6 months ago

1Mommy2BoysOne - 10/08.

If I remain below 200 lbs for the next few weeks of this pregnancy and then lose 30 pounds like I did in the three days following J’s birth, I’ll be done with this goal about a week post-partum. (Read: right around Thanksgiving. LOL!) If not, I’m sure I can get my butt in gear and continue my workouts and such to thin back out. Having not been below 200 for two years, it’s such a bittersweet feeling to be 8.5 months pregnant and at my lowest weight in ages. Haha.

Here’s to hoping everything works out and I can be one hot momma after Sammy-Boy gets here. 6 months ago

1Mommy2Boys 6 months ago

rcade21 7 months ago

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