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stop chewing the inside of my mouth

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FutureNilsReduced anxiety = reduced chewing

A couple of years ago i quit biting finger nails. The success was however a bit short lived as I soon found myself eating the inside of my mouth. And I could not stop it however much I tried like I did when I stopped biting nails. Quitting nail biting was only easy because I replaced it with cheek biting.

I’ve come to realize that the biting of nails and “mouth skin” is only a symptom of my sometimes heightened level of anxiety, mostly caused by negative thinking (about myself and others). I often find myself eating skin, then becoming aware of some thought I just had that made me anxious.

I find listening to jazz music (The Bad Plus, Kurt Rosenwinkel, James Farm, Bill Evans etc.) helpful, as it requires me to “stay in the now”, and be aware of the moment (the melody of the improvisor blended with the rest of the band). Kills of a lot of anxiety! Music = sanity/happiness =)

My other goals includes meditating regularly, working out and being more social. Also seems like a good thing to stop fapping. If I reach these goals, I am sure my anxiety will diminish, as well as my urge to eat my own skin.

Glad to be part of a community all about change! Good luck to all of you. One love! 6 months ago

FutureNils 6 months ago

JAX04I have found a solution to chewing the inside of my mouth

I recently went to see a hypnotherapist who taught me about awareness and relaxation.
She set me up with 2 hourly alarm on my phone to make me aware of my chewing, ie: if I am doing it, why am I doing it, do something like suck a sweet, take deep belly breaths, take a drink.
I found this system extremely helpful and made me conscious of my habit. Also I found an antibacterial cream to give my mouth a chance to heal and instead of using my teeth to remove the loose skin, I used my finger nail to scrape it out, it took just 3 days for the inside of my mouth to completely recover. She said it takes 122 days to break a habit, I still have a couple of alarms on as I’m not doing it anymore, but awareness is ‘key’.
I hope this lasts as it has only been a week but I don’t actually feel the need to chew as the inside of my mouth feels silky smooth, which it hasn’t felt in years!
If I do go back, I have a solution that works for me, I hope this will help some of you.
Good luck 6 months ago

JAX04 6 months ago


I bite the inside of my mouth and cheeks so badly that it hurts. I want to stop this! 8 months ago

shotime36 8 months ago

rajput92boyschewing the inside flesh of mouth

if anyone has tips to how to stop this habit of cutting and chewing the inside flesh of my mouth then plz help me 8 months ago

rajput92boys 8 months ago

ddlovatomyidol 11 months ago

lipstats 12 months ago

temporyBeen doing it for 5.5 years

Fairly young male (late teens), just wanted to say something and contribute.

I for one do it constantly. I bite it till my mouth bleeds. Create large abrasions of the mouth. It annoys me alot I get occasional headaches of fustration. Seen pics and really do want to stop just can’t even now I am biting my side of mouth. Gum ussally helps but it isn’t perfect for me it isn’t allowed at school and Gum isn’t great for teeth e.x.

I have occasionally biten holes with insizors which is painful when eating.

Thanks for advice listed all and shocking pics.

I really need to change the errors of my ways. 13 months ago

tempory 13 months ago

Stel83t 14 months ago

itsasecret 15 months ago

user44196 16 months ago

user44195 16 months ago

Msfirefly76I've stopped chewing

after having to get 10 stitches in my mouth after hitting a vein, i quit chewing the inside of my mouth. i hope everyone else can quit too. i know that it is hard to do. 17 months ago

Msfirefly76 17 months ago

arisaema 7 years ago

Donthank goodness

it doesn’t seem like there has been much activity on here recently, but I’m still glad I came across this site. I have been chewing the inside of my cheek and bottom lip for sometime…probably since I was in high school, and I’m 33 now. Beginning around last February, it finally caught up to me and I started developing the symptoms of morsicatio buccarum et labiorum. It effected the appearance of my bottom lip and only got worse when I used my mouth in any way (you know, eating, talking – the normal stuff).

I started seeing several doctors about it beginning with my primary care physician, who referred me to an ear, nose and throat specialist, who referred me to an allergist, who referred me to a dermatologist, who referred me to an oral surgeon, which eventually led me back to my primary care physician, who has since referred me to yet another oral surgeon.

All the doctors up to the dermatologist thought it was Lichen planus, but it wasn’t until after a biopsy was performed this past December that it was diagnosed as morsicatio buccarum et labiorum. As you can imagine, I had been prescribed a ton of medication – topical creams, ointments, pills, you name it – to heal my cheeks and, more importantly to me, my bottom lip. The most recent prescription has proved to be the most effective so far, prednisone. It has done the most to keep my lip together, so to speak, and get it on track to looking healthier and more normal. I’m finishing up my 2nd cycle on it, and the results are promising. There still seems to be a measure of deterioration of my lip after I eat, but it’s less and less severe with each day.

It has been a LOOONG and, many times, dark 17 months, but I’ve definitely gotten through the worst of it, and am actually dating again (sweet). I just wanted to post on here because reading nearly every 200+ posts has certainly helped me not to feel completely alone, hopeless and helpless (one doctor told me “I’m not smart enough to treat this”). Actually, after reading stories from so many other people with the same problem as I have been dealing with, I have a new-found hope that I WILL be able to get through this and see my mouth once again healed, and actually feel completely normal.

Thank you to everyone who shared their story. You have really helped me. I needed to find this place. :) 21 months ago

Don 21 months ago

user20000Inside of Cheek chewer since childhood...

I’ve been biting the insides of my cheeks and the insides of my lips since I was in elementary school. It isn’t a constant thing with me. It goes off and on. I will bite until there are no spaces left inside my mouth that I haven’t chewed. Then, after a couple days or more, after my cheeks feel a little puffy from being chewed on, I stop. Sometimes I will stop for months. I forget all about it. Then, I get stressed or bored or whatever and I start biting the insides of my cheeks and lips again. I hope I can stop this. I just found out tonight that you can get wrinkles around your mouth and I looked up the cancer scare, but there isn’t proof on that. I hope everyone who has this problem can stop, including me! 23 months ago

user20000 23 months ago

les_ostra 3 years ago

coral anneUntitled

i will help others to stop chewing the inside of there mouth and hopefully oneone will help me we can be a team to help each other :) 2 years ago

coral anne 2 years ago

penguinwaddle19 2 years ago

rcdan1957This helps!

I just discovered something that helps me to keep from biting the inside of my mouth. Cut 2 pieces out of the side of a one gallon plastic milk container, each about the size of an elongated quarter. Put a piece in each side of your mouth. Bingo! You can’t bite the inside of your mouth and you barely notice that it is there.. AND, you can still talk easily. Hope this works for you. I’m 71 years old and I have been fighting this for decades.

It is May 1, 2012 and I haven’t bitten my mouth in months, the longest success I have had in decades. This procedure has really helped me to overcome this bad habit. I hope others having this problem will try the procedure and let me know your results. 2 years ago

rcdan1957 5 years ago


I am really anxious with our big change. It’s been to much to all of us, so bites are just going insane now. I need to find a way of stopping again and calm down. I would like to see someone that could really abandon that freaking habit !!! It’s so annoying and I just can’t quit. I have stopped for some months, even years, but there is a come back… Maybe it’s like alcohol or even drugs… Addiction. Well, that’s it… 2 years ago

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