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connect the john f kennedy presidential library with the john v crotty residential library


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birdie99cowtown memories cerca 2007

2007/5/6 jeva long saw cowtown cat the race horse on nbc5i tv
and it should be noted that nbc is the channel that brings us the olympics and the races.
yum brands sponsored the event unlike the breeders cup which was sponsored by
fractional ownership of jets and fracional ownership of horses. why not fractional ownership of myers motors nmg?

the grand design of cars has always been four wheels after the box car and the carriage.

what do we do with the hybrid chassis of the corbinsparrow
which combines the two front wheels of the automobile with the one single rear tire of a motorcycle?

electric cars are for girls and disabled and soldiers. they are the perfect personal transit modules.

1996 thanks giving san francisco. sparrow_ev.

2006 santa monica barker hangar alternate fuel expo.

horse and rider.
car and driver.
sparrow_ev and sparrownaut.

see you at the third pentagon robot race 2007/11/03 7 years ago

birdie99cowtown memories cerca 2004

2007/5/6 jeva long wishes to recall to everyones mind the story of myron c dukes of chicago illinois. 2004/6/16 the pool at his hotel was closed and no provision had been made for another hotel offering interim service. nobody admits to having suggested the wade in the water gardens. perhaps that person will make a deathbed confession some day.
anyhow. myron c dukes and his son and daughter had brought a guest on the trip, leaving Stephanie Dukes to get the horrible news later. the water gardens were in a sorry state of maintenance and the perfect storm of a freak accident ensued. one of the kids fell into deep water. mr dukes tried to save the kids but all three drowned that day in the water gardens which were never ever intended for wading. 7 years ago

birdie99cowtown memories cerca 1994

2007/5/6 jeva long fondly recalls the day she and her son drove a 1976 oldsmobile over to historic stop six.
now mind you stop six and como and riverside were predominantly residential areas jean crotty would not frequent due to the color barrier. yes years after 1955
when Rosa Parks took her famous stand, integration of ethnicities was an impossible dream.
be that as it may, jean crotty now known as jean herndon or jean rhone made the drive.
david v rhone sat in the back seat and ms lenora rolla in the front right beside the driver.
she was born 1904/3/4 and wed Jacob Rolla 1945/6/22 so she could easily have had a child
jean’s age. she had had none.
she was an Activist with a Capital A.
she told me all the Kennedys had posed with her over the years. and every time any kennedy related event occurred the local channel 5 would interview her on the subject.
she had been present at the breakfast on 22 november 1963.
she passed away 2001/6/29 but her spirit guides jeva long.
science fiction is and always will be the safety valve of educated persons wishing to reach a new generation. go to your library and check out some science fiction today.
i am only an egg.
i will not tell you where to go or how to do this. but i have faith in you as ms rolla once had in me. you will find a way. 7 years ago

birdie99A Welcome Sign of the Changing Times

2007/5/6 jeva long sang a silent hosana at the news that one high school class would this year be transported to prom night in a bus.
this is recognition that mass transit is healthier for the environment and for the individual than even the most swanke limousine. look for the jcalegacygrp to arrive at the red carpet the same way.
transportation and communication have done some evolving. limousines still have their place as do cars that are owned by families.
but this generation of student must understand the grand design of things. not just one little piece of it.
train tracks from well worn trails. restorative justice from innovative trials.
that is why you have a mind. 7 years ago

birdie99keep thinkin kennedy

2007/5/6 jean rhone wife of randy rhone deemed unfit to be the parent of donald victor rhone received a psychological assessment from dr michael murry which found she was guilty of too much magical thinking. shall we call it disneyesque wishful thinking?
yes she confessed that chris and dana reeve inspired her aspirations to create a honey get well hotel for head injury survivors and significant others. mind you the year was 1998, long before the events of September 11, 2001.
Years before the death of chris and the death of dana.
John Crotty Associates est. 1998/9/9. (osama actually launched the plot with the killing of a man in afghanistan on 2001/9/9.)
keep thinkin kennedy. too much magical thinking. prayers? too magical in nature to be a way to bring up a son?
2006/11/18 through the magic of electronics jean rhone witnessed the adoption of her son by brian patrick horn.
too much magical thinking?
we failed to protect our selves from sucide bombers due to a failure of imagination. was that too little magical thinking or just the harvest of cold war politics? who knows? we only know that bill clinton was distracted from the business of being president by a need to defend his private life from getting him impeached. too bad bill did not think of resigning and having himself pardoned. it worked so well for nixon. maybe if our military and political leaders would heed the warnings of someone like osama, the towers would still be standing. 7 years ago

birdie99we believe the saints can employ us

2007/5/6 once upon a time there was a politician named honey fitz who had a daughter named rose.
there was a char woman named kennedy who worked long and hard to put her son through college.
you know where i am going with this. you know if you read the book or saw the video.
1960 the kennedy and nixon debates and television.
exposure to the masses via tv
has been multipiled exponentially since the addition to tv of satellite.
now we have radio and tv and internet which we never would have had without-space race.
humans are one generation away from the stone age. libraries and museums must be guarded as though they were military targets. where else does civilization keep its back up data? we love google. but if we depend upon it alone, what happens when we cannot get electric power? batteries? 7 years ago

birdie99my little memorial library museum

2007/4/20 history tells us that john f kennedy’s widow and two children dedicated his presidential library at columbia point on 1979/10/20.
1999/10/20 the widow and two children of john v crotty dedicated the books and tapes collected for david v rhone as a residential library for adult literacy in tarrant co.
our point is that residents can do what presidents do. if presidents encourage public service and higher life long learning then residents of an apartment complex like park villas apts ridgmar can do the same. any home can be a microcosm of the community. a dining hall. a dormitory. a library and a museum. then when kids go out into the larger arenas of life they have already been exposed to the elements in the safe environment of their homes.
walt disney home entertainment
commenced cerca 1955 and with it a window to a wonderful world. 1966 roddenberry sci-fi
introduced a generation to critical thinking through his entertaining franchise called Star Trek. 1999 jean herndon decided that John V Crotty ordinary engineer cleared by the FBI to work in the defense industry was a good enough role model for his grandsons.
IF, a poem by Rudyard Kipling was a man’s poem of his generation. the order of engineers and other men’s organizations pointed to RK and his view of manhood. Now Sidney Poitier has written a
book The Measure of a Man. We hope to acquire a copy for the little memorial library of the apartment complex tarrant tex. 7 years ago

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