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How To Make A Martini Vodka

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maglieriActually it was a dry martini

I tried out Drinkboy’s suggestion yesterday (http://www.drinkboy.com/Essays/ThePerfectMartini.html), specifically to work with different proportions of vermouth & gin, and stir things well so that some ice melts (the water as well as the vermouth smooths out the gin).

I tried a 1 part vermouth to 4 parts gin as well as 1:8. I preferred the former; the latter still had a bit too much botanicals.

I’m going to have to get some sweet vermouth for a true proper martini (50% sweet, 50% dry vermouth). 6 years ago


I’m not very good at making martini, unfortunately, but I practice and I hope that some day I will be able to do this! 7 years ago


my GOD this is amazing . . . I’d been guilty of Vermouth abuse in times past when I didn’t drink as much as I do currently. Fortunately, that’s been cured and I made the leap to take it very easy on the vermouth. Oh man, best move I ever made. Martini’s aren’t for the weak drinkers. If you would classify yourself as a “girly-drinker” then this certainly isn’t for you. but if you’re brave enough, bold enough, and brazen enough to drink ice-cold gin with a dash of un-aged white wine, this is quite possibly one of the greatest concoctions to grace the palette. 7 years ago

freddfishThe perfect martini

made with GIN, and only GIN!

It is all about the ratio- 10 parts gin to 1 part dry vermouth.

Need proper glasses, misted with water and chilled in the freezer. Have a swizzle stick with 3 small or 2 lg green stuffed olives ready. Pour the gin and vermouth into a cocktail shaker with 6 large ice cubes. Stir gently, and then strain into 2 glasses.

This is not perfect yet, I am still working on it…. 8 years ago

BerberCarpetThe Perfect Martini

Prepare a lime (or, saving that, orange) twist.

Prepare a martini glass by filling it with ice cubes—spin the glass for a while to get the glass nice and cold.

Leave the glass alone, and fill a metal martini shaker with ice cubes.

Dump your ice cubes out of your glass, and spritz with vermouth. The perfect amount is best described this way: “Wave the vermouth bottle in the direction of your glass from a safe distance.”

Now measure out your gin, pouring carefully into the shaker. (Do NOT simply dump your gin in. Gin is a delicate drink, and can “bruise” easily. You *can taste the difference between gin that’s been handled properly and gin that’s been abused. Do not abuse alcohol.)

Gently stir the gin in the shaker. Do NOT shake. (James Bond was wrong.)

Very gently, pour your gin into your glass, and add the citrus twist.

Enjoy quickly—this drink is all but worthless warm.

Some other notes:

Martinis do not contain vodka. A drink in a martini glass made from vodka is some other drink, and is not to be called a martini.

Unlike vodka, you get what you pay for with gin. Spend the money and get Tanqueray. Beefeater will do in a pinch. Bombay Sapphire is for Gin and Tonics not for martinis.

Always use clean glassware, and never re-use your ice.

Get a citrus tool for making your zests with. Soooo much easier.

Be generous with your ice—It is made of water, afterall.

On that note: always make your ice out of distilled water. Tap water is for making Tang with. You’re a grownup, aren’t you?

  • Martinis do not have olives, you’re thinking of some other, inferior, drink.

also see:


http://extratasty.com/recipe/714/the_perfect_martini 8 years ago

ooooh, widgets!!!Untitled

I can appreciate a good martini, but I’m just not interested enough to suffer through all the not-so-good martinis it would take me to get to perfect. I am, however, perfectly willing to be made the perfect martini. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to add make amnerocious the perfect martini. 8 years ago

Miss4tuneI am the professor of Drink Mixology

I’ve been bartending for 3 1/2 years now and I make the best martinis. Infact they are my specialty. There is definitely a science to it, but not as hard as it sounds. 8 years ago

ElizabethI prefer Vodka

either ketel one or grey goose. For additional fun, choose a flavored vodka such as green apple or watermelon. Instead of vermouth, match the flavored vodka with schnapps. (For example, vodka and sour apple schnapps) All I can say is delicioso. 8 years ago

Hannah BartonI think I drank it the other day...

In Las Vegas. Tanqueray 10 and Maytag bleu cheese stuffed olives. Mmm Mmm! 9 years ago

pegIt's all about the cold

Chill the glasses by putting ice in them for 20 minutes before.

Stainless steel glasses enhance the effect. 9 years ago

Chris HeathcoteDepends on what you mean...

there’s a Perfect Martini and your perfect martini. This is a good place to start.

As a fan of old fashioned cocktails, I prefer a ratio of about 4:1 Dry London gin to vermouth, stirred not shaken, and vary between up and on the rocks, depending on how long I think it’s going to take me to drink it. Maybe a flamed lemon peel rather than an olive.

For a martini, it’s worth investing in a good bottle of gin or vodka, as it’s the one cocktail where the base spirit is really on show. 9 years ago

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