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Start saving in order to buy my own flat before I’m 30 1 day ago

kitcat1990Save up<£800 for 01.2015

Make sure I have over£800 all together in all of my bank accounts 1 day ago

kitcat1990New account

Open a savings account with Lloyds bank 3 days ago

kitcat1990 3 days ago

MeRossyNot too shabby

I got a promotion! So I’m making slightly more money than I was before. Because I was so busy with the new job, I was able to save over 80% of my salary last contract, which is incredible. Now I just need to save some on vacation! 3 days ago

agoodsoul74 4 days ago

Sparkle830 6 days ago

Geridisco 1 week ago

Rimoon 1 week ago

Cookie0909 12 months ago

fishyfish 1 week ago

tessharper 1 week ago

flaviamannheimer 2 weeks ago

kirstie_chanel 2 weeks ago

Porshannna26 2 weeks ago

yogagal1Return merchandise that is not good w/t receipt

The only way to do this is to return the $40 worth of terrible food and sweat-shirt that I bought. I have receipts. Go for it.! 3 weeks ago

user1404540856 3 weeks ago

yogagal1$1800 Month's Credit bill

I have to look at immediately and see what happened here. I pulled money out of my savings to pay for it. :( 3 weeks ago

saadallah 4 weeks ago

Danielle Archer 4 weeks ago

saadallahBuy a House

Buy a House 4 weeks ago

RachelJune Summary

Some not-great things have been happening with my money lately, which has been hard to track. But I think I got a handle on June here.

This month I made $0.00 and spent $1,959.22.
(May I made $60 and spent $2,721.57.)

$75 – non-food groceries
$243 – groceries
$123 – food out
$67 – alcohol
$493 – rent/bills
$88 – bus fare
$20 – meds

$55 – costco membership
$220 – eye doctor/glasses
$139 – dentist
$10 – stamps

$172 – clothing/purse
$94 – gifts
$61 – entertainment
$85 – warrior dash registration
$11 – misc. house stuff
$5 – library fine

Savings is (nominally) at $700 – my credit card balance is $727.89.

Right, so this is the first time I have ever carried a credit card balance. But, as you can see, I am super broke, and I need to be able to pay my rent next month.

Most of this is pretty self-evident. I actually can’t believe I spent that much on bus fare, although I just re-loaded my card and haven’t actually used much of it yet.

So… going out. Originally I was just going to visit, and although it would still be a little ridiculous to spend so much, I was leaving for a job and wouldn’t be paying rent and so on. And it’s hard, all of my friends here have good jobs and they go out a lot. But as of late, I’ve just been getting food with Boy and smoking with him rather than going out to a bar (all of which he pays for).

Oh right. I live here. And I needed some interview clothes. I still need a lot more, for work and for nicer interviews, but some of that will have to wait a bit.

I’ve been waiting forever to go to the dentist and get new glasses, and since I was originally going to be leaving out of the country, I scheduled appointments for them this month. Once it was determined that I was not going to be leaving, I debated canceling them, but I needed both so badly that I just went through with it.

Costco membership was because they have a mail-order pharmacy, which I was going to try to take advantage of abroad. But now it’s just a waste of money, and as far as filling my prescriptions here, they charge me and Walmart never did. (I don’t want to go to Walmart though. I have to see if there’s somewhere else that will take them.)

Gifts was… well, less than half of it was host gifts for two friends who let me crash with them, and the rest was more getting something that a friend couldn’t get, and paying for it in cash since she only had a card on her. So she’ll either pay me back or buy me something later. (I’m hoping for her just paying me back.)

I have a part-time job in a store now, starting this week. It’ll only cover my rent and not much else, but it’s a start. I also have to get back to the WT people and ask about money, so I may have another $1500 there. They’re kind of shitty though, so maybe I won’t.

(I should also add that that $1500 was actually originally from my IRA, but desperate times call for desperate measures. It won’t be going back there just yet.) 4 weeks ago

holocene 4 weeks ago

Second_Act 4 weeks ago

trendytam 4 weeks ago

lifewithoutamapREworked goals...

My payment plan for this next school semester starts this coming July with the deadline on the 15 for the first payment if I wish to pay the least amount each month gradually (I DO!!). It ends up being about a third of my bare minimum monthly income if my tips are at the lowest that month.

At the moment, realistically, there’s no way I can look for and work with an additional employer right now because the 180 this summer semester took in unexpected costs and how work intensive it would be. The bit of spare time I have MUST be used on studying since everything is so condensed. Otherwise, my academic integrity and grades will be at risk.

Since, I’ve managed to hang onto the original amount I had saved before. My new plan at approaching this savings goal (as well as, paying for tuition, and paying towards my student loans) while still holding on to a decent amount to not scavenge for my basic needs is to make it a longer duration weekly goal instead. Had I not had the summer session classes my original ambitious plan would have worked regardless of an extra job. That isn’t my reality now. Instead, I’ll attempt to save half of my weekly tips and any excess of over 100 from my biweekly house pay. I’ll allow myself roughly 100 a week for expenditures and use my house pay to provide a window for any times I do not fully reach my goal. Anything extra will also be held onto as insurance for later. By going forth incrementally, I should find it easier to hit goals since there are some days I make a ton more than others.

Depending on how well this works through such an overall strenuous time will be the marker for how I take things further once the session ends. Especially in terms of holding another gig. Let’s see. 4 weeks ago

yogagal1Lot of expenses

$60 : Session: I spend this money b.c I figured that I got a free computer fixed so felt generous and need it for myself.

$91: UTI infection exam + meds (I should drink lot of water and avoid UTI until I can get…insurance)

$20: Drinks: I rarely ever buy drinks but this was day of my score release so. No more. $6-9 for a drink is too much for poison in the body.

$200: Certificate exam + related misc. expenses. This is a investment that will pay very soon.

To compensate, I am working more hours this month at my low-paying easy-pesy job. So aiming about 14 hours. I will have a full time job in about 1.5 months. I am grateful for that. 4 weeks ago

aisa_basiaI appreciate my HOA manager for her referral to save money on utilities

I’ve been meaning to document this gratitude entry for weeks and here it is today.

I am yet to realize the savings or money from any of the utility providers but I wanted to acknowledge my appreciation; as well as sending out my thanks to Carol to the Universe. Without her referral, I wouldn’t have known these program existed at all.

A few weeks ago, she shared about the program with me and I have attempted to apply 2/3 programs.

1. I applied for reduced/low income rate for the garbage collection program. It’s a first comes first serve program. I’m on the waiting list for now. Once it’s your turn, you’ll need to provide income verification as proof of program eligibility.

2. I applied for reduce/low income rate from the water company. My water bill is quite nominal (in my opinion) but it wouldn’t hurt to apply. I heard back from them today requesting income verification proof. I might have skipped it due to misunderstanding of the requirements. I will send it out in the next few days.

In summary, one either save money by spending less on their expenses or increase their income.

When I applied for the above programs, I was newly un-employed so I was ecstatic that the programs were available or made known to me. All programs are income based.

Now that I’m back to working starting this week, I “may” no longer be eligible for these programs should my queued came up. But I am going to leave that for later when the decision arrives.

In the mean time, I am going to strive and practicing both: reduced my expenses and increase my income, simultaneously.

In the process of doing so, I am affirming for the below (source:

*I gratefully accept all of the goodness the world grants me.
*I pay my bills with gratitude.
*I am an excellent money manager.
*I am very responsible with money.
*I consider all alternatives before spending money.
*I have the power to transform my money-thoughts into prosperity.

In gratitude,
Aisa 1 month ago

smailing 1 month ago

yogagal1Grateful to have a laptop track pad fixed w/out cost

Super grateful to have my PC back and not have to pay the $91.00 fee. I didn’t have that money and to be able to use my laptop and it’s improved/repaired track pad again is very nice and important.

Last year in Spring 2013: it was the hard drive
This year in Summer 2014 (a year late): it was the track pad.

I hope that with these two guys done and replaced…I should be good to go w/t out worries! 1 month ago

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