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Thought this website helped you do what you want to do not just be a reminder. I can remember my own things thanks. Any advice 4 years ago

monkiegrrrlNow is a great time to do this

I’m in the process of shrinking right now, so as I need to replace things in my wardrobe with smaller sizes, I’m going to keep it basic. 6 years ago

mackrWe wardrobe Sales Summary

We are professionals in the export of household products company name : Fertile Holdings Ltd. Ningbo, China, the main products are simple wardrobe, cloakroom, pantry aircraft, and other products at, 100% export products in Europe and North America, we welcome advice buy! 8 years ago

wsaav921Large initial investment but it gets easier after that.

I am a student who in the course of my education decided simulataneously that I wanted to take over my own means to production and to create a logically sustainable wardrobe system. You see, I had attended private schools up till university, and never had time to pick my clothing since I was always in one of several uniforms. After two years I had finally begun to teach myself how to sew and knit and crochet (with limited success, but still progressing) and had experimented in wardrobe theory a few times. I was unable to spend time to make all of my own clothing, but I did create a system of unchanging clothing that suits me for now. 9 pairs of underpants and 9 undershirts. 16 pairs of cotton socks, 16 pairs woolen socks. 2 pairs of worsted wool slacks, 2 pairs jeans, 2 pairs cotton clam diggers (I don’t really like shorts too often). For weekends, 1 pair of cotton pants, 1 pair shorts, 1 pair corduroys. 1 turtleneck, 1 nightshirt. 1 cardigan vest, 1 mid weight sweater and eventually 1 guernsey heavy sweater. 1 all season sport jacket, 1 tweed jacket, and one pocketed cotton vest for summer. 1 jean jacket (I hate holding things in my pockets). 1 pair casual ankle boots, 1 pair sneakers, 1 pair dress boots, eventually 1 pair of winter boots. 2 belts. 1 set of exercise sweats. 5 teeshirts, 9 button down dress shirts, eventually I hope to divide these into oxford and flannel for seasonal wear. 1 raincoat w/removable liner, 1 crushable rain jacket, 1 heavy melton wool overcoat. 1 beret, 1 knit cap, 1 pair leather gloves, 1 pair wool mits. 1 pashmina and 1 chunky knit scarf. For dress, I have 1 2 piece suit and several ties, although I suppose my everyday wear is a bit formal. I hope to acquire a leather backpack and replace my canvas satchel with a leather one. The catch is that I decided on only allowing myself 2 colors for now, navy and white, with cordovan leather. Excepting the tweed I have followed this to a tee and it functions well; I don’t think of clothing anymore as an issue. After having run this experiment I hope to slowly vary my colors, add maybe grey and brown and hunter green, but I figure that the rule must be ultra conservative: Never buy more clothing, always replace what you already have. Never buy clothing you do not need, no matter how cheap. One day I hope to have time to return to teaching myself how to construct clothing-I also was attempting to drop leather and tried weaving sandals and felting boots. It’s a good idea to consciously construct your wardrobe, otherwise you’ll be subject to the wiles of consumer culture who certainly does not have reason or economy as its interest. 9 years ago

IaliuxhHere's how you do it:

First and foremost, focus on natural fibers. ABSOLUTELY NO POLYSTER! Cotton, Silk, Wool, Linen (Remember that Silk and Linen have special washing and ironing requirements)

Go to your dresser; pick out your 8 favorite pairs of socks, 8 favorite bras, and 8 favorite underwear. If you wear pajamas, pick out 8 pairs of pajamas and one bathrobe. Pick one day out of the week to do laundry. For example, Tuesday night is laundry.

The next part is a little more difficult, depending on your place of employment, but here is the general rule. 8 short sleeve shirts (t-shirts or blouses), 8 long sleeve shirts (t-shirts, turtle necks or long sleeve blouses). The any color rule applies here. Or you can have a signature color. Next, 2 warm sweaters. Perhaps one as a cardigan, and one as a pullover. Pick a color that goes with everything, charcoal or chocolate brown. Finally, pick out 8 bottoms (pants or skirts, mix them up) and 2 pair of shorts. You are allowed one interview outfit, one nice going to a family wedding outfit and one going out to party outfit. Here is the fun part, 1 fun purse, 1 fun hat, 1 nice scarf, one long coat. 4 pairs of shoes. Sandals, heels or a pair of boots, slippers and tennis shoes or loafers, your personal preference.

A lot of people get lost on color. You want to look good and you want things to match. I suggest selecting a natural color for everything and incorporating one main color.

Take everything else, put it in a box and donate to your local charitable organization.

Here is what my wardrobe looks like:

8 pairs of burgundy underwear, all the same shade. 8 matching bras. I made them with a cotton yarn that contained 2% elastic. They are a tank top style and bicycle shorts, so I can wear them like a swim suit. Only when one starts to wear, do I make another. 8 pairs of 100% merino wool socks. Grey with a burgundy red heel and toe. If I wear out the heel or toe, it is easy to replace. Anyone who knits socks, I use an afterthought heel as described in The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. 4 burgundy cotton lightweight long sleeve shirts for the summer (heirloom sewing, two with smocking). 4 long sleeve grey cotton turtlenecks, 4 charcoal grey long sleeve flannel button down shirts for the winter. One heavy duty warm burgundy wool sweater. One heavy duty creamy vanilla color wool sweater. I live in far northern Canada, it get’s really cold here in the winter. 6 wool skirts. All very long, because that is what I like. All charcoal grey. 8 creamy vanilla granny style cotton nighties. Some with embroidered burgundy flowers. I made them myself. I made all my clothes myself. They last longer. 2 pairs of Doc Marten boots, in burgundy. 1 pair of grey wool slippers. 1 pair of burgundy summer sandals. I have a long black leather trench coat, a long creamy vanilla duster style wool sweater that I wear around the house, a grey knitted wool winter hat, a grey wool knitted scarf, and burgundy knitted wool gloves. Yes, I like wool. And one incredible handmade, quilted dark burgundy velvet with silk lining bathrobe. I allow myself an apron, because I sell vegetables at the Farmer’s Market in the Summer and need a place to put money. I have one long charcoal grey lightweight wool dress, that is versatile from weddings to funerals. I can wear a sweater with it if it is chilly. I also have a creamy vanilla lace mohair shawl, which I can wear with it to dress it up.

I have three bags. One all purpose project bag. I quilted myself. It is burgandy, has pockets on the inside. One canvas bag, that I use when I buy groceries or when I go to the library and one carry on approved backpack, made by Eddie Bauer. It served me through Junior High School, High School and University. Still in excellent shape.

My wardrobe works, because there is never that panic of what to wear, everything matches everything else, so it is just a matter of figuring out hold cold it is to determine how many layers to put on. 9 years ago

caffcaffI Am Soooo Pleased!!!!

I can actually find things now! lol…. I didnt realise just how much crap i had, i mean how many black sjirts does a girl need? I had 6 lol

Will try not to let it get like that again and will try to live by the rule; buy a new item of clothing, then get rid of an old item….. We’ll see how long that lasts! lol 9 years ago

caffcaffI've Done It!!!!!

DH got all my summer clothes out of the loft and i’ve gone through everything and my wardrobe contents are now a lot easier to organise…. I’m gunna cross this one off now. WOW!!! It feels so good to be able to find things again lol 9 years ago

caffcaffI've Done It!!!!!

DH got all my summer clothes out of the loft and i’ve gone through everything and my wardrobe contents are now a lot easier to organise…. I’m gunna cross this one off now. WOW!!! It feels so good to be able to find things again lol 9 years ago

caffcaffI've Done It!!!!!

DH got all my summer clothes out of the loft and i’ve gone through everything and my wardrobe contents are now a lot easier to organise…. I’m gunna cross this one off now. WOW!!! It feels so good to be able to find things again lol 9 years ago

caffcaffThis Should Be Completed By June

as now we’re getting some nicer weather (yeah, right!) i will have to get my summer stuff out, which means putting the winter stuff away…. An ideal time to get rid of all the stuff i dont wear anymore….. 9 years ago

caffcaffThe Contents That Is!

I have too many clothes (dont all us girls?) and i find that i’m wearing the same old things all the time :o( Probably because 1, i can never find anything and 2, theres loads of stuff in there that either doesnt fit, i dont like or i cant be bothered to iron lol. I need to go through it all. 9 years ago

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