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mamasaurusToday is worth mentioning...

I am grateful….

1. That the roof did not completely blow off.
2. That the fellas came by and removed the fallen tree (one of three) that was blocking the drive.
3. That Mr. Meticulous will be able to fly home tomorrow.
4. That we had water even though we did not have electricity.
5. That it was 50 degrees instead of in the teens.

What a horrid 24 hours…. 5 years ago

dancingmomChanging this goal

to something more suitable. I still reflect nightly in a notebook. Sometimes I reflect internally. Occasionally I will still reflect here, which has been the case for quite some time now. 5 years ago

dancingmomPregnant Pauses

The now what moments in the conversation. I have come to love them. They give me a moment to connect to the person behind the presentation. Most people talk too much anyway,(myself included). That brief connection; almost always, makes me smile.

I am grateful for:

D.E.A.R. time with Neem. (Drop Everything And Read).
calls from E.
worrying less and loving more.
Classic movies at the library. 5 years ago


Neem; for giving me a hug when you thought I needed one.

Bailey: for allowing us to be your “home skillet biscuits”.

Eva: for Christmas dinner.

for all the holiday calls from loved ones back home.

being homebound on a cloudy, rainy, day. 5 years ago

dancingmomSelf acceptance

This is one of those things were for the most part: we fake it until we make it. Experiencing ups and downs until we allow ourselves to feel it, in the moment. Inner peace.

I am grateful for:

All the unsettling growth that comes along with the holiday season

knowing better

the ability to forgive


christmas cookies 6 years ago


The countdown until Christmas and everything feels so rushed. I am grateful for the peacefulness that floats through the house during the still of the night when everyone is asleep.

I am grateful for:

the wisdom that comes with experience. It allows me to enjoy the season no matter how hectic it may seem.

Cheese cake. What can I say? It’s my fav.

My daughter’s new friends. When she’s happy, I’m happy.

Audio books and the chance to listen to them with my kids while we do something productive. Makes for great conversation. 6 years ago


1. Hair done and eyebrows waxed…I feel goooood.
2. Playdate for youngest son, seemed to go well.
3. Five year old aced his sight word test…way to go. And, yes, he studied this morning with me!
4. Finishing his makeup work in 15 min. increments…no problems.
5. Getting together with friends for one of those cooking party things on Sat….then breakfast with friends on Sunday am. I miss my friends, I feel rather isolated lately. 6 years ago


Sunny Novembers

happy children

honest conversations

The off button on my cell phone.

Good Food. 6 years ago


1. Day off from school. Well, public school. Our kids all went to the preschool and we had a very nice morning together and capped it off with lunch at a neighborhood famiy restaurant (not Burger King!) A man made a huge sweeping announcement in front of everyone….indicating our table of five children….and complimented everyone’s behavior. (Including the adults, guess we kept ourselves in check!)

2. Mr. Meticulous had the day off today. He made dinner and did the dishes. Still in shock.

3. And let me nap for an hour and a half after I came home. He played with the boys and they “worked out” on the exercise equipment.

4. The cleaning person came and my house smelled wonderful when I walked in the door.

5. I am going to get my classwork done tonight. I’m starting to get to a point where I feel comfortable, really comfortable, with the material…and realizing what I need help with, yet finding that I’m “good” at certain things as well. That some of my natural instincts are not completely off. 6 years ago

mamasaurusIt's been a long time.....

1. My desk is a horrible mess…but at least I know where everything goes.

2. My kitchen is a horrible mess…but at least I know I can get it clean in an hour.

3. My laundry is all over the place…but I have no problem putting some things in a sack and running them by Goodwill tomorrow. The rest can be washed and put away in a day or two.

4. The boys’ room is driving me crazy….and it can be tidied.

5. I am grateful that I rediscovered this site. I have had an enjoyable morning rereading old entries and catching up with old friends. 6 years ago


They often sneak out when you don’t want them to. They can’t help themselves. The spread, often growing into full fledged laughter. Contagious beyond explaination. It is often hard for even the grouchiest person to reject a heart felt smile.

It really doesn’t matter whose smiling at us. A toothless baby or a old krumungin,that mere glimpse into the light of someone’s soul renews hope.

I am grateful for:

All the people who smiled at me today. Especially the ones who returned my smile in spite of themselves. There’s hope.

The librarians. Some of my best conversations are with the librarians.

The change that’s in the air. I am blessed to be a part of it.

This website, I cannot express it enough.

The unexpected. Keeps me conscious. Strange gifts are often hidden in the unexpected. For that I am grateful. 6 years ago


I am grateful for:
The evolution of my country and our new president.

Would love to list something else but that’s all I can think about at the moment. No more G.W. 6 years ago


In myself and my convictions
In new possibilities
In something greater
the step beyond the great leap of faith.
returning to an old friend after a long lapse of time.
light. 6 years ago

giselle avilalittle things

thank you for
our balcony, from where we have such a great view of the ocean
for ricardo’s room, which came out so cool
for the opportunity to enroll ricardo in he new school
for my milk production
for seinfeld reruns, which make me laugh so much.

not so little things….. 6 years ago

giselle avilathank you God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my baby, ricardo, fell from the monkey bars on his face. anything could have happened, i love him so much, wouldn’t hv been able to forgive myself. left him alone for two minutes, i was with omar.
he is such a good kid.

i am grateful that nothing serious happened,
that we have car to rush him to the er
that we have the money to check him in the hospital
that God is always there to take care of us
for chris tomlin’s music, which helps me so much
for my husband, who is such a strong man and takes good decisions
for my husband, who takes care of us
for my co workers, who help pesqueros be what it is
for my babies
for mari and paula
i love the world, and i love God so much
thank you, i am so blessed 6 years ago

giselle avilatoday

my job, i love it (i am back for a couple of days, since my dad is away, and i have to fill in for him)
my desk and computer
my co workers (i missed them so much)
my country (perfect)
my bed (the best, i wish i could stay there forever) 6 years ago

giselle avilaseize the day

today i have a new day to do so many things and appreciate all that i have received from God
i am grateful for:
my babies, they are so perfect
my husband, who is so responsible in his job and has such a sweet heart under that hard core
my parents, who are always there for me, who would love me like them?
God, who sometimes i feel so close to me and amazes me so many times. i wish my faith would grow.
my frineds, who listen to me whine and whine. 6 years ago


Everything has it’s season. It seems I am moving into a new one. I welcome it, even though I’m cautious. This is no time to be coy. I do believe that our ancestors past on certain gifts. It’s time for me to unwrap those bad boys and put them to good use.

I am grateful for

Self expression
The opportunity to re-establish myself.

The clarity that comes with being still.

The ability to recognize my nervous tension, and let it burn off.


embracing my faults and allowing them to become assets. 6 years ago

dancingmomWere Home

I am grateful for:

Our new apartment
The open floor plan.
Honey and being able to keep her.
The fitness center in our complex.
All the kids that live in the complex.(Neem’s in heaven)
The beautiful landscape
HOME6 years ago

dancingmomIt's Home

I got my library card today. I have wanted to apply for weeks but I had no proof of an official address. I showed my receipt and now I am home. Among the world of books is where I am most at home. E has been reading the same novel over and over since we got here. Now we can load up and settle in. I have arrived, (even though my stuff hasn’t).

I am grateful for;
The little things that make me happy.
The warm hearted people who make me feel welcome.
The oil industry. V will always have more work.
Sundresses and sandals
natural fiber
icecream and ice tea
air conditioning
quiet moments, oh how I love to steal quiet moments. 6 years ago

giselle avilahappy for.........

my job
my baby’s nanny who is my right and left hand!
my friends, who make me laugh and are a shoulder to cry on
the people that work in pesqueros
my car, that takes me everywhere 6 years ago

dancingmomCourage in the moment

It’s really what life’s about. Especially when I decide to stop thinking so much. V and I have decided to try again. With the assistance of counselors, wellbutrin and a town with a growing economy. So far, so good. I am honoring myself along the way. Which is something I didn’t do before.

I am grateful for:
Business accounts
Sunny days
happy children
new adventures
the wonderful things that are in store in a new place. 6 years ago

giselle avilaa lot to be grateful for

i m grateful i am over my cold
i’m grateful for omar’s bday party over at my sister’s
i’m grateful for my friends
grateful for my sister in law
grateful for my sisters
grateful for mari, what would i do without her?

my mom, dad and husband, of course 6 years ago

dancingmomDarn Flu

It finally got me. I thought I had made it through. Took me out for almost a week and it continues to linger. I am up and about and I am grateful for that. This is not the week to be ill, not that there is a week to be ill. V. leaves on Monday morning and the house will be totally cleared out this weekend.

Thank goodness

I am feeling better.

The house will be cleared.

V was able to find a position doing what he loves.

Everyone is at peace with the way things are.

I am able to get a good night’s sleep. 6 years ago

mamasaurusApril 14th

1. The garden bed is ready and waiting. I see that cabbages and asparagus and onions, brussel sprouts and broccoli plants are all up for sale. It will be a cinch to put those in right now.

Hmmm….okay. Goal for this week. Oooo…and strawberry plants. Need some of those too.

2. My project is ready and I can’t wait to try it out.

3. I have at least a week’s worth of emergency meals in the freezer from my cooking escapades over the past three weeks. It’s going to be easy to be a lame-o in the kitchen tonight.

4. Husband worked his tail off in the yard yesterday and part of this morning. We all worked yesterday, hauling sticks and branches, digging out the garden, etc….I can’t believe how much better everything looks.

5. My kids have friends, real friends, who missed them when they were gone and whom they missed as well. Playdates galore for this group next week. Count on it. 6 years ago

crazyinagoodwayToday I am grateful...

  1. for hubby taking daughter to a birthday party
  2. for getting a new hairdo, new make up and tonight I’ll dye my hair. I’m feeling much more polished and attractive now.
  3. for the beautiful summer weather we had today and the long hike with my son
  4. that I live in a place blessed by mother nature.
  5. for the most delicious burrito that was my lunch. 6 years ago

dancingmomThank You

I read somewhere, that thank you is the highest form of prayer. A sincere thanks brings about a shift in consciousness, and ignites the healing energy within. Boy is this an essential for my mental tool box. It not only maintains my sanity. It shields me from delirium. Once my monkey mind has exhausted all it’s options, I will often come back to thanks. Learning the value of gratitude in advance saved me alot of angst. Growing up the adults in my family would often tell us; “Say thank you, and tell em like you mean it”. What a gift that was.

Today I am thankful for.
The healing power of sincere gratitude.

The adults who taught me to be grateful.

Everything. Today I am thankful for everything and the fact that I get the chance to experience it.

Learning to sit back and look at life instead of charging head on.

Fate and the fact that I can experience it and not control it.
All of the things that our out of my control. Leaving me to myself.

My husbands new job in Louisana. 6 years ago

dancingmomProjecting My Faith

I am not a card toting christian. I teach my children that love has no specific religious affiliation. I do believe in coming together with like minded people, appreciating life,and all it has to offer. Love is love, no matter what we call it. I do my best to lead by example. Allowing my children to see that we can work our way through anything, when we know that we are more than our experiences. Seeing this belief manifest, as they grow older, gives me joy beyond measure.

Allowing children to fully manifest their individuality allows us to live outside the box. They take me places I would never consider going. Although the voyage is sometimes bumpy, it’s always entertaining. Like CIAGW, I applaud their ability to be themselves (in spite of me). Faith lets me know the universe has the upperhand.

I am grateful for;

Knowing that I don’t know, and the voyage that comes with discovering the answers.

The beauty of the moment. The electrical charge that comes from allowing myself to be fully present.

The focusing power that comes with wisdom.

The wisdom that comes from being myself.

The peace within and being able to access it on demand. 6 years ago


Sometimes I feel like I’m living a Frank Capra movie. I mean I used to have a pretty horrible life but I always tried to work hard and do the right thing and now I have a pretty happy life. I am grateful for when things come together in a meaningful way.

This mood is brought on by my wonderful children. I’m not going to be humble about it, I work hard at setting examples, building their confidence and getting them to know and follow their moral compass. They do and I’m grateful for that.

Last night I was folding a mountain (the entire dining room full) of laundry. It was getting stacked all over the table. No big deal really. I told the children to start getting to ready for bed. They refused. My son walked up to me, squared his shoulder, set his jaw and said “not while you have all this work to do.” I tried to tell him, no go to bed but he walked past me, picked up laundry and started putting it away. Then he and his sister put it all away with me, all the while having a fun running up and down the hall. When it was all done, son refused to go to bed until I promised I’d stop cleaning for the night and let him help tomorrow. I’m grateful for the help and for both the children’s attitudes about getting a job done.

I am grateful that I can step back and remember that having my children obey my is not always the most important thing.

I am grateful for my boss for taking the time and consideration to write personal thank you notes to everyone who works for her, and highlighting each persons unique contributions.

I am grateful for this beautiful spring weather, the chance for the children to play outdoors and for me to get my car clean.

I am grateful for a flexible and parent friendly work place. 6 years ago

crazyinagoodwayToday, I am grateful for...

  • I watched a show called “Clean House” thinking it would motivate me to get cleaning. Instead it showed me that my house isn’t nearly as bad as I thought (wow, there are some messy houses out there!)
  • Son watched the same show and cleaned the living room as a surprise for me. Did a really good job too!
  • daughter being so good at writing out all her colour words
  • I had everything I needed to make a new game for the children. Sometimes it’s good to have clutter.
  • Hug and praise from hubby for some parenting skills. 6 years ago

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