Introduce and/or emphasize one responsibility a week to my children


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crazyinagoodwayI have a great family!!

I explained this goal to the children and they not only got on board, they were excited!! Of course, I’ve been reminding them of good habits all day, even made sure I was up the minute my son got up so we could review his bathroom habits. But they are really trying to do a good job. It’s not that they were disgusting or anything, but they’re both still new to doing their own hygiene.

Then I explained this goal to my husband. I don’t like to complain about him, because he’s a good man, but a lot of the issues I have with my household stem from him not having any habits. I mean none. And he’s forgetful. And he gets into things like a puppy. (Maybe ADHD but never diagnosed). Nothing gets put away after him. Nothing goes into the garbage. He will decide a room needs to be cleaned, move everything into the hallway, lose interest and just leave it!!!! I love him dearly, but you can see where not having a routine screws us up a bit.

So, when I explained this goal to him, he decided & committed himself to also working on the same weekly habits that I’m doing with the children. This is huge for me. His mother likes to cackle at me about how she was so laid back, she never bothered setting routines because she knew they wouldn’t be followed (thanks). So I guess now I have a chance to do the job his mother should have done. I’m so grateful he’s willing. 6 years ago


The dentist appointment is coming up and I know we haven’t kept up with flossing. Daughter is now using the bathroom all on her own and shutting the door, so I’m not sure what’s going on in there. So I think now is a good time to review good hygiene habits with the kids. While I’m at it, my son can learn that to wipe off the toilet when he misses! 6 years ago

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