Shhh...She's studying for the "final" final:

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~*Serenity*~Whooo hoooo....

It’s over. I survived and it was hard as hell. {Being sick did not help} I have to say this, a few of my friends who have been with me through all these science classes gathered early this morning for this study feast.

I felt very loved, even if it was in a threatening, menacing way.
I was threatened to be drug {dragged} to the Dr. My breathing is labored {that’s only because my damn lungs hurt, it will get all better I just know it… “Physician heal thyself”: commence the healing}

Well There is something I am so so so so proud of.
This final was hard. When I turned it in, we were given our lab final so we could see our grades. I looked at mine to see what I missed. He always gives bonus stuff {Hes hard and he knows it} I started to walk away and he said Seren, come here there is something I want to show you. He points to the sheet that had all the averages on it and the total of A’s, B’s etc:.

He told me you see that 100, Yes Sir...
There is only one of them, Yes Sir, I see that
You got the top grade Ser, your the only one who made an A on it.

I am so flippin’ excited to have done that, you just have no idea. Maybe I’m not a dumbass after all.

Okay I’m still a dumbass but I know bones and muscles. I suppose you could call me a connoisseur of Human Anatomy {LMAO} 6 years ago



tomorrow 6 years ago

~*Serenity*~Who the Hell am I kidding.

I am addicted:

I can study and answer people right… Right.

sigh, I am hopeless…

Besides, we are having one kick ass storm out there. I am loving it, thunder, lightening, lots and lots of wind and rain.
Perfect “finals” {make you go crazy day} 6 years ago

~*Serenity*~Shhh... be oh so quiet.

like a mouse if you can. Maybe even a secret Ninja assassin in stealth mode, she is studying for the “final” final.

I’ll tell her you left a message and she will promptly get back with you oh, sometime around 1 p.m. 5-10-7…

This is not a test, repeat this is not a test…
Fuck that it’s a damn final it’s a big ole’ massive test. Flickr and 43 will have to wait.

Shhh… be very quiet.

{P.S. she is still not feeling well, it’s boding ill for her you know} 6 years ago

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