release the emotions trapped in my muscles

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princessjI'll take the emotions, thanks

Healing Back Pain by John Sarno is about TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome) (myositis meaning muscle)

About pain being caused by the unconscious mind’s effort to repress emotions … the unconscious mind creates pain in the body to distract away from some unpleasant emotion you may not even know you are feeling.

(according to this book anger is the main one)

I almost never feel angry.

According to this book, my anger could be being diverted by my unconscious mind so I don’t even feel it, then the tension causes pain in the muscles.

Physical pain being preferable to emotional pain.

So the technique is whenever you feel the pain, try to realise what you are angry about and then the pain becomes ineffective as a distractor. Then you don’t feel the pain any more (or it just moves location, then you do it again.)

Then you just gotta feel the anger for a little while.

But honestly, I’d choose this over muscle pain, now.

Thanks for trying, mind, but I’ll take the emotions now.

It’s wierd, trying to dig up a feeling of anger. Trying to realise what you could been angry about but it got so repressed you didn’t even know it.

We’re socialised that anger is undesirable. And sure, it’s uncomfortable too.

But really, anger is human’s way of releasing frustration.

Like crying is human’s way of releasing tension. 6 years ago


a friend at work told me about this and it sounds worth trying

along with Rolfing which so far (two sessions) has been unbelievable in its effects

so grateful to be able to experience these things

thank you J, thank you G

thank you Jo, thank you Giovanni6 years ago

princessjfound this "on the internet"

“Pain and suffering are simply extreme forms of play”


”...and there isn’t anything in the whole universe to be afraid of because it doesn’t happen to anyone! There isn’t any substantial ego at all. The ego is a kind of flip, a knowing of knowing, a fearing of fearing. It’s a curlicue, an extra jazz to experience, a sort of double-take or reverberation, a dithering of consciousness which is the same as anxiety.”

crazy quotes6 years ago

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