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TyBerkeley99 3 months ago

J-FlowerWinter cut back

Time for the winter cut back, a bit late this year due to the mild weather letting everything keep flowering into November but the weather has turned now so time to get it all tidied up. Every year though I forget which plants get cut back and in what way so will have to get hold of my mum to tell me how to do it AGAIN. This year I swear I will write it down so that next year I can do it by myself :-) 5 months ago

J-FlowerGrannys garden

After a couple of weekes of not being able to do it because I was to scared to leave the house by myself I managed to get Robbie to take me down to grans so that I could get on with the stuff I needed to do in her garden. I planted some pretty flowers, did some weeding and put up strawberry netting for the baby climbers that I planted to climb up. All the flowers that I planted last time have established really well and the garden is looking great which made me feel really good because I could see the difference that I am making. Still a way to go but hopefully it will be a lovely place for her and grandad to go and relax outside. Felt like shit when I got home from all the panicking it caused me to go over there but from a gardening point of view two thumbs up. 7 months ago


This will have to wait until the summer, but I am finally in a place in my life where gardening is something I want to do. Very badly. 7 months ago

tobiag 7 months ago


Did loads in my garden today because I finally got some soil. So planted all my sweet peas into bigger pots, re-potted all my baby trees and made some pretty flower desplays. Very much enjoyed myself and my garden is half looking finished which is excellent because I am hoping to have a bbq in the next few days. Going over to my granny in-laws to do her garden in two days and will be out again in mine tomorrow so yay for this goal 9 months ago

J-Flower3 times faster

Currently working on three gardens mine, my friends and my gran in laws so am thinking that this will increase my skills a lot faster 9 months ago

user51204 10 months ago

emusterster 12 months ago

Laeshaw 13 months ago

burnsysmiles 14 months ago

ElsieKeaton 15 months ago

Lillpill 18 months ago

J-Flower 2 years ago


My mom grew up on a farm. She told me that my grandfather grew his own tobacco, coffee, and cacao plants. She remembers making chocolate from the cacao beans. I want to learn how to grow things from my mom. She has quite a green thumb. And I’d like this to be something we do together. 19 months ago

musclegrrrl 19 months ago

BUTL02 21 months ago

pharmjoA little flat garden

It’s looking like i’ll reside in flats/apartments for the forseeable future so I’ve decided to not let it hold me back from gardening! I’ve purchased a great book: ‘the virgin gardener’ by Laetitia Maklouf and it’s just little ideas and projects of how to grow plants and things in a small space. I havent decided on my first project yet but i’m excited just reading about them! :D 22 months ago

pharmjo 22 months ago

Shaktidelmar 22 months ago

totustuus20 23 months ago

Sooozie 4 years ago

i4krist 2 years ago

ms_jmad 2 years ago

user8439 2 years ago

Hannett Cole 2 years ago

franc1s 2 years ago

giloshThis is the year, man. You're doing this one this year.

Start with the plant-a-month kit you got for Christmas. Think of plants the way you think of pets- try and care about them that much, not just as non-entities. Start with the flowers, then maybe move on to vegetables in the summer. Get ready for the day you have your own place and you’ll be the one gardening, and not your mom. 2 years ago

gilosh 2 years ago


this past fall i successfully grew radishes and unsuccessfully grew broccoli and carrots. I am making some progress on my compost pile, and I am hoping by spring to have nice, healthy soil to work with. 2 years ago

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