Mostly answer "I am fine, thank you. How are you?"

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I’ve made this simple reply my standard answer when asked how I am. Yeah me! 7 years ago

procrastinatressWhy is this so difficult?

I still find myself answering “hot” when someone asks me how I am. What the heck?!! It’s not like I enjoy weather conversations, so why can’t I just say “I am fine, thanks, how are you?” 7 years ago

procrastinatressGetting better

I’m getting the hang of this. Sometimes I don’t even think about it any more :o) Still got some work to do though. 8 years ago

procrastinatressNot doing great with this one.

This morning I replied “Tired” when someone asked me how I was. Then we got into this (friendly but fruitless) discussion over how tired we were. Duh! 8 years ago

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