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id love to do some voluntary work in the slums but id also love to spend a day on the beach in goa on magic mushrooms with one of them long haired cows 2 years ago

Misery Crawford 2 years ago

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SumanChandraSharmaConcern for the common people of India

I am Suman chandra sharma,done my B.Tech from Amity University(Noida). I have worked hard over this and would love to see a response over this. Presently i am working with Ericsson, Noida. I am a responsible citizen of India and is concerned about the destitute condition of more than 20% of population of India. In Ericsson i am working with the US Telecom market so i am very much familiar with the conditions out there. And what i came up to conclusion that India can reach to that position too and that to in a very less time. Today we can see on paper and screen that India is growing at a very fast rate but do we see the progress on the streets of India? I am a middle class person and is very much familiar with the conditions going all around. India can never be considered a developed country unless and until the poverty, hunger and pain of the poor on the streets and those living in the slums is curbed. Mam inspite of knowing the conditions of our leaders who are responsible for improving these things i won’t comment.
I am here after thinking lot many times about how to improve our conditions and finally came to conclusion that discussing this issue with the top most esteemed leader of India can help us out. I just want to suggest the top most leaders that could be a boon for our country. When we talk about cream layer our India we can see most of them migrate out of India in the search of better standard of living. But why ? If we create the same standard of living we can very easily prevent our efficient man power. Following are the few things which can prevent brain drain.
1. Why not make a rule according to which no graduate/post graduate leave India
before atleast working here for lets say 5 years. We wont issue them a foreign visa.
2. Increase the packages offered to talented guys here in India itself.
3. There are millions of more things to be thought of.
Now as we can see industries and companies born and brought up in India are growing up at a very good rate and they are our assets and we need to take advantage from them. Proper taxation ,asking them to interact with the colleges to improve their conditions organizing seminars for even common people/students,parent etc can act as an eye opener.

Now our concern should be over the destitute people. I have seen poor people very closely. I can understand their mentality. They are really very hard worker but lack of resource and support leave them empty handed. If we try to improve their conditions then definitely our over all growth can be possible.There are lots many laws made for supporting villagers,farmers etc. What is more required is those things reach them properly and honestly. But i think somewhere we miss those things and the reason is corruption. Things are done to help them out but we need to be more aggressive over that.

I would just like to focus on the poor people working hard but missing out the goals. I live in Noida and i know many poor people who work as selling things on barrow like fruits, vegetables, selling tea on road, water on road,beggars sitting over temples or traffic signals,selling toys worth Rs 2 on streets, steal things,rikshaw drivers, hookers, and thousand similar people.Do you think they being so fit deserve to do those kind of things.Their only mistake is that they where born in a poor family and they dint get the proper standard of education,community etc. What i think is we can improve that by improving our education system and make it more accessible to common and poor people. But what about the current poor ones, we can leave them dieing and struggling. We can help them out. I have plans for them and if given opportunity can come up with brilliant ideas that can surely help them out. Its said miracles is not possible but what i believe is miracles is nothing but a result of hard,intelligent and honest work. There are millions of things to be said and discussed and love to come up with the.
Take care everyone
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srivad 2 years ago

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