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Do the 100 mile diet

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irisheyes999Baby steps

Let’s see if I can do this one day a week to start.

I’m going to make Saturday my official 100 Mile Diet Day. 6 years ago

snowsqrrrlOK maybe not 100% 100 mile diet but I can try

Basically you only eat stuff within a 100 miles of your house http://www.100milediet.org.

Pretty much everything at the grocery store is off limits (its all imported from or mass produced from somewhere else). I have a great local organic protien supplier at the farmers market. We’re fairly far north but there’s good veggies most of the year (by Feb/Mar its mostly root veggies though) not much fruit but you can get lots of berries (I still have lots of frozen u-pick raspberries, saskatoons, and strawberries from last year). I can find local yogurt and cheese (just under the 100 mile limit) but I don’t think you can buy milk (its like there’s some dairy distribution conspiracy out there if you ask me).

The challenging part would be staples like bread or flour (even though its all prairie out there for 100 miles I don’t know how you’d find local grain products), other carbs (no rice – I really don’t care for potatos), other protiens (beans, lentils, peanut butter etc.), condiments (salt, pepper, spices), and miscellanious stuff. I did find a local canola oil dude last weekend.

What I would miss the most though is… coffee, tea, salmon, wine, beer, milk and I’m not sure what else. 7 years ago

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