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Savas_P 10 hours ago

peritarosada 2 months ago

WiredN 3 days ago

Kate1971 5 years ago

yogagal1No more grocery shopping: Eat everything already in the fridge.

The only exception will be to buy FRUITS and fruits only.

I have enough vegetables, rice, and other cooked things in the kitchen fridge that its’ a waste of money at this point to buy more food this week. 4 days ago

Abdallah Mohamed 6 days ago

human06 1 week ago

yogagal1Eating well sometimes means using what I already have vs. MORE BUYING!

Sometimes I realize that to eat well – home made- means to use what I already have and cook food instead of spending energy, gas and more into another trip to a grocery store.

I realize that grocery store trips ought to be limited to only 2x a week and that’s it to get home made food instead of going every other day or eating out. It’s more efficient that way. 1 week ago

Helmut2014 Update

I started a new job in January and I think that is going to help me a lot with this goal. Not only will my checking account look a little nicer, so will my retirement account. Hooray!

ETA: I’ve started to track my income and expenses each month to help me with this goal. I feel like paying attention to the details will keep me focused and accountable. 1 week ago

Ana Belle 16 months ago

Nikola_Tesla 2 weeks ago

Lou M.April

I can’t believe how fast 2014 is going. It’ll be the end of the year before we know it.

  • Expenses $200
  • Personal $270
  • Savings $94.63

This week I’ve got a lot going on in terms of spending money – ugh. I have to organise my boyfriend’s birthday present, get some new work shoes and some work shirts. The next two weeks are going to be horrendously busy on the work front but then again three jobs will do that to a person. I’ve also got to sort out some uni work and get organised for my student teaching placement next term. Only $289 to go until my savings goal is done! I’m keen to put away as much as possible this year.

Busy busy busy 2 weeks ago

RachelMarch Summary

This month I received $520.16 and spent $1,038.94.

$56 – non-food groceries
$279 – groceries
$20 – food out (excl. oregon)
$258 – rent
$10 – entertainment

$13 – gas/driving (excl. oregon)
$25 – donations
$8 – jewelry
$31 – gifts
$29 – classes at gym

$5 – office supplies
$5 – flowers :)
$40 – mental health first aid class

$261 – trip to oregon for interview (primarily spent on the car)

Savings is at $3200.

Income is from selling a book and mostly from my grandmother.

Last month paying rent! That’s good, at least. My roommates haven’t gotten back to me about the other bills (it’s auto-pay in their name) so none of those yet this month.
WHY DO I KEEP SPENDING SO MUCH ON FOOD (groceries). Gah. Still, if I hadn’t had the Oregon trip I’d be spending even less than last month. 2 weeks ago

yogagal1Bills due soon and I'll have to look at my spending in the eye: Over $100 on eating out in one month!

I can’t afford that. Bills due in 2 days and I’ll have to look and find room to pay rent, credit card bills .

And also look at expenses.

Deep breaths. 2 weeks ago

Lou M.Untitled

There’s nothing quite like having four casual positions and none of them give you enough hours to make it by. If only I had more study left so I could be eligible for government assistance. Oh well. Fingers crossed I can scale back after my 3 week school placement. 2 weeks ago

Maggiebash97 2 weeks ago


I just got a check from my grandmother today, and I don’t know what to do with it.

I don’t talk to my family, except one of my sisters. She (“accidentally”) told my parents/grandmother that I’m not in school anymore and am unemployed. I wasn’t planning on saying anything and just emailing them my new address when I move, casually mentioning “oh by the way I got kicked out of school and have this cool new job” when they inevitably asked. I don’t like them, I think they’re kind of crappy people (although they are not bad parents), and most importantly, I don’t think they have some right to know about my life. I’m sort of a fuck-the-man person and I resent societal norms like this, being obligated to maintain relationships with your family just because you happen to be related to them. Screw that.

ANYWAY my grandmother called me the other day (and for some reason I answered the phone; I haven’t talked to her since December I guess so I was feeling charitable, and bored). It was a brief conversation (during which she asked me about school and work in a critical way – “are you looking for jobs?” – one of the things I didn’t want to deal with and thus one of the reasons I hadn’t said anything to my family). She called back a minute later and said “oh, do you need money? Because I have money.” I told her no several times. She sent me money anyway. That is thing #2 that I didn’t want to have to deal with as a consequence of my family knowing my [un]employment status.

Needless to say, I’m pretty upset with my sister.

So now I have to decide what to do about it. The last time she & my parents sent me money, I didn’t take it (and actually accused them of trying to bribe me to talk to them, and proceeded to not speak to them at all for several months). My grandmother’s been good lately about not bothering me though (well… aside from this phone call), and I don’t think she understands the same way my parents do why I’m not interested in dealing with them.

It’s a significant amount of money. About half a month’s living expenses. A deposit on a new apartment. 1/4 of a crappy car. I’ve been unemployed for over 3 months now, and while I originally figured I could continue to live in my house until the end of my lease – which is still true – I’ll be kind of screwed after it. When I relocate, I’ll need cash for an apartment. A lot of the jobs I’ve been applying for require use of a car.

It’s a really tough decision. And it has to be made soon, otherwise my grandmother will complain (to my sister) that I didn’t acknowledge her gift. 2 weeks ago

user1396054032 2 weeks ago

tiffanyabbe 5 years ago

hefcliff 3 weeks ago

carolll 3 weeks ago

raj kogila 4 weeks ago

bbcoachjgray 4 weeks ago

lifewithoutamapDoing the annual saving challenge DOUBLED!

I started the challenge at the beginning of the year and so far I have been meeting the goal each twice over. It’s ok now but it may be more of a challenge at the end of the year when the goals increase each week.

Having a place to put the money that isn’t visible helps a lot with this goal.

But in the the end… some extra cash saved is better than none saved. I’ll assess this goal in a couple months later to see where I am. 4 weeks ago

yogagal1$4.33 cents on complete trash!!!

On a order of fries/onion rings: it was gross…felt like the whole thing was just OIL..with thin or little substance. YUCK! GROSS!

Next time: same time , energy and enjoy the feeling of being prepared and ready and rooted :by packing snacks before hand!!! 4 weeks ago

manderson_088 4 weeks ago

Lou M.March 4

I’m now working 3 jobs so there will be more updates. Although I’m not getting paid a lot at my third job, my plan is to send it all to savings when I can.

  • Expenses $200
  • Personal $214
  • Savings $366.47

I’m finally getting somewhere with my savings. I’m nearly at my $500 to go mark. So ready for this Emergency Fund to just be done. 4 weeks ago

Lou M.March 2 & 3

Went straight to living expenses :( 4 weeks ago

sarahoverseas 4 weeks ago

MsSoniaG_x 2 years ago

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