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Weekly: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful.


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SqueakyEaseLife Ain't That Bad

It’s just I’m looking at it the wrong way. When things are going wrong it’s a great time to appreciate what’s going right.

This week -

Sitting typing this with my cat on my knee.
It’s grey and raining outside but warm and dry inside.
The smell of Curly Fries cooking for tea.
I got paid today.
I’ve had a day off and relaxed all day, doing things I want to do and did nothing I thought I should have done. 5 years ago

DoubleNI am

replacing this with the daily “This good thing happened today” goal. I really need to be focusing daily on the things that are still good. 6 years ago


Wow, guess I’ve been slacking on this goal again – tsk.

1. Beautiful weather ‘Nuff said.

2. Euchre Tournament! Tomorrow night we get to go to a euchre tournament and I’m so excited! I love cards, but rarely have a chance to play any more. Tonight I need to figure out what food to take.

3. Kaiya Danced! My 5-year-old granddaughter has been in dance class for well over a month, and has been too shy to join the class – until this week. She’d practice at home, and did not really want to quit, but had a really hard time working up the courage to get out there. I am so proud that she finally did.

4. Ellie’s Birthday Party My niece’s daughter is having a party for her 2nd birthday tomorrow. Should be fun!

5. Pizza and movie night I am so looking forward to being a slug tonight. :) It’s been a difficult week and this should be great. I got 3,000 frequent flyer miles for joining Netflix, and so far I like it. I don’t even have to make the effort to go find a movie tonight – woo hoo! told you I was feeling like a slug!6 years ago


The past couple of weeks have been super-difficult, but I suppose all the more reason to do this. I need to get back to it.

1. Best Co-Workers Ever One of them is leaving for a trip to France next week and won’t be here for my birthday, so today I was presented with my co-workers’ gift basket – not only a bottle of Relax Riesling, a couple of aromatherapy candles and some Hershey kisses, but also a gift certificate for a massage, and a trip to the day spa scheduled for next Friday afternoon (like a “Get out of jail work free” card!) for a mani-pedicure and facial. Ahhhh … :)

2. Upcoming Concert A friend told me about a concert here Tuesday, so I got tickets though sucky, last-minute ones since we haven’t been to one for a while and I like the bands (the ones I’ve heard of, anyway). I’m also grateful that this friend, Dee, just bought a new house!

3. Other early gifts I also got another box of early birthday gifts, all of which were absolutely perfect from the very best of friends.

4. The Fiero is Running! For now, anyway, the 1988 Fiero my youngest drives is running, which means I never have to worry about being asked for a ride, though it does mean I have to worry about when she’ll take off somewhere and get into trouble again …

5. Dinner at Graze Had a very memorable dinner with the fam to celebrate Middle Daughter’s birthday last Saturday night. Here is the Birthday girl that night. 6 years ago


1. Great time in CA Wineries. Little one truly swimming for the very first time. Sammy Hagar standing by our table in Lake Tahoe’s Cabo Wabo. The Beach – ahhhh. Bowling with preschoolers. Hatching dinosaur eggs. It’s all good!

2. Middle Daughter Such a joy to be around, and finally showing signs of being an adult! I am sooo thankful she’s doing well in her new job and is loving it. And that she’s actually able to get up at 4 a.m., rather than going to bed then as usual!

3. Du State Du duathlon. 3rd Place in the Fat Tire division, out of a field of …. you guessed it – 3!

4. Lunches out with great friends Catching up is so fun.

5. Upcoming Wedding of an old friend’s son. It’ll shoot the hell out of Saturday, but maybe that kind of rest will be a good thing; ya never know. :) 6 years ago


1. Work I’ve had a chance to get very close to being caught up, which I know will be short-lived, but I’m still very grateful! Not to mention how much I appreciate my co-workers.

2. CA Trip! Tuesday we’ll be going to Sonoma for a couple of days, then proceeding on to the home of Eldest Daughter & family. I’m soooo excited!

3. Daughters Though we’ve had some real “adventures” this week, I’ve had a really good time with the younger two who are both living back at home for now. They are giving some honest effort to get their act together, and I’ve just really enjoyed their company. Middle Daughter and I went to the art gallery and shopping Sunday, and she’s shared some great lily pond pictures she took and has been good about sharing how things are going at her new job.

4. GNO with my friend Liz, who I hadn’t caught up with in a while. Mamma Mia was a lot of fun, even though I’m not really an Abba fan.

5. RAGBRAI! I didn’t end up on the sag wagon – yay! And had a truly marvelous time. 6 years ago


1. Lifestyle When our power was out for 36 hours earlier this week, it really made me reflect on how very fortunate we are to have a huge fridge full of food. And the ability to replace it when it gets ruined like that. And the electricity to run it, and our other appliances. And water at our fingertips, etc. SO many others are nowhere near that fortunate.

2. Middle Daughter has apparently finally landed a job – and not just any job, but one she’s truly excited about and that seems to be right up her alley – I think she’ll do great! It’s with Lifetouch Photography, which I think does not only studio portraits, but a lot of sports pictures, school photography, church directories, etc. Fingers crossed that her car holds together and that this will be the catalyst to get her life back on track. Yay!!!

3. RAGBRAI I’ve been wanting to participate in this ride ever since I first heard about it 15 or 20 years ago. Now I can for a couple of days, and just can’t wait!

4. Support from friends and family, manifesting itself in wonderful ways – long hugs and kisses; help around the household; caring phone calls, texts and e-mails, good conversations and meals shared.

5. Buzzy Bees The daily joy of seeing how much the bumble bees love my big balloon flower bush by the mailbox as I retrieve my mail and deadhead the flowers and pop the new balloons. I just loooove summer! 6 years ago


1. The weekend! Whew! It’s been a grueling week in the office.

2. Neighborhood Party Tues. night my next door neighbor had one of those home jewelry parties. I almost didn’t go because I really dislike those “parties” where you’re supposed to come and buy stuff, and also because we are somewhat neighborhood pariahs, thanks to our youngest 2 kids. But I actually had a really great time, and the women there were all really great.

3. Baseball Game Sunday night is a River Bandits game which we’ll get to attend for free, since we’re QC Illini Club members. Should be fun!

4. Great book I’m really loving the book I’m reading – Nelson DeMille’s Night Fall.

5. Eldest Daughter’s Call A few days ago my CA daughter called to say they’d be coming to visit for 10 days at Thanksgiving!!! They’ll be here when little Aidan turns 4, so we can host a birthday party, which will be sooo fun! 6 years ago


1. Great time at a family wedding out of town last weekend, and a 4th of July picnic.

2. My sis-in-law. We had lunch today and made plans to have a girls night out next week. Love her!

3. My great boss. Difficult days in the trenches like today make me appreciate his easy-going nature and genuine warmth so much.

4. Friends

5. John Deere Golf Classic! Friday several of us get the afternoon off to go schmooze for free! Hospitality tent with food and beverages, parking, admission ticket including a local band concert in the evening – all free thanks to our office manager’s connections. 6 years ago


1. Penguins Comedy Club 4 of us are going tonight to watch a client of ours perform – and I have free tickets! meaning they just get you on the price of beverages rather than admission :)

2. Fireworks on the Mississippi directly following the stand-up acts.

3. Firecracker Run tomorrow morning – my favorite 10k race of the year! Even though I’m horribly out of shape, it’ll be great fun!

4. 4th of July Picnic at my brother-in-law’s on his brand new deck.

5. Family Wedding Saturday night at a dinner theater in the nearby Amana colonies, and the ability to spend the night there at the hotel where the reception will be held. I may even get a little shopping in … :) 6 years ago


Wow – have I ever let this goal slide recently. tsk, tsk …

1. Chicago! I’m heading up there tomorrow – YAY!!!

2. Eldest Daughter’s Anniversary They celebrated their 10th anniversary recently, and spent the entire weekend in Callistoga without children. I’m very happy to say that I was terribly wrong in my initial assessment of my son-in-law; I truly love him as my own now.

3. Having a great job and wonderful co-workers.

4. Perfect weather Hopefully the flood waters will start to recede more quickly now.

5. Lemon Bread I recently found a recipe for this bread that is DA BOMB! It was a hit at home on Father’s Day and in the office the following day. 6 years ago


1. Snapfish Eldest Daughter sent the link to her photos from Jan. – Mar. I just love having the ability to get those pics of hers, and it gives me a glimpse into their daily lives I wouldn’t have otherwise – their friends, daytrips, etc.

2. Penguins Comedy Club My friend scored free tickets to the local comedy club and was nice enough to invite me for tomorrow night.

3. Manicure/Pedicure Certificate! from my boss, who is the greatest.

4. CA Trip Wednesday am heading out to visit Eldest Daughter & her fam – can’t wait!

5. The world in bloomFinally things are waking up, and I have some tulips and phlox blooming out front & bleeding hearts out back. Hope they don’t get frosted and die this weekend … (like last year) 6 years ago


Though I’ve been slacking on this, I decided I need to do this to get through a day that should be great, but which I’m struggling through.

1. Sunshine! It’s finally sunny again! Warming up! And I heard a mourning dove this morning for the first time in months.

2. Kaiya Little Kaiya will be 5 next week, and has been accepted to the K-8 Montessori school for the fall – yay! Though she’s in a Montessori preschool this year, it’s a different one. Fortunately, this is not a bank-buster in CA the way it would be here.

3. Other birthdays Last Fri. was Hubby & Youngest Daughter’s birthday. We had a great meal to celebrate, and she loved all the gifts I gave her.

4. My new friend is doing better today – yay!

5. Annual Tax Day Party A friend who’s an investment advisor/CPA has an annual tax day party at Biaggi’s tonight, which is great. Can’t wait to get my hands on some Tuscan red! 6 years ago

~to the water~Not doing very well with this...

I may have to simplify and find something (one thing) for which I am truly grateful. 6 years ago


1. Easter was actually quite stress-free this year!

2. Middle Daughter started training for a better-paying job today. Then had the ambition to come home and make an excellent dinner for us, without being asked. Chicken breasts in a delightful orange sauce and steamed green beans – mmmmm! Which was great, since I didn’t get home from work till almost 8.

3. Out of the office tomorrow for a training seminar, which is appealing because any change of scenery is what I need right now. Even potentially slumber-inducing seminars on estate administration!

4. My CA guys are OK after emergency surgery (my s-i-l) and 3 prescription meds for 3-year-old Aidan’s ear infection.

5. Day Trip next Saturday to Bellevue for a murder mystery event at their bed & breakfast. 6 years ago


1. Booze and Basketball Tonight – going out with friends to a great Mexican place, then to a local college to watch my boss’s son play in his basketball tournament.

2. More booze and Celtic music Tomorrow night – dinner and concert with a group of legal eagles.

3. Healing Back I’m back to some running and am training on the stationary cycle, too. Need to add in swimming soon.

4. Grandkid DVD The adoptive parents of my grandson were kind enough to send us a DVD of July – Christmas which was awesome. Made me laugh, made me cry … they are so thoughtful.

5. Great sales including a few pair of long pants for our Amazon-length legs. 6 years ago


1. Eggplant Parmesan Last night when I got home from yet another 11-hour work day, I was greeted with an incredible sight – my youngest 2 daughters (with whom I’ve had so much trouble the past 13 years) were just serving up this fabulous meal they cooked for us – eggplant parmesan, spaghetti and broccoli. SO delicious! And they seem to have had fun cooking together. All is right with my world when all is well with my girls.

2. Retail Therapy Took the daughters clothes/purse shopping Sunday, which was great! Got some super deals, too.

3. Mom is OK She totalled her car, but she’s not injured.

4. Great Parties and concert over the weekend. Mardi Gras at the harbor is always a hoot, and this year was no exception. New drink of the evening – Smurfs (some kind of blue schnaaps and Squirt)

5. Hot Stone Massage For Valentine’s Day, Hubby got me a certificate for a hot stone massage, which I’m having tonight. Can’t wait! In fact, anything “hot” sounds really good right now, it was -1 this morning – brrrr. 6 years ago


1. Wii Got to play wii for the first time last Saturday – did the bowling. I was doing really great, too – until about halfway through when Craig gave me a shot of tequila! It was all over then …. :D

2. Lord of the Dance I’m not really sure if I’ll like this, but my friend Liz wants me to go to this with her Friday night. I haven’t seen her in forever, so we’re going out to dinner then the show and just catching up finally. Should be great!

3. Great Job Though I’m really buried and at my wit’s end there right now, I am soooo grateful for my job. I know people whose job situation is so awful, and know how very, very lucky I am to be where I am.

4. Daughter Progress Both younger daughters are making steady progress in the right direction.

5. A Warm House This crappy weather makes me appreciate it so much though I was almost stuck here today – my little Prius could not get out of our unplowed court!6 years ago


1. Swordfish I tried this for the first time at the Japanese hibachi grill place, Osaka, last Saturday celebrating our friend Brooke’s birthday. Mmmm! the plum wine wasn’t bad, either!

2. Another Orp visit My boss’s law school buddy Orp (a nickname he picked in law school which stands for the mythical Ordinary, Reasonable Person used as the standard in many laws) came to town Monday night and a small group of us had a great time at dinner and the riverboat.

3. Another bullet dodged The “check engine” light on my Prius turned out to be really nothing, and the service bill was only $42.50. Whew!

4. Fitness Center Though we did have about 2 days of warmer temps, on the whole the weather has been horrible, and I’m really grateful to have a nice, warm place to work out, and where I don’t need to worry about slipping on the ice in the dark.

5. Return to Wednesday Night Dinner Hubby and I have a group of friends we go out to dinner with every Wednesday, for the past 8 years. Stuff going on with one of my daughters had kept me away for about 2 months, but I was able to join them last night at one of my favorite places – a local Thai restaurant. 6 years ago


It has been a killer week, for so many reasons, but there are always things to be grateful for:

1. Good Friends They always pull you through. Tonight I get to share a few bottles of Tuscan red with some.

2. Good Progress with my mentally ill family member. Healing words and many steps in the right direction.

3. Fitness Center Though I’m being suffocated by workload, etc. and haven’t been there much, I was able to renew my membership 6 days ago.

4. New Dishwasher Though we really can’t afford it right now, we had to replace our dishwasher, and I have to admit I love our new one – much quieter, bigger, etc.

5. The kindness of strangers When I picked up some prescriptions, the pharmacist gave me the bulk rate for one, even though he’s really not supposed to. And was just super-nice. I need to remember to try to be that kind stranger more often. 6 years ago

DoubleNI'm reinstating

this goal because I’m having a super-tough time right now and need to start actively looking for the many things I have to be grateful for, rather than only being pulled about by the negative stuff.

1. Scones with lingonberries I baked and tried these for the first time last night, and it was totally delish. I used to hate lingonberries; I guess I’m becoming more the Swede I am all the time!

2. Best Boss on the planet I was reminded of this fact earlier this week when I received my W-2, today when he took us out for lunch again, and every time he just drifts into my office to chat for a minute.

3. Great books Just finishing The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, which I love! And have been gifted with a few more I can’t wait to start! and now I even have 43T buds to discuss them with – yay!

4. Sisters-in-Law Had dinner with 2 on Monday and a great e-mail from the CO one today.

5. A warm house It may be coming apart at the seams (now it’s the dishwasher that bit it), but it is warm! 6 years ago

~to the water~Week 13:

1. Tom’s gingermint toothpaste – Awesome stuff. Now that I’ve used it, I don’t want to brush with anything else.

2. Lingonberry turnovers – Nuff said.

3. Nickelback – Would love to see them in concert if I could.

4. Timeline – I’m reading the novel by Michael Crichton, which I think is better than the movie. More details, and I love details.

5. Digital cameras – Such a convenience when I don’t like every shot I take. It’s nice to be able to delete the sucky ones. 7 years ago

~to the water~Week 12:

1. Black tea – I especially like the strong flavor of black tea.

2. End of a cold – I’ve had a nagging cold most of this week. Can’t wait for it to leave me.

3. Case of Lingonberry jam – I admit it, I’m addicted to the stuff. 12 jars should hold me over for a while. :)

4. Autumn – The colors! The colors!

5. Contact7 years ago

DoubleNOne last entry

before I mark this as done, at least for now. Since I’ve adopted the goal about listing one thing daily that makes me happy for a year, trying to keep up with this also is just too much.

1. Beautiful weather The return of warm, sunny weather is great! I am not a winter person, and the cold last week was pretty depressing.

2. Birthday I’ve been enjoying the early gifts and wishes so much, and am looking forward to my office b-day lunch Friday, especially since my predecessor is in town and joining us.

3. Quad Cities Marathon I’m volunteering this week to help prepare, then am doing the half as a training run for the full Crazy Horse 2 weeks later. This is the 10-year anniversary for this race, and I’ve done the full marathon twice here and the half or 2-person relay 8 times. I just love it SO much!

4. My job Though it’s not always rosy, I like my boss, the work, and my co-workers. I’m even making progress on catching up!

5. Good books I’m working on one fiction and one non-fiction right now. It just depends on my mood which one I pick up. 7 years ago

~to the water~Week 11:

1. Old friends – Met an old friend from high school 2 days ago. Seeing him brought back a lot of great memories from school and a time in my life when worries were few and far between.

2. Fall – Okay, I’m not the greatest fan of this season, but I do appreciate the changing of seasons. Change is good, right? Most of all, I love the fall colors.

3. The folks – I can never express how much I love them. But I hope they know.

4. My daughter – She’s off to uni next year and I hope all that she is hoping for will fall into place. She’s working hard for it and deserves it.

5. New CDs – Got a couple of CDs from a great friend and I can’t get enough of the music. Hard to put it away. 7 years ago


1. Great friends I know I list this all the time, but I can’t help it. Yesterday was horrible and without great friends to snap me out of it, I’d be a goner.

2. Riverfront Pops This Saturday night is our local symphony’s annual pops concert at the LeClaire Park bandshell, right on the Mississippi. It’s a huge deal, and I always host a big group. Can’t wait!

3. Ginger I love the smell and taste of ginger, and always have some on hand in my freezer for cooking (as if I ever cook any more – ha!) And I absolutely love my ginger Bath & Body works lotion and soap – mmmmm.

4. Great Runs The weather here has been great, which really helps. Lance Armstrong congratulated me Saturday (via Nike Plus) on a new longest run (with my i-pod, that is) and Paula Radcliffe gave kudos yesterday for a PR for the mile (likewise, with the i-pod).

5. Dee’s Reception My friend Dee got married on the spur of the moment in June, and her in-laws are hosting a nice reception in Racine in October. Just got the invitation today, and have booked the hosting Marriott at a great rate. Woo hoo! Now I need to get online and order the gift. 7 years ago

~to the water~Week 10:

Looks like I’m slacking quite a bit on this goal. But it doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for a lot of what comes down the pike to me.

1. Gifting – I love an opportunity to give, especially to those I care about very much. If only I had unlimited resources to give all that I would like to…

2. The Sun – I have really enjoyed the warm months of summer, August in particular (my favorite month). This is the time of the year that I feel most alive – physically and mentally. I will miss the heat. But the departure of summer will give me yet another thing to look forward to in 2008.

3. Goof Balls – I like to observe goof balls from afar, just as long as they don’t do their thing too close to me. That can be dangerous. Recently one such goof ball at my work place came into work and decided to use the company phone to search for someone’s phone number. A couple minutes later a patrol car pulled up to the building, the officer came in and asked if anyone knew about a 911 hang-up. No one did, except for this one goof ball. He admitted that he’d made the call, but said he thought he had dialed 411 for information. WOW!

4. Str8 Bolt – I was given this book for my birthday and I have to say that it was such a treat. I love time travel novels and this was an excellent read. It really fed my need for this type of fiction.

5. Fresh Legs – I’ve had the luxury of fresh legs in recent runs and hope this can carry over until the end of the week when I do the Maple Leaf Half Marathon on Saturday. It’s a longer distance than I’m used to, but if I’m fresh I think I can do okay. 7 years ago


Wow – this past week is a blur; I can’t believe it’s already a new week! So here’s what I’m grateful for this week:

1. Nice phone conversations with special people.

2. Middle Daughter was home for the weekend, and bought a car that runs today. OK, so her dad paid for it, but still … at least I didn’t need to drive her all the way back to DeKalb tonight.

3. Great parties Saturday night – a Parrothead party at Lindsay Park Yacht Club (and pre-party on a friend’s boat there) and Ya Maka My Weekend, the Jamaican street party a few blocks from my office.

4. Sisters – my new sis-in-law has been inviting me to her monthly breakfast out with her sisters, and I love it!

5. Lindt creme brulee – mmmmmm! 7 years ago


1. Great Friends Last night Hubby and I were totally amazed when we discovered that what we thought was a small gathering at my friend Kathy’s house to show off her new patio and kitchen remodeling was instead a 30th anniversary surprise party! Despite everyone’s busy travel/wedding schedules, about 15 friends made it, and there was a poster made by one couple’s kids, a specialty flower bouquet, a cake from the best bakery in our area, and lots of gifts. We were blown away, and very humbled. Our friends are the best, and I love them so much.

2. Jury Duty I was not called up for voir dire, so I didn’t have to serve and only wasted about 3 hours of my work day. I would like to have served, actually, but would have been excused.

3. Aunt Dorothy Hubby’s Aunt Dorothy passed away, with the funeral yesterday. It may sound odd to put on a gratitude list, but her death was merciful – the quality of her life nosedived many years ago and it was unfortunate her daughter opted to keep her alive despite direction to the contrary. She was head obstetric nurse at the hospital I delivered my youngest 2, and I was glad she was never there for those births because we did NOT see eye-to-eye – I was adamantly pro-natural childbirth, and she was adamantly pro-drug. But I loved her for the way in which she was able to say what needed to be said to my m-i-l!

4. Legs that work Now that I’m finally able to find some time to run again, I am appreciating my ability to do so VERY much (despite the snail’s pace!).

5. Safe Travel I’m so grateful that those close to me have had a wonderful time traveling and have been kept safe. 7 years ago


1. Travels. My trip to Chicago was as wonderful as I expected, and the weekend in Kansas City was also great fun. Last year I was told that I needed to try a shot of Patron, which I finally did Saturday night in KC – yum!

2. Anniversary. Today is my 30th wedding anniversary. Though there have been times I didn’t think we’d make it to this day, I am grateful to have the love of a good man. If only I had been able to come up with a better gift for him …

3. Eldest Daughter and her family. Had a nice phone conversation with her last night, and our little Kaiya.

4. My Boss. Also a good man. I’m glad he’s returned safely from his vacation, and was able to take care of some emergency items. It’s truly good to have him back. He had a family wedding in South Carolina and visited his son who is obtaining his master’s degree at The Citadel. He’s never lived so far from home before, but seems happy.

5. Friends. My friend Liz called last night and will be sharing some homegrown veggies with me – yum! I miss those since we’ve moved to the new house. Also, Kathy is having a patio party to show off her totally redone house on Saturday – should be fun! 7 years ago

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