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I can already do this, except this time I would like to have more conversations with the characters in my dreams. So far I can fly, wake up in my own flat, explore beautiful scenes, stay in hotels and castles and cruises, relax on beaches, go shopping, listen to music, meet friends and celebrities that I like, and fly to the stars holding hands with a friend in my lucid dreams. Most of these dreams have been really beautiful, so far most of what I know is that I like to be around beautiful places and people and it would be nice to find out more from people in my dreams. 1 week ago

user1397607360 1 week ago

Vivithelittlelegend 1 week ago

jademoon 3 weeks ago

gninworblahdream journal

I have started my dream journal and only three days in, I am already amazed at how much sharper my dream memory is. I’m looking forward to the colorful subconscious awaiting me… It’s looking good so far. 3 weeks ago


I want this to become more of a priority. I want this to be something I become more active with. I haven’t ignored it, but I could do a lot more.

I would like to keep a more regular dream journal because that seems to be where you ought to start when reaching for this goal.

I’ve had fleeting moments and they are the most exhilarating in the world of imagination… I cannot wait to harness this. 3 weeks ago

violace 1 month ago

TongueTiedx3 1 month ago

Becky Hansford 1 month ago

SkepticWings 1 month ago

iwanttodothisnow 1 month ago

medvarle 1 month ago

Trotterr 2 months ago

Garland Bennett 3 years ago

Alyssaseems impossible...

i’ve read so many articles on how to do this… i suppose i haven’t tried very hard, except for the part where they say to find a recurring theme or item in your dreams… and i write down every single dream that i remember (since many years ago) and i don’t see anything at all that is recurring. maybe it takes somebody else to see it. maybe the recurring theme is absolute weirdness. hm. 3 months ago

Alyssa 3 months ago

terri_ 3 months ago

Sascha Bloem 4 months ago

gninworblah 4 months ago

AudreytheSlothDreaming Lucidly

I’m using binaural beats to do this, look them up on youtube 4 months ago

AudreytheSloth 4 months ago

MalesaZaman 4 months ago

Eolyphe 7 months ago

camillice 5 months ago

Nikkinarwall420 5 months ago

adiri 5 months ago

Amychan 5 months ago

justasmalltowngirl 5 months ago

smalltowngirlx 5 months ago

FromJayGatztoGatsby 5 months ago

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