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Memories Song List

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missmorgan3897) Melissa - Allman Brothers

“Crossroads … will you ever let him go?

I just heard this song the other day before my workout, it came on the radio. I remember my dad and I in the car, blasting this song and singing to me. I heard it and I immediately thought, “Today is going to be a really good day.” and my God, it was. I had a really great day.

So I would definitely recommend this song. Brings back sweet memories of the youth =] 23 months ago

BdaGirlI Like Big Butts - Sir MixaLot

I like this song because I have a big butt. I can never find jeans or trousers that fit it properly and I was mercilessly teased about it in my teens. I’ve spent most of my life covering it up with long cardis and jackets but thanks to Sir Mixalot I can celebrate it and bring it out in the open as it were!

I also love this song because it was the only one that would put Emma, Ross and Rachel’s baby on friends to sleep. I still laugh when I see the two of them singing AND acting out this song for her!

I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can’t deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung
Wanna pull up tough
Cuz you notice that butt was stuffed
Deep in the jeans she’s wearing
I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
Oh, baby I wanna get with ya
And take your picture
My homeboys tried to warn me
But that butt you got
Make Me so horney
Ooh, rump of smooth skin
You say you wanna get in my benz
Well use me use me cuz you aint that average groupy

I’ve seen them dancin’
To hell with romancin’
She’s Sweat,Wet, got it goin like a turbo vette

I’m tired of magazines
Saying flat butts are the thing
Take the average black man and ask him that
She gotta pack much back

So Fellas (yeah) Fellas(yeah)
Has your girlfriend got the butt (hell yeah)
Well shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt
Baby got back 2 years ago

BdaGirlI won't send Roses (from Mack and Mabel) by Jerry Herman

A song to remind us to actively listen to what a person tells you and believe what they’re saying. From a woman who has wasted too many years on a guy who did just that but I kept thinking, now I Knew, he would change his mind and see I was the perfect woman for me but now he’s in love with someone else. And it’s not me. And I’m stopping myself from hanging around until they break up and wasting yet more years of my life on him.
But it’s not his fault. It’s mine. I refused to belive the facts. And now I must.

I won't send roses
Or hold the door
I won't remember
Which dress you wore
My heart is too much in control
The lack of romance in my soul
Will turn you grey, kid
So stay away, kid
Forget my shoulder
When you're in need
Forgetting birthdays
Is guaranteed
And should I love you, you would be
The last to know
I won't send roses
And roses suit you so
My pace is frantic
My temper's cross
With words romantic
I'm at a loss
I'd be the first one to agree
That I'm preoccupied with me
And it's inbred, kid
So keep your head, kid
In me you'll find things
Like guts and nerve
But not the kind of things
That you deserve
And so while there's a fighting chance
Just turn and go
I won't send roses
And roses suit you so. 2 years ago

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