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alter my clothes that are now too big


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I’m thrilled to have this done. Although stuff will always be landing in the mending basket, it’s officially empty for now!!! There were three winter blouses in it, and two winter skirts, and a pair of winter pants. All six of those will be stashed with the other winter stuff I recently put away, to be reevaluated next year based on my size then. That only makes sense. And for now, as of yesterday, I have reclaimed: my black suit pants (which were most important), a great skirt, my brown blazer (second most important), a white shell, another pair of great black pants, and a pair of plaid ones that work with the brown blazer. Also mom gave me a cool skirt/scarf combo. Although this may slightly be working against my goal of downsizing my wardrobe, I’m glad to have these old friends back. 6 years ago


Mom and I are planning to work on the whole mending basket today. I left out a pair of winter pants and two winter skirts; if they still are too big next year (I hope), they’ll just go to the donation bin. 6 years ago

AbigailWhite shirts, black pants, black skirt

I am hereby promising myself that I will work on four things tomorrow – my black skirt, my black pants, and my two white long-sleeve shirts. I’ve waited all fall and winter to wear those two shirts … now that it’s nearly spring, I need to just get them done. It’s an easy fix, so stop procrastinating! All should be easy, really, except the skirt … which may no longer be wearable. You can only take so many sizes out of something before it’s just no longer alterable. If that’s the case, then the skirt had a good long life … I can remember wearing it in high school. 6 years ago

AbigailFinished four things last weekend

I only finished four things last weekend, since I ran out of time. I’m not happy with the black suede skirt and will probably take it in more. I am happy with my new brown and black stripey pants that are now wearable, my green suit pants which needed more taking in on top of already taken in legs, and the pants to my new thrift store gray suit, which I wore on Thursday.

There are two hand jobs waiting – a jacket needs a button moved, and a skirt needs a hook and eye sewn into the waist. And I have to decide to alter or get rid of the red suede skirt. Probably I’ll sell it – it’s nice and would fetch a good price, and I doubt I’d wear it much if I did alter it. And there are three blouses still in the bin – two white, which I need to finish so I can wear, and one blue silky … not my favorite. Hmmph. 6 years ago

AbigailI WILL make progress this weekend

I am now promising myself to make progress this weekend. I will sew up the black suede-y skirt, the green suit pants, and at least three other things. Five things a weekend … I’ll never finish, but I’ll have some things back in my wardrobe. 6 years ago

AbigailThis basket has no bottom. I'm certain.

I did get done everything I posted about pinning and planning. It’s all back in the rotation and wearable, including Donald’s tshirt. Sadly, the mending basket filled right back up again. I lost a few more pounds, I guess, and suddenly a whole new class of clothes don’t fit anymore. I’m not sure some of them are worth trying to save – then again, I think of how happy I am with the things I recently altered, and I regain the will to do it. Now to find the energy. 6 years ago

AbigailPinned and planned

I’m finally down to the bottom of the mending basket. I tried everything on for Gram this weekend, and she helped me pin and plan the alterations for taking them in. I have three skirts, eight blouses, and a pair of pants left to work on. I don’t know how the pants will turn out, but I hope very well. I also have a t-shirt of Donald’s to do once I get the red thread on, but it’s just a little tiny fix. I can’t WAIT to actually be at the bottom of the basket. Of course it’ll just fill up again – but hopefully more managably so. 7 years ago

AbigailMore "new" stuff for the closet

Last night, I took in two blouses, two tops, two skirts, and a pair of pants that had been too big. It feels great to have these clothes wearable again! 7 years ago

AbigailTwo items down

I sewed up a shirt today on a whim, then had the right thread on, so I did a blouse that’d also gotten too big. Getting there! 7 years ago

AbigailMore to do

I just added a bunch more things to the pile. I went through last year’s clothes and there are a few things that are just too good to get rid of, and alterations seem simple enough. The suede-look skirt, the red striped pants—I loved this stuff! I should be able to zip them both right up the sides and have them good as new. I might even get crafty and try to shape the suede-y one into a pencil skirt. This leaves at least 10 things to sew on. I’ll never be done! 7 years ago

AbigailFour more things!

I only have four things to go in the mending basket! The gray pants had just gotten too big. I only tried them on and found this out AFTER I’d sewed them up, of course. They’re beyond altering, so into the “sell” pile they go. The white shirt is wearable after the removal of close to four inches – I’ve really shrunk, even though I think I look the same. I like the way it fits, so I’ll do its brothers the same way. I sewed up the bathing suit and mended the top by hand, so the only things left are those three blouses and a pair of blue pants. I’ll be trying them on BEFORE I try altering them. 7 years ago


I have this goal almost done. Most things are wearable again (in fact, Friday night I wore a skirt I’d sewed up earlier that day!) and the things that aren’t have been set aside for the donation bin or the consignment shop. Yay!

There are still three or four things left in the mending basket—a 3/4 sleeve shirt I want to try altering, a pair of gray pants that need taking in, a top that needs a little hand-stitching, and my bathing suit that needs the hem put back in. Whoo!

I did pick up a new wardrober suit yesterday, and the skirt and pants may need minor taking in, but I won’t do that until I’m sure I’ll keep the suit. 7 years ago

AbigailSome success!

I did a bunch of them yesterday, with mixed results. The tops are much better and I can wear them again. My favorite pair of jeans that I was really hoping to get wearable just look funny, and I think I’ll try one more place to take in, and if it doesn’t work, then I should toss them and bid them a fond farewell. A pair of black pants is looking a little better but could use another inch out of each side, and I have a whole ‘nother stack of stuff to work on! I got so fired up yesterday when stuff fit better, I went to the closet and pulled out everything I’m not wearing. I’m going to tackle all of it today, hopefully. 7 years ago

AbigailMost are finished!

All the clothes I set aside for alteration are finished.

Right now, there are several pairs of dress pants I’d like to trim down to fit better. I have several cotton blouses that are two sizes too big – altering them to fit is a possibility, but not a certainty. Then there are a couple knit tops I’d like to fix – since they’re tank tops, it’ll work just fine. Once I have a working sewing machine – which I’m getting! B. is giving me her old one. WAHOO!

As I attempt alterations, I’m finding several things that can’t be fixed. It’s a relief to toss them into the consignment bin or the donation bin. Even things I loved just have no place any more, since I don’t feel good about how I look in them. 7 years ago

AbigailSewing machine woes

Arrgh! The new sewing machine (well, old, but new to me) is a total wreck, and suddenly stops working all the time. I own three machines … that’s two down, one left to try. 7 years ago

AbigailPinned is better than nothing

It’s so hard to pin your own clothes so that they fit properly. I took mine up to my grandmother’s for the weekend put them all on. My mother pinned them to fit, so now all that’s left is to sew them up. It will require buying some thread – I’m quite short on different colors. I should also buy some bobbins, too. Once I figure out what kind my new machine takes! 7 years ago

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