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Hone my curves

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Pickles77I'm going to give it a try...

I recently bought the Brazilian Butt Lift workout program and I have finally popped it in this morning to check it out. I’ve decided that it’s something I can do and will. I will take a before picture, but won’t post it until my curves are honed. I’ve never used the word hone before, but envision confidence with my curves honed. Hahaha. 10 months ago

embroideries 19 months ago

Pickles77 15 months ago

minlliwye gods

I’ve just completed “run” 2 of the C25K programme. It’s 8 runs of 60 seconds with 90 second walking intervals.
I thought i was going to throw up! But I did it. I have concerns about next week already though! 2 years ago

Melanie 5 years ago

chibodyworks 2 years ago

1RLThey call it body sculpting.

Sad to say it, but I don’t make much time for rowing.

Although it provides a full body work out and total body toner, it can still be done anywhere anytime without the presumed equipment.

Complex motor skills aside, if you can’t imagine implementing a regular rowing session, perhaps guided stretching is more on par to your personal expectation. No sense trying to redesign a lifestyle that works for you in every other way.

Yoga and Pilates are an excellent adjustment. And like a good book, you can’t know what your missing until you start from the beginning reach the very end.
Unlike a book, your routine is only what you want to include. Take a page from your most satisfying physical exertion and apply it to daily life.

It’s the little changes that add up to big bold and positively noticeable difference.

At the very least, including more daily function to your muscles will give you that image you have always imagined yourself.

You get out of life what you put in.
Anywhere you are, with a bit of spare time, stretch.

Hope this helps someone. 2 years ago

1RL 2 years ago


Just 2lb to go until I meet a goal I have held since I was a teenage girl. (and that is a loooong time ago now!!)
Just writing this to re-motivate me and so that I can acknowledge progress made… 2 years ago


Pardon la boobie, but this painting is beautiful
Along with my back and neck injuries of late, my headspace has taken a beating. I’m loving going for walks, but that’s about all I’m doing. I haven’t practiced yoga in more time than I’d care to admit, and I’m not entirely happy with my eating habits, although they have been getting better lately. A couple of slip-ups here and there is not a big deal, and sometimes a piece of chocolate is just better than a piece of broccoli, I gotta say. As someone wise once said, “Forgoing chocolate thins the soul, and we can’t have that.” Most definitely not. I’m thinking of starting walking in the morning – it helped the last time I wanted to get back my curves, and I enjoy the quiet hush before the rush. Perhaps some yoga every other morning too? Right now I just want to take it gently before I get cleared to do some more heavy-duty exercise, like spinning or running. And a couple more salads wouldn’t hurt the old BMI either… 2 years ago

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