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do *all* the laundry

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stormarela 6 years ago

greenjillybean 2 years ago

Dawn Matthews

Dawn Matthews 2 years ago

Dawn MatthewsTwo loads of clothes, and two blankets left. :D

Man. I didn’t even realize how many freaking TOWELS I have. It’s just me and DBF and I don’t think I’ve had ALL my towels clean all summer and it’s almost 20 towels for 2 people!! That’s insane! I think it’s because when I moved out, a lot of people gave me towels as a housewarming present and I don’t want to get rid of them because they’re nice towels. What I am going to do is stop waiting until ALL of them are dirty to do laundry and I’m going to stop using TWO new towels every time I get out of the shower. I can save myself electricity, water, and hassle by just reusing the same two for at least a couple of days. DBF already uses the same one Monday-Thursday and then a new one Friday-Sunday.

So, two loads of clothes left. Two blankets to wash. I can definitely be done by Midnight. :) In the mean while, I’m about to Pomodoro the heck out of my closet to make an organized home for all these clean clothes.

So excited to mark this as doneee! :) 2 years ago

Dawn MatthewsBig shout out to I love you, Yes I do.


Her 43 Things is what introduced me to the Pomodoro technique. I JUST finished my first ‘pomodoro’ and I decided that come hell or high water, I will knock this goal off of my 43 Things this weekend. It is the only goal that doesn’t cost me any money and it has been on here FOREVER. I’ve seen so many good goals I want to add but I can’t because this laundry has just been piling up!

So a pomodoro is putting 25 minutes of absolute effort into a task followed by a 5 minute break. Laundry isn’t particularly well suited for this system because you put the clothes in the washer and you have to wait, but I took the remaining 20 minutes to round up my hangers and sort all of my dirty laundry so that now everything is laid out and ready to go, I just need to beast through it.

This made me feel a lot more cheery than I was feeling earlier because I looked around my house this morning and it was FILTHY. As soon as I finished this pomodoro, I realized that my house isn’t that dirty at all. I just had laundry in every possible nook and cranny and as soon as I picked it all up, it looked a LOT better. :)

Sunday is also the last day working on my goal of “not spending any money for a week” and I’ll knock that off the list as well. I think I’m going to treat myself. Maybe a pint of some Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. ;)I think after this I’m going to have to add some fun goals. I’ve been taking 43 Things too seriously. I want to add “fly a kite” or “tie a wish to a balloon and let it go”. 2 years ago

Dawn MatthewsThree hours in..

My dryer is broken and I wanted to take all of my laundry to the laundromat tonight but my boyfriend said I should just use it anyways. It’s been making a terrible screeching noise every time it turns and it takes at least an hour to do a small load. I’ve been at it now for three hours and I’m starting to get discouraged by the lack of progress I’ve been able to make. My goal is before I go to work on Monday to have ALL of my laundry done. 2 years ago

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