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alex_kapin 2 weeks ago

xlime4 2 weeks ago

philosopherprinceLearned 900 Phrases by Listening to Audiotapes and Writing Out the Words

I recently came across Pimsleur Japanese. They claim that you can learn all the words with just 30 minutes a day. It’s not true, but the tapes help.

I started by getting the full 90 lessons, which I’m finished with the first 40 of them. I open up Google Translate, and a program called Japanese Word Processor. It write out the phrases to not only learn how to say the words, but read them too. If there’s a new phrase I write it down.

There’s a Japanese society in town, and I was able to practice a little. The practice gets you passed the point of learning a language where you stutter, forget words, and get nervous. It’s not easy, and I have to fight for every inch of progress, but it’s working isn’t it? 2 weeks ago

JChlueProgress 3

The most amazing thing happened last month. I went into an Goodwill store and found Genki 1 textbook and workbook on the shelf. Man, I went straight to the register and after paying for it, I practically ran out the door huddling the books as if I just stole them. Now, I have band new Genki 1 textbook and workbook waiting on me and it only cost me around $5.

As soon as I finish M.Thomas Japanese course and catch up with my Memrise watering I’m going to jump right into Genki. It also means I’m going to put off starting the Living language intermediate book.

Anyway, moving on

I finished with M.Thomas Foundation. Now,I am on M.Thomas Japanese Advance CD 1: Track 1

RTK: Lesson 10

New stuff:
Trying out the shadowing technique

Old stuff:
Still haven’t mastered Katakana
Still haven’t done the last test/quiz in the living language Essential book

and I should probably do all this before starting Genki.. 2 weeks ago

zanfisa zul 2 weeks ago

JinjaI've Already Started

My work installed free Mango Languages in the library, so I have been working on this for a month or so. It is very difficult, but I want to stick with it for awhile yet, at least until I can figure out what order the words go in in a sentence!

Plus, I am thinking of visiting Japan, so it would be nice if I could speak some of the language. 2 weeks ago

Jinja 2 weeks ago

Sumemasa 2 weeks ago

spisz 2 weeks ago

ChemicalIrony 5 years ago

Fishnchipz18 4 weeks ago

cooben88 1 month ago

nitrohelix 1 month ago

MisakixAikawa 1 month ago

user1394051095 1 month ago

PiperStep 2 - Intermediate

I just finished Minna no Nihongo II.

Now, there are couple of textbooks I have to go through.

As the core textbook, I will be using the first book of Minna no Nihongo III and see if it is useful or not.

I will continue to memorize the vocabulary via Anki software.

As for reading, I will try to go through both textbooks they use at Japanese Studies during their second year (out of three) here in Prague, which is 中級から学ぶ and 文化中級日本語 I.

Grammar part will be covered by 中級日本語文法要点整理ポイント20, reviewing Kanzen Bunpou Master L3 and maybe starting with Kanzen Bunpou Master L2 (but grammar here might by covered by MNN3, so we will see).

As for the writing part, I will continue writing essays on topics covered in MNN2 and then search for another topics I go through in textbooks mentioned above.

This step might take a lot of time, maybe even until the entrance exams. I hope to do more than this, but, well.. I should at least go through the both MNN3 books and Kanzen 2, if I want to score well during the exam.

But the main point is to learn Japanese, so let´s just continue steadily and don´t get bothered by useless pessimistic ideas.

頑張れ! 1 month ago

sayuan 1 month ago

ConorWilson 1 month ago

aliif5 kanji word to be remembered

im going to remember 5 kanji word for this 2 days ._. 1 month ago

aliif 1 month ago

goromcyti 1 month ago

Andrius Borkauskas 1 month ago

PrincessSofi24 2 months ago

CosmicRecall 2 months ago

Jenchankitten 2 months ago

themysterymachine 2 months ago

vilenora_vlsc 2 months ago

britta7 2 months ago

ryriroraima 2 months ago

petitato07 2 months ago

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