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puppetman2013Breast implant is best choice for flat boob girls

choose a really good doctor though
if youre flat chested breast implants will give you a size 32
breast implants stay lovely for life
the cost is 2000-3000$ so I heard
ive seen breast implants and they do not sag
a little soar for few weeks after getting breast implants but you will be ok
the cut below you boobs will not be seen over time if you chose a good doctor
ask around before choosing a doctor
its a good investment for girls with no boobs
thought I would share this thought
ive seen breast implants in person and was amazed
as you get older those breast implants never change
google it and see for yourself how it all works
but its the doctor that makes them really look good once its all done
again the soreness will be a few weeks and that’s it
its a cut below your boob area that concerns most girls but the right doctor will make the perfect cut and it will heal over a period of time without being noticeable
nothing wrong with natural small boobs however
breast implants just give you a little more
not big whoppers
just firm nice size boobs

a site just for girls
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peace im out 1 month ago

puppetman2013 1 month ago

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mc_wehman 2 years ago


I dobt know if I’ll do this one or not… I m very petite with matching boobs. I’ve always wished they were bigger and said if I had the money I’d do them, but really I was always ok with them, pretty body confident, small but suited me etc… Then I got pregnant and experienced life with bigger boobs- I loved them! ... And after breast feeding 2 babies experienced the shitty after effects on already little assets! Seriously! Breast feeding one baby fine, but two have done their damage and I no longer like looking in the mirror. And my husband could and would pay for the op. But, we’ve had lots of financial help from my parents in the past,I feel like they would disapprove and think it was a waste of money and I don’t want to let them down. And I am embarrassed by the whole thing. Whilst I can say o m husband and my girlfriends I’d like a boob job I don’t like the thought of my parents/ family friends/work people knowing about it! Aghhh! 2 years ago

bsides 2 years ago


This is one of those personal things that has many reasons, all of which are hard to talk about. Been a silent goal since I was like 12. I wasn’t extremely serious about it until about a year ago. That’s when I noticed that it affects my life almost daily. Which seems/sounds shallow. But if it’s just for me and not for anyone else, then is it maybe just selfish? Is it really that bad to want something just for oneself? I don’t think so. 2 years ago

InfinityChilds 2 years ago

Rafiki31 6 years ago

AllyCostanzo 2 years ago

Lara_21 2 years ago

Flamingo_Fancy 2 years ago

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