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Run another 5K and improve my time


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Waterfall NymphFinally!

Re-opening this given up on goal to crow my victory! 31:21 in the Save the Pools 5K. Hurray again for personal bests! 4 years ago

salsafreakJogging is so rough on my joints...

I think I’m going to stick with walking and perhaps biking so I don’t end up with joint problems later on… 6 years ago

salsafreakI can't believe it's been 10 months...

... since my last entry about running a 5k. I have since started a 10 week kickboxing class (this is week 8) and I am planning to start walking/jogging once the class comes to an end. I’ll still do kickboxing, but not 5 days a week like I have been. I might go 2 days each week and then throw in a yoga class, and a salsa lesson.

Oh yeah, and once I get back in the groove of things I will revisit my desire to run another 5k! 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphThis goal

keeps opening and closing but I’ll reopen it as soon as I can find one to sign up for.

But I’ll keep posting exercise data elsewhere, don’t you worry, heart rate fans! 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphA bit too mucousy for comfort today but...

12.5R/ 1.5W/ 13R/
Time in Target Zone: 19:02
Time Over T.Z.: 7:41
Calories: 424

Completely stopped in my tracks in awe at a Blue Heron flying over only about 20 feet over my head. Amazing. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphJust checked the results for the race

37:05! was my finish.

This proves that over 190 bpm all mental functions have shut off. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphAnd back we go

20 minutes straight running – Maybe a mile and a half? The body was happy to have had a real break. And also enough sleep.

Time in Target Zone: 10:05
Time Over T.Z.: 10:16
Calories: 351 6 years ago

Waterfall Nymph38:10!!!

I kicked serious ass.

It was too hot. 90 by noon.
There were double the number of people from last year so it was way crowded the whole way.
And it was the first day of my period. (Hey! Good morning to you too!)

But I beat my goal time as well as my super-secret optimistic goal time. I kept pretty much to my walk/ run goal (except at the water station) and never even looked at my watch after the last walk.

The Daft Punk saw me through with a bit of Fatboy Slim at the end for the final push. I think it really helped to have the familiar music to help with the pace and all – especially with so many people on the course.

Time in Target Zone: 3:36
Time Over T.Z.: 33:27

The really stunning part was after I fully made like Flo-Jo in the last bit and passed that old lady my heart rate was at 192. Wow! Near death! And I have a most excellent hr monitor abrasion across my chest.

I am really really proud of myself. I really did my best and showed myself that the winter of illness is in the past.

Which I why I burst into tears all over GG until he told me I was too sweaty. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphLast pre-race run

Did not do full length due to time constraints. Did however, do over 80% of 5K

15R/ 1.5W/ 15R/ 1 minute of Marie-José Pérec with the flu.
Time in Target Zone: 16:30
Time Over T.Z.: 17:07
Calories: 545

So here’s the race plan: 15 minute runs, 90 second or 2 minute walks. Finishing in under 45 minutes. I think that’s doable at my current level.

I have to just remember that I’ve only been back running for 3 weeks and that doing this at all is pretty damn good.

And not think about anyone else. That’s the hard part. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphCould not push today

Everything in me was saying “don’t run, don’t run”. I did finally make it out and it was grim. I did 2 10 minute runs and went back in.

Yuck. If Daft Punk can’t make a run good, it’s not going to get good. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphOoof

Again, body was not feeling it and since Mondays are taxing anyway, I decided to do a light day.

10R/ 2W/ 12R/ 2W/ 1 minute of Marie-José Pérec.
Time in Target Zone: 15:48
Time Over T.Z.: 11:44
Calories: 480
Heart rate seems to be improving overall and 155 is pretty easy.

Must push on Wednesday and test the 12 minute theory. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphYeeeaaaah Boyeeeee!

Full 5K distance with significantly less walking time: only the 5 minute warm up and a 3 minute break half way.

18R/ 3W/ 17R. And made even more impressive by the fact that the endorphins never kicked in.

Time in Target Zone: 10:08
Time Over T.Z.: 25:59
Calories: 621

Now the question is really how I hold up the rest of today. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphDid less today

Since after the impressive push of Monday I was so exhausted I could hardly function for the rest of the day. Quoth the chum, “Mommy, you can go upstairs and lie down and read in bed.”

So today I just did 2 miles – 12R/ 2W/ 12R with the warm up and cool down walks. Still nothing to sneeze at.

Rejiggered my heart rate monitor so I can now post even more fascinating statistics for my own delight:
Time in Target Zone: 11:08
Time Over T.Z.: 15:41
Calories: 485 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphOnly my 4th run back and I did the 5K distance!

Not pretty, and much not run, but still. Ha! Imagine what I can do when I’m not sick!

2 15 minute runs and a 2 full out sprint at the end. 5 minute warm up, and 3-4 minute breaks in between. Not totally sure. Heart rate was a bit high (ha).

I am so exhausted. But if I can just do the same on Wednesday and Friday I’ll be set to try to cut out some more of the walking time for next week. And then’s the race. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphHot hot hot.

Already 75 degrees by 10:30 which was when G got up and the chum was somewhat transfered over (still crying as I left though). I don’t do well in the heat. No, I do not.

Still big step forward in running time and distance. All the way to the far edge of the chicken farm – about 2.5 miles.

10R/ 2W/ 10R/ 3W/ 10R with a 5 minute walk on each end. Not too damn shabby.

Will be even better when it’s at 7am. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphWasn't going to run today

As I am oh so stiff and since GG ended up getting up with the chum after last night’s midnight revels (ha!), I didn’t want to ask him to extend his chum engagement. But he said I should, so I did.

Same distance as last time – 2 miles including the 5 minute warm-up walk. 5R/ 3W/ 8R/ 3W/ 8R/ 1 W and a 30 second full out sprint at the end.

Oof. That second day thing hit me hard but I pushed through it.

I absolutely have to run every other day until the race. That gives me 8 times. I’m pretty sure I can get up to a 15 minute run before a pause by then. That’s what I’m shooting for anyway. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphHail Spring!

I ran today.
5 minutes run/ 2 walk/ 5R/ 3W/ 5 R/ 3 W/ 5 R.- 20 minutes running total – 2 miles covered.

Well, that’s lovely and all. Of course, I am doing a race in, oh, a little less that 3 weeks.

So my goal for the race is to have one walk break about half way in and to be able to run the whole way. Clearly, this will not be the race in which I beat my time. However, I am unwilling to give in to the horrible winter and not do the race. It’s a fun charity run/ walk. No one will be judging me, right?

Anyway – I ran. I didn’t die. It actually felt great, due in more than a small part to Daft Punk – and how hard it has been to save it for this! But I do keep almost crying – clearly something is going on. Oh well, run through it. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphIt's a miracle

but I think I’m well enough to try a tiny tiny baby run tomorrow. Oh my god, I’m so excited.

I’ve already told myself that, yeah, I may not be running the full 5K in like 5 weeks. But I am committed to going out and giving it what I can.

I’m thinking of signing up for a 3K that happens a few weeks later. Not sure. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphSigned up

for the same one I did last year. I think I’m well enough to start exercising again. Will try C25K week 3 or 4 on Monday.

Apr. 27 – 58 days. 6 years ago

Waterfall NymphNot really giving up

since when a 5K comes around in the Spring I’ll give it another shot, but I’m closing it for now. 7 years ago

Waterfall NymphSad sad sad

Well, I missed the race. Blah. I’m not really optimistic that there will be another one before spring either – though will keep my eyes open.

Anyway, that just gives me time to improve my time (and get sick and well and sick and well….)

Mostly unpleasant run today. Probably 2 1/2 miles.
About 35 minutes of running with breaks. 15 minutes then about 6 minutes then a couple of 3 minute bursts.
Time in Target Zone: 30:16
Time Over T.Z.: 11;25
Calories: 611

My ankle hurts, my foot hurts, my shins hurt, and I am exhausted now.

But that’s what it’s like when you start back up. The time after next will be better! 7 years ago

Waterfall NymphThe race is Saturday

and all my training has been completely sidelined by illness. As of today, my body is still grappling with fatigue and ache.

If I am well on Saturday, I may go and run it, just to try to get over my self-consciousness, but there’s no way I’ll be beating my time.

Oh well. Let the training continue. 7 years ago

Waterfall Nymph18 days out

Ran a different route today – much flatter but through town. Much more to deal with (hello migrant workers!) Hard hard run. Heart rate really high and right knee and ankle feeling a bit iffy.

But – did a full 5K. I needed 2 walk breaks but even with that completed it in 33:25. Not at all shabby.

Running Time: 31:25
Time in Target Zone: 15:24
Time Over T.Z.: 22:16
Calories: 558 7 years ago

Waterfall Nymph20 days out

Today’s run brought to you by fog. So much easier to run in the cool.

No walk breaks today. Woohoo! Ran nearly 3 miles. Serendipitously, I ran for exactly the same amount of time that I completed the 5K in last time. Unfortunately, had not covered 5K by that point – but hey! Walked 3 minutes then did an additional 3 minutes with a sprint at the end.

The real achievement is how much I’m staying in my target zone even on hills and getting back into it without having to walk. Amazing how fast my body adjusts to increased demand.

Running Time: 35:08
Time in Target Zone: 29.22
Time Over T.Z.: 7:04
Calories: 625 7 years ago

Waterfall Nymph23 days out

Running Time: 30:00
Time in Target Zone: 27:20
Time Over T.Z.: 5:56
Calories: 542

Check out that amazing HR improvement! Partly due to a) the rain and b) the slower running necessitated by the rain – but still! The mighty metabolism steps up!

Ran 15/ Walked 1/ Ran 15.

Oh man, I love running in the rain. 7 years ago

Waterfall Nymph25 days out

Time for 5K: 42:10
Running Time: 35:10
Time in Target Zone: 16:41
Time Over T.Z.: 22:49
Calories: 659

Much better today. Ran 20 minutes, walked 2, then ran 15 minutes to my door – with a 30 second full-on sprint at the end.

Spent a lot more time in or just slightly above target HR zone – which really makes all the difference to the sustained run.

Clearly I will be able to run the 5K, how fast is a big question though. 7 years ago

Waterfall Nymph27 days out

We’ll soon know if this is actually doable. Today proved that I can not run a 5K yet.

I covered the full distance but t wasn’t pretty. I planned to run 15/ walk 2/ run 15 but the second 15 was just torture. So I ended up taking 2 very quick walk breaks and then going 2 minutes longer at the end.

I’m sure some of today’s lack of performance was because I just had a hard run yesterday. But ugh. My feet hurt now. If I am going to run this race I seriously need to lose 5 pounds before I run – that will help the poor feet.

Well, I’ve got a goal now. Hope it helps stop the undermining snacking!

Time for 5K: 39:??
Running Time: 32 ish
Time in Target Zone: 15:55
Time Over T.Z.: 21:54
Calories: 635 7 years ago

Waterfall NymphOK so!

I’ve changed my goal back to this. I just found one in Santa Rosa in a month.

I think it’s doable but it will take some big focus. But I need a motivator. 32:08? And she isn’t even running 25 minutes straight yet! 7 years ago

salsafreakSo I ran the 5k on the 29th...

... and unfortunately I did NOT improve my time =(

I did it in 32 minutes and 41 seconds this time around, not bad considering I didn’t really run very much leading up to the event. 7 years ago

salsafreakNext 5k scheduled!

I’ll be running in the YMCA 5k on September 29th… and doing my best to walk/jog and participate in other activities before then. 7 years ago

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